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Recently, I've taken a liking to action (or hack n' slash) MMORPGs (F2P of course), and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any of those games to me. I've already tried TERA, C9, RaiderZ and GW2.

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Funny that you ask this because yesterday I went hunting for some F2P RPGs on steam and these were my turn outs of what LOOKED appealing:


Vindictus (currently in the process of downloading, I'll let you know how it goes)

Path of Exile (Played it briefly, it advertises as being 'everything you wanted D3 to be' and it looks a lot like D2 with better graphics.)

Prime World

Dragon's Prophet (dragons fucking everywhere)

Vanguard Saga of Heroes

Continent of the Ninth

Forsaken World


A lot of these just had good reviews, people recommending them, so I'll go down the list and see how I like them.


Beyond that I can't really give you a definitive "This one is awesome, try this," answer, as I've just begun my search for one as well. 

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Vindictus is fun, so I heard.

I might suggest Warframe, but while it's multiplayer, you play in 4-player teams on individual missions instead of a seamless world, and it's more of a TPS with RPG elements, so it might not be your cup of tea.

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Vindictus is pretty fun but I preferred playing it with other people than by myself.

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So I went on and I've played each game somewhat, some more than others, so here's my take on each of the games I listed previously.


Vindictus: There was minimum character customization(kinda a big deal to me.) when the first thing a game does is point me to the "Avatar Store" I'm alarmed. I barely gave it a chance. The classes present could only be played in the given gender, I wanted to play a female archer, couldn't do this cause the only archer was male. If character customization is unimportant, the gameplay looked okay, the graphics were nice, animation was smooth.


Path of Exile: Played it briefly, it advertises as being 'everything you wanted D3 to be' and it looks a lot like D2 with better graphics. Haven't done much more with this one, but I believe if you like Diablo 2 you'll like this.


Prime World: This one was... interesting, it's like an RPG RTS game, where you play as a single character and you have to go into enemy bases and destroy their 'towers' and what not. The side I picked the first character I was given (no customization, but many options available but they must be unlocked by playing) was this fox girl and her voice was... strange, it almost sounded like it was coming from a computer.


Dragon's Prophet: This is definitely my favorite, I'm currently playing this one and will continue to do so. Decent character customization, no races though, you play as a human that's your only choice. There are only 4 classes to choose from, I didn't find this as too heart breaking though. It doesn't appear that it'll be a conventional dungeon rpg as I haven't noted any 'designated' healer or tank class or specs, perhaps they will split off into sub classes later. I've already done one 'dungeon' and my boyfriend and I did it together as two melee DPSers, it had 'difficulty' levels, I'm not sure how high it'll go(The only one offered to us at the time was 'normal' nothing else showed, didn't have time to go back and see if by completing it we unlocked  a higher difficult or what). The combat has a flashier feel of Skyrim style, where you actively dodge and attack, serious kudos points for me on that one.


Vanguard Saga of Heroes: No, graphics suck, no customization without paying. Never got past the character creation screen. 


Continent of the Ninth: This one is cool, customization is decent, except that you can't change the gender of each class. I found it interesting in that it essentially did what WoW was turning into where you didn't explore the world, you had a major town and then a 'portal' that would instantly port you to dungeon like scenarios. The classes were flashy and I found them pretty interesting, each class would split into several sub classes.


Forsaken World: Haven't really played this one much, it's very pretty, customization is awesome, and they have werewolves, the female werewolves are a furries wet dream though.

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