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Demonic Gate

Grail Wars [4-7 People]

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The beacon of all existence has once again surfaced for a victor to grasp it. In the countries across the world, those of power are attempting to summon their Heroic Spirit to fight for the ultimate prize, The Holy Grail. The victor who touches the grail will receive whatever they desire, as such, the prize of the cup that contains Christ's blood is much sought after for varying reasons. 


Each summoner being a gifted magus of some sort, focusing on a form of magic that allows them to summon forth a Servant. Heroic Spirits that are known throughout history, myth, legend, and fiction. Servant names and nature will be listed below.


Saber: Sabers are spirits of Heroes who are known for their prowess on the battlefield and are regarded as the most powerful servant. They are often known for a blade they carried or for being some of the greatest heroes of their age. Notable Sabers have been King Arthur Pendragon, Siegfried, Nero Claudius Caesar, and Mordred la Fey. Sabers are easily the hardest servant to summon and are always to be considered very dangerous.


Lancer: The spirit of warriors who devote themselves to hit and run tactics with weapons that favor range such as lances and spears, these servants are great Heroes who almost rival Sabers in terms of melee prowess. Notable Lancers have been Diarmuid Ua Duibhe, Cu Chulainn, Vlad III of Wallachia, and Musashibou Benkei. Lancers are often crafty and find fights where either honor will run it or one they can use to their advantage.


Archer: These Heroes are known for their projectile style fighting and possess powerful ranged weapons with notably powerful Noble Phantasms. Notable Archers have been Gilgamesh, Robin Hood, King David of Jerusalem, and Chiron. Archers are excellent scouts and tend to be more independent of their masters but abide by their wishes nonetheless.


Berserker: This spirit is known for being a Hero in their time and have gone berserk at least once among their tales. Notable Berserkers have been Heracles, Lancelot, Lu Bu, and Frankenstein. Their powers are beyond measure, but with their power is their feral nature. They only obey their master and are a notable trump card for less-powerful magus who need an edge for the Grail Wars.


Rider: Heroes that are known for their mounts be they beast of machine are slightly weaker than most other servants but make up for it with their prowess with said mount and a slightly more powerful than normal Noble Phantasm. Notable Riders have been Alexander the Great, Perseus, Pestilence, and Francis Drake. Besides their known mounts, Riders have been known to acquire other mounts to blend into the world while under their hidden guise, such as horses, cars, motorcycles, and even planes.


Assassin: Heroes not usually as notable as others, who are known as one of the weaker classes. They best within their element of stealth, covert business, and within the realm of silence. These Heroes are often used in much darker ways, such as killing the actual masters and not the servants, which by proxy kills the servant. Notable Assassins have been Hassan-i-Sabbah, Jack the Ripper, Semiramus, and Li Shuwen. The main lifeline of the Assassin class is their indetectability. While masters can sense one another and their servants within a certain range, Assassins are completely invisible to all. This makes them very deadly.


Caster: These Heroes are known for their Magecraft and prowess in sorcery. Their main ability being Territory Creation allowing them to manifest the land where they choose to favor their chosen sorcery, and Item Creation, which allows them to create magical items for them and their masters. Notable Casters have been Gilles de Rais, Medea, Hans Christian Anderson, and William Shakespeare. Casters are often considered the weakest servant, which has been the misfortune of many who rely only on physical prowess to win them their prize.


The powers the Masters and Servants have vary, but the ultimate power of Servants are their Noble Phantasms. Noble Phantasms are embodiments of unique relics or anecdotes connected to the legend of the respective Heroic Spirit. There are many Noble Phantasms but they can be summed up under certain titles and explanations. 


Anti-Personnel: As it sounds, it is a Noble Phantasm that focuses on one target.That said, it could be anything from a weapon to particular item of note.


Anti-Army: This Noble Phantasm is meant to strike multiple targets and can often times be weapons, or pure energy in the form of an attack made by the Servant.


Passive: As this Noble Phantasm suggests, it is something that occurs naturally from the Servant. Such as an increased sense of sight, strength, agility. It could also be a form of temporary immortality such as the ability to revive after a powerful killing blow.


Barrier: The final style of Noble Phantasm is used as a form of defense. A barrier Noble Phantasm allows a Servant a great form of durability of some form such as armor or other form of protection.


The setting for this Grail War shall be determined by the participants.


I hope someone takes interest in this. I attempted this before, but with the recent increase in members I felt it would be a good chance to attempt it once more.

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Are we using vanilla Holy Grail War rules (eg no Heroes post 1900, no non-Hassan True Assassins, etc) or going by something else?

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Nah, use heroes up to the present that make sense. I feel that's fair. With that being said, I feel whoever decides to pick Assassin won't stick to Hassan. And like I said with the fictional heroes, I feel it's actually pretty easy to pull someone off like, Kaneda from AKIRA. He'd be a Rider with unnecessary good luck or something. But that's an example of a Hero from the future working well enough to use. Not like the silly EMIYA stuff.


And if people have a hard time understanding the set up for this, I'm fully willing to explain it to ease you into maybe wanting to participate.

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