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This RP is open to all, but i'll be selective depending on the characters and availability. I'm holding a spot open for Kyo as i'm unsure if he's joining or not,

but if he is then I will only need maybe another 2-3 people for this. Some background for you:




Eurosia. A continent with a population of over 50 million. It is an Empire that brought together a group of previously warring countries and united them under a single banner almost 20 years ago. Its authoritarian type of government makes it hard to distinguish between the government institutions and the military, but that domain is constantly questioned and confronted by the general population, which is rarely friendly and even belligerent towards the military regime. Despite the time that has passed, many still hold a grudge against the military for bringing the war to a close with acts of extreme and indiscriminate force. Many innocent civilians were hurt, lost or killed in the chaos and turbulence that came from this aggressive takeover, and the torch of hate has been passed from parent to child, breeding an uneasy, but accepted peace. 


There have been many advances in the fields of medicine and technology, but nothing has helped to elevate Eurosian society as much as Alchemy. Alchemy is at the core of scientific discovery and progression. Many who do not understand it, might call it magic, but it is nothing of the sort. Alchemy is a process in which a skilled Alchemist evaluates a substance, understanding what it is composed of, and then breaks that substance down, and transmutes it into something of equal size and value, in terms of the quantity of ingredients used.

It has been used for many centuries now, but has come to an ever increasing popularity with the introduction of a special forces in the Eurosian military. Known as the 'Alchemy Corps', these special forces have no restriction of jurisdiction, they are not bound by many of the rules and regulations, the laws and red-tape that the rest of the military and police are bound by. They travel the continent, enforcing the law by any means, even as far as having an effective 'license to kill' if the situation calls for it. Despite being hailed as defenders of justice, they are by proxy, as servants of the Empire's military, generally disliked or even hated by the people.

There is however, a much darker side to Alchemy. Throughout the years, Alchemy has become an incredible tool that has helped mankind reach for the impossible, yet there is still one thing that Alchemy cannot do. It cannot resurrect the dead. Though you can know every part, every ingredient of a body, even in knowing the exact quantities, it is simply impossible to bring someone back from the dead. Nevertheless, people in their desperation through the years, have attempted it on many occasions. However, the end result is always the same. The creature that is born from this fusing of human body and Alchemy, is known as a Homunculus.

Homunculi are dark creatures that have a terrible, burning need to be human. They long for it and are driven solely by their desire. But without the soul of a human, they can never understand what it truly means to be one. So when they are made, they feast on the flesh of humans, because in doing so, they absorb their memories, their emotions, personalities, habits, traits and even their physical appearance. But this is only a fleeting thing, like an addict looking for its next fix, the thrill and sensation of appearing human eventually wears off and they must feed once again, not entirely dissimilar from the myths of our vampires.

It is the true, primary function of a soldier of the Alchemy Corps, to contain or destroy these creatures and seek down those who chose to play God, and arrest them for crimes against humanity, in addition to being responsible for all the crimes that the Homunculus in question had committed up to that point, most commonly, of course, being murder. It is a difficult, often thankless job, but one that many choose to do for the benefits that go hand-in-hand with becoming a puppet of the government.




So that is the background story of this RP in a nutshell. It's going to be set in a European-esque country, similar most likely to France, in terms of it's geography. Mostly valleys and countryside, but also i'll include other areas such as mountains and deserts, etc. Technology is at a sort of industrial revolution/steampunk level. There are trains, and other steam-based technologies, there are cars as well, but not a lot of them, especially not outside of major cities, you would predominantly still have horses and carts. By cars, I mean them to be much like the first cars from Earth, like the old Ford Model T, etc. 


In terms of weaponry, i'd say that simple pistols, woodstock rifles and machine guns are the most common. I don't know if i'll go beyond that, so for now i'll keep it at that level. Electric power is abundant but it hasn't entirely replaced gas lighting, especially in smaller towns and villages. Coal is still used as a common fuel source. The continent is one great big melting pot, as it's absorbed all these different cultures, religions and attitudes into itself, so it's quite varied. 

Alchemy will be common place, but there are generally two types of Alchemists. There are those who practice it for science, the progression of mankind, technology, or other reasons, and there are those who become a part of the Alchemy Corps, who basically use it as a means of combat augmentation. Like the manipulation of an element, or the creation of weapons, etc. It's all pseudo science so even if it technically doesn't make sense, so long as it sounds logical, that's all that counts. If you can make it believable and within reason, that's fine.

You don't need to be any kind of an alchemist in the story. There are a lot of options to choose from and I would prefer there to be a varied selection especially with a larger group of 4 or more. From being a civilian Alchemist, to a regular soldier, or perhaps a Steamplate engineer. Steamplate is basically the only technologically advanced thing in this world, its effectively the replacement of body parts with cybernetic parts that can be controlled like normal limbs and run on the natural heat and electricity that the human body generates. Its generally seen as a very specialised and difficult thing to make and fix, so that is definitely an option, especially as my character has a couple of missing body parts. There are a lot of character options so if you have any ideas please speak to me about them, on Skype preferably. Ask via PM if you don't have me on there already.


Anyway, so our story is going to revolve around a number of things. Firstly, it will start with the basic plot idea, wherein my character will visit a town that is suffering a string of somewhat unexplainable murders, it will be thought that a homunculus is present, and so my character arrives. He will then meet a number of your characters, and through a series of events we will fight several big time baddies, there will be some conspiracy surrounding the government, military and the homunculus as well as the state of the Alchemy Corps, and why they were formed, etc. There will be some story relating to my character's backstory, his origins and more on that which I wont reveal right now. I would also encourage each of you to become engaged in the main story and contribute and in addition to this, create your own backstory for your character, that would affect them on a number of levels and help contribute to the overall story of the RP. I'm hoping for a diverse crowd of characters for this. 

I'll likely include a glossary of terms for quick reference shortly, but for now i'll just do my character profile as an example of one character in this world so I can get this up now, and if you have any further questions feel free to ask me here or as said above, preferably over skype, so we can discuss it in detail.





Name: Captain Sabre Fayard

Age: 26

Appearance: 6'1'' with a slim figure, pale skin and handsome features with one exception, he has a scar that also blinded his left eye, of which he keeps covered with a black eye patch with a thick strap, his right eye is blue. He has medium length, scruffy blonde hair and tends to ignore uniform dress code, wearing plain black clothes with the exception of the Alchemy Corps uniform coat - a full-length white coat with a stiff mandarin collar and the Alchemy Corps insignia on the back - a Lion's head, facing out, in black. Every member of the Alchemy Corps. has a matching tattoo of the Black Lion on some part of their body, for Sabre it is located between his collar bones just below his neck.


Face Ref:

Steamplate Ref:


Personality: Confident, intelligent and a little arrogant. Sabre can be flirtatious and seem to take his duties as secondary to his personal interests, whatever they might be at the time, sometimes to the point of being extremely lazy. Despite this, he is a skilled Alchemist with a strong background in combat tactics as well as alchemical theory, and has a strangely high success rate despite his attitude. Either an indication that his casual nature to his duties is a ruse, or he is exceptionally skilled at manipulating others to assist in his work. Or perhaps a little of both.

Bio: Sabre Fayard grew up in his father's vineyard, his mother had died of a sickness when she was very young, leaving him and his father as the sole occupants. His father had been injured in earlier life and walked with a cane, so was unable to fight when called to war, but at the age of 6 a group of rebel soldiers crossed his home, and when his father protested, they were both shot. His father was killed, and he was left mortally wounded. He lost both an arm and a leg, in addition to his father. For a while he was forced to remain in a wheelchair, but found he was a gifted alchemist at an early age, so in spite of his disability, he learnt all he could about alchemy and when he turned 16 he took the entrance exam to become a trainee member of the Alchemy Corps.


Upon passing, he qualified for their health benefits, including the replacement of his lost limbs with Steamplate. Made whole once more, he finished his training and received the tattoo signifying his official entrance into the Corps. From that point on he has fought in two wars (losing his eye in the second) and a number of homunculi. But now a series of events have set in motion something that will call upon all his physical and mental abilities, that will test his faith in the military and his nation, that will force him to question his very identity and even threatens to destroy the world at large, something he can't possibly hope to avert by himself.

Abilities: Sabre is a gifted alchemist and combat tactician, he is proficient in a number of hand-to-hand fighting techniques, either with weapons or unarmed. Most notable however is his abilities with Alchemy. Unlike most in the Alchemy Corps. who tend to favour a particular Alchemical discipline, such as the manipulation of a particular element, or the creation of a certain object, Sabre is one of only a handful of Alchemists able to use Alchemy without transmutation symbols. This ability allows him to fight without prior need of drawing symbols, wearing clothes with the symbols on, or even tattooing/scarring the symbols directly onto his skin. He is an unpredictable and varied fighter, but is incapable with firearms for some reason, and is actually dangerous with one in his hands, to everyone around him and even himself. A few members of the Alchemy Corps. liked to joke that he lost his eye in one such incident.

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Update: I know that Erogenous Enigma, Skielights and Noia have all expressed interest to one degree or another, and Kyo may be joining as well.


I'm still waiting on profiles, though.

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It would depend on a couple of things. I'm waiting on people to get their profiles together, and if everyone who has said they were interested still are, then there might not be space, but that aside, it would depend on the character you have in mind, and your writing, as I know you're a new member and i've no experience with your writing quality, because you haven't started or joined any of the student roleplays yet.

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Okay, then, first it is. :P


NAME: Vel Chaput. (Vel is short for Evelyne, which she absolutely despises.)

AGE: 23

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Vel’s got dark brown eyes and carefully maintained brown hair kept just below her jawline.  There are no obvious birthmarks or outstanding features about her. However, she does have a small tattoo of a bear and the outline of a cat. This is hidden under her hair on the back of her head. (Vel and her brother each got one years ago. Her parents almost threw her out for it, but not him.) Vel is of average height and average build. Her voice is distinct, and deeper than one would expect. Still, her face quickly fades from memory. As long as she is quiet, she can go unrecognized almost anywhere.


BACKGROUND: The only thing Vel’s parents taught her was to value order. She grew up with minimal interaction with them, as her father was a strict Corpsman and her mother spent most of her time quiet. She and her brother Deston looked out for each other before he joined the Corps and she joined a differing branch.


Near Deston’s first big promotion, he stretched his fire manipulation too far. He lost control of the fire, and died trying to keep it contained. Vel’s parents accept this awful accident, but Vel refuses. She knows someone sabotaged him in some way. So, she pretends to move forward while attempting to track down who killed her brother.

PERSONALITY: Vel is very particular about how things are done: She is reluctant to attempt anything unless she’s thought it through and knows it will be done well. Sloppy appearances and sloppy execution of tasks are detestable to her. She is very much against people crossing boundaries or bucking perfectly good systems, and will expose those who do so. Vel isn’t one for word-sparring, but she will make it clear when she disagrees with someone’s words or actions. She believes the former without the latter is a weak way to live, and therefore tries not to voice any thought without being willing to back it up later. If she feels it’s her place, she’ll encourage or assist others in acting as well.


Once Vel is convinced of something, an opposing voice must have definitive proof to change her viewpoint. This is particularly when the situation revolves around some unjust circumstance or imbalance of power, as Vel’s strict way of thinking includes black-and-white justice.


SKILLS and WEAKNESSES: She is quick to memorize systems, plans, and layouts. However, unless she’s walked through said system multiple times, Vel fears missing a step. She uses various mnemonic devices, mostly rhymes and songs, as a safety to keep each bit in line. She would be furious and mortified if someone overheard her singing one.


Vel is good with various firearms and generally likes most pistols. First and foremost, though, she is a dead-on marksman. Any free moment is spent at the ranges, to keep improving and for fun. She also reluctantly works on a couple different hand-to-hand techniques. She is miserable at these, especially unarmed.

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It would depend on a couple of things. I'm waiting on people to get their profiles together, and if everyone who has said they were interested still are, then there might not be space, but that aside, it would depend on the character you have in mind, and your writing, as I know you're a new member and i've no experience with your writing quality, because you haven't started or joined any of the student roleplays yet.


Gotcha. I kinda-sorta figured you'd say that, hehehe. Well, I'll wait a bit to see if you gather enough people first. 

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