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Serena Hansen


Half American, half Japanese. She was just a regular student at the Kashima Art Institute not long ago, that is, until she snooped around in the school's mini museum and ended up walking away with a demonic katana; then an evil guy posing as a teacher at the school found out that she had it and sent his "students" after her. It's okay, though, Serena has a kick-ass kung-fu sidekick named Mei Lu! Yay! Cool story, right? Right!

  • Age: 16
  • Height: 5'5''
  • Weight: 110 lb
  • Personality: Quiet, bashful
  • Powers: Bokuden Blade Invocations
  • Weaknesses: Magic & Energy










The Bokuden Blade


Kay, so Serena has this sword called the Bokuden Blade. The blade was named after Tsukahara Bokuden, a samurai from feudal Japan whose story has been forgotten with time. I'll tell you what is* known about him though. He was the epitome of badass, holding over 70 victorious battles under his belt and he managed to stay undefeated in all of his individual duels. Like I said, badass.

Um let's see...oh! So Bokuden lost his mind and went around killing people like a maniac and that's when the masters of a secret samurai order known as the Guardians of the Kashima Grand Shrine --I know, it's a long-winded name but kinda cool still but yeah-- the guardians of the shrine sent their best student in pursuit of Bokuden. The end result? Bokuden got killed.

I know, that's unbelievable given his track record, but it happened! So get over it; and the samurai who brought him to justice was none other than the great Hidetsuna Kamiizumi. If you don't know about him you can google his name or something, but moving right along, Hidetsuna had an evil, evil black smith craft a sword that could contain Bokuden's soul within it for eternity so as not to let his evil befall the world again. Later on, before Hidetsuna died he passed the cursed sword on to his purest disciple who then continued that tradition; and for hundreds of years the Bokuden Blade has been passed down through the secret order of The Guardians of Kashima Grand Shrine. Well, that's the gist of it, but there's more to come so stay tuned!



- - - Random facts about the sword - - -

  • The wielders of the Bokuden Blade are known as Bokuden Bearers
  • Sharp enough cut through almost anything, including most other metals
  • Thought to be unbreakable.
  • The sword is evil so only a pure person can wield it without being corrupted by it
  • In the hands of someone impure, the spirit of Bokuden from within the sword will possess the wielder and wreak havoc on the world





  • Invocations are states of consciousness that the Bokuden Blade may take on during combat. The blade may switch between the different states depending on the situation or the opponent, and the blade may undergo a fusion of several at the same time. The base state of invocation, however, is a state of heightened awareness and physiology. It begins when danger approaches and ends when threats are dealt with. The rest of the invocations are additional states that can activate or deactivate upon command.



Exorcist Sword


This state can be used to penetrate magic / energy barriers, cut through illusions, or to combat more durable enemies. A very dangerous state for the opposition to be faced with as it essentially nullifies healing factors. This does not apply to those who can heal with magic or by technological means.



Blood Siphon Sword

The sword drains the blood / soul / energy / life force of any given environment as well as whatever it cuts or pierces, directing that energy into the Bokuden Bearer. This is a healing factor of sorts that may reverse the effects of any injury. The longer the blade remains in an absorbati, the more energy it draws out and if the Bokuden Bearer is not careful, they may completely drain the life of those they cut.


Sword of Shadows

A state of invocation that focuses on lightning fast moves for both offense and defense.


Sword of Wind

From a distance, the bearer can launch blade-like gusts of wind elemental projectiles sharp enough to cut through flesh and etch into rocks or metals.


Sword of the Moon

In this state the sword can defend and deflect any incoming attacks. 














The Bokuden Trigger


The fury and wrath of Tsukahara's demonic soul is released, granting the Blade Bearer unmitigated levels of strength and power. Durability is reinforced, speed is multiplied many times over and energy projection is enhanced to inestimable levels while matter manipulation becomes another tool for the Bokuden Incarnate to utilize. A black coating of preternatural substances covers the exterior of the Tsukahara Host and serves as both a means of protection as well as an absorbent.

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