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So I see a lot of the same people in the forums that are active. I RP with many of the same people, so I wanted to come here and meet some of our other members. This is free to join, so I'm putting it here for everyone who wants to join. It won't close until the game is won, even if people leave or quit. So welcome all to Ascent!




The idea is rather simple. It's a Virtual Reality game called Seraphim, created by Neigel Hassen. In the game, he is Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel. There are fifty "floors" to the iconic Shaust building. The man who runs the Shaust building in this futurist setting is Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel of course. He hosts an annual event called "The Ascent Games". He is hosting the game for all those who wish to take the challenge in the world and claim the wonderful prizes for their characters. The competitors must ascend all 49 "floors" before doing battle with Arka on the 50th "floor". The "floors" are like massive arenas easily the size of a football stadium to the state of Alaska. 




I would prefer characters who are all sci-fi based with technology. People may form teams if we have a lot, or solo. Every time a "floor" is cleared I will post a setting description for the next "floor" in the "game", as well as what must be done to clear the levels to move on. A death results in expulsion from the event. It should last longer than it would ever be cleared, so it'll hopefully be fun. I will be playing Arka Seraphim as well as Jun Archille who is in the game. 


First Floor: The setting is a city that stretches on for miles and miles. The goal is to move to the next "floor" by simply finding the door that leads there, among the thousands of doors that are booby trapped. An elimination round.


~First post~


Jun stood among the crowds of people who were waiting for Arka Seraphim, head of the company hosting the Ascent games, to make the announcement for the starting and then open the gates. The crisp fall morning air swirled around as mobs of people created an absurd den of sound, everyone mingling and forming alliances and parties already before the games started. Once they did start, it would be a VR blood bath. Jun had done this battle for the last three years, but never made it past florr twenty five. He found that all the alliances ended up working against him in the end when most of the solo players were done for. This year, however, he came packing much better equipment.


His arms and legs were all machines that could change into all the tools he needed. His blood was full of nano-machines so he wasn't likely to die from anything small, and he was immune to nearly all poisons. His chest was covered in a nano-machine skin that hardened when impacted by anything, absorbing nearly all damage. He was a metaphorical tank, and one of the highest ranked solo players in the leader boards. His character could match some of those in the highest guilds as well, despite being funded by only himself with no guild.


This year he would break through and defeat The Metal Angel and win the title and perks to go along. Then he would be the ultimate solo players. He looked around at the motley array of people with all manner of equipment. Some newbies with only low grade laser pistols and V-TEC armors. Then there were also those who came armed with entire suits of armor like in that Iron Man movie, or some with mecha units that they could summon. High caliber RapiCast rifles and TruCast equipment.

Most of his own equipment were rare items he'd found or created, some from previous Ascent Games. He had chosen to take a different route from most people who chose mecha suits like God of War or arsenals of weapons. Instead, he became the robot himself, and it was very useful. 


Still it was always a sight to find all these people gathered in one place for such a grand event. Jun adjusted the black jacket and gloves that hid his status as a robot and made him look more like a novice, brush his short blonde hair back with his free hand not holding the Castor case, and then sighed. He arrived early to get in the event first before the lag happened, but it felt like an eternity to him. "C'mon. It's been forever," he yelled into the crowd.


As if answering his frustration, the man him self descended from the fifty floor iconic skyscraper and came to rest floating in front the gates for all to see. His administrators voice rang out over all the crowds cheering as he began. "Players of Seraphim! Welcome to the twelth annual Ascent games! I am Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel, your host."


As he called out his own title, the avatar that he had wearing a black tuxedo burst forth into light as he changed into the Metal Angel. His custom God of War was black and white, just like Jun's mono-chromatic machine parts. His wings that didn't attach to the machine spread in a powerful display and the arms and legs of the machine posed in an angelic form. His tuxedo was still visible from the open body and head classic of the powerful GoW, and he continued to speak, his voice booming out once again. "I'm glad to see so many people joining us again this year. I'll keep this all short so we may start soon though. the rules haven't changed any from before. Every time a floor is cleared by one person, everyone else may pass through as well, if they can still reach the gate. upon entering the next floor, you will receive a message explaining the goal for that floor. There will be no contact with those outside of the contest, and those who are killed, with be expelled from the contest. 

"There are safe towns on every floor save the first, but the gate doesn't always let out to one of these towns. There, PvP is forbidden. you can buy restoration items there, stay for as long as you like, and buy new equipment for those of you who wish to. There will of course be items for sale there that aren't found outside of the contest, and there are also rare finds from all manner of places inside. If you aren't careful though, player killers will take you chance away outside of safe towns. Teams and alliances are permitted inside and have a high success rate. Just a note for those of you who solo or haven't thought of teaming up yet," Arka explained just as he did every year.


He motioned to the gate that would take us all inside the contest where we would be cut off from the outside and said, "So, without further adieu, Welcome to the Ascent games!"


Arka hit a button on his admin control panel and the portal link activated and all hell broke loose as the front runners rushed forward in an animal cheer and teleported into the area. Arka smiled at their enthusiasm and returned from his appearance for the contest. Jun joined the mad rush for the gates against his will, case in hand, as he tried not to get trampled among the other people. His foot stepped into one of the three ring pads and his character was transported to the first stage.


He ran from the pad alongside others as more players flooded in from the pads that were now behind him. He took in the new scene as his heavy black boots pounded against the black top. The sky was now night with only the waxing moon visible in the black, cloudy night. All around him sky scrapers that went on for miles and miles rose from the ground. The only light was that from the moon and the many street lights, as well as the windows the the buildings that were lit. It's eerie in the city streets with no people and no cars around, only screaming and running players flood into the game.


Jun ran for a while until the flood of people settled into more of a steady trickle. He could no longer see where the teleporter pads were, but there were plenty of people walking by more casually now, having survived the big flood. He turned down one of the more desolate streets to get away from the clusters of people and found himself finally out of the masses. Only some people were choosing to change directions now. The first floor had no map to uncover, so when you choose to change directions, Jun knew that people would get lost, which was probably part of the idea. It was an elimination round after all. Finally, as Jun strode down the path he chose as a solo player, moving away from the norm that many people followed, the message surely everyone was waiting for came to him, signalling that everyone who wanted to join had entered. The message read this: 


First Floor-This is always the elimination round. The only way to pass is to find the place where the next teleporter pad is located. The stage is booby trapped and now armed. There will be false pads, wrong turns, no map, and enemies as well. There is no escape other than death if you get lost. So to all of you out there, Good Luck.

~Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel

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Reina hated the crushing feeling of bodies touching her. The hands, the feet, foreign and grasping. 


You’ve got to get over yourself. This is VR, just VR.


Wrapping her cloak around herself, she shrugged off her hood. A stray fringe of hair tickled her cheek as the fall air blew through the crowds. Might as well take a look around, she thought to herself.


Her eyes widened as she saw the armory that surrounded her. In fact, she was convinced that there were players here that were more machine, than human. There were pistols, lasers, giant machine guns and huge suits of armor. It was clear from a glance who the veterans were compared to the amateurs. Looking down at her nondescript cloak, she was sure that by appearances, she would fall into the latter category.


Reina had heard of Seraphim on accident. There was a card with a log-in and password peeking out of a left- behind unicorn folder at her booth at the coffee shop. The shop was old and tattered, she was usually the only customer. Whoever had left this probably wouldn't be coming back, she had comforted herself.


That night, she went home and opened the unicorn folder. She pulled out the thick insert revealing a poster with the words “Ascent Games†plastered in neon ink. She quickly logged onto her PC, fingers trembling. This was something new, something exciting. Through some quick searching, she learned everything that the web had regarding Seraphim and the eleven years’ worth of previous Ascent Games. Her heart leapt.


She could use this to wipe away her fear.


Shaking her head, Reina focused her attention back on the crowd. She saw small groupings of people start to form into parties and strategic discussion. “C’mon, it’s been forever,†a voice shouted in the crowd. Reina started, eyes wide, as a man descended from the skyscraper behind the gates. Reina barely heard his introduction, eyes focused on the machine parts of the God of War avatar. She’d read so much about it online, previous accounts of players, but nothing could truly describe that powerful wingspan. Her mind registered the requisite rules and guidelines but her eyes never left the avatar until these words:


"So, without further adieu, Welcome to the Ascent games!"


Bodies surged forward and Reina tripped onto the teleportation pad. She blinked as the light was replaced by oppressive darkness. She felt her prosthetic eyes hum in her skull as they adjusted her vision. She saw in perfect clarity the stark urban landscape and the glowing orbs that accompanied it. Reina saw players in groups, or alone, start to leave the main road.


A ping showed up:


First Floor-This is always the elimination round. The only way to pass is to find the place where the next teleporter pad is located. The stage is booby trapped and now armed. There will be false pads, wrong turns, no map, and enemies as well. There is no escape other than death if you get lost. So to all of you out there, Good Luck.

~Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel


Reina pulled up her hood and stayed lost among the crowd of players who still traversed the main path. She knew too much about alleyways and empty roads. 

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Jun grinned broadly, the facial recognition software mimicking what he did in reality. This was the message that he'd been waiting to read for the last five months. He'd prepared relentlessly since the first mention of the Ascent Games on the forums. When the official announcement was made, he worked even harder to get here. Jun saved the message to his inbox and glanced around to see very few people near him. Ignoring them, he began to move further along the streets. Though Arka never said it, it was a known rule that there were clues hidden throughout the stage that would lead them to the exit. "First things first," he said to himself.


His right hand changed with a whirring of metal into an omni-power plasma cannon and he fired off a plasma bolt at one of the nearby players. The bolt zipped at near the speed of light and passed right through the player. An alert appeared at the top of his vision. 


~You are currently in a No-PvP zone~


The player was stunned a moment, surprised by the attack, then began to yell at Jun. "What the hell do you think you're doing!? If this were a PvP zone I'd be dead!"


Jun chuckled lightly and replied, "Lucky for you it's not, otherwise I'd have one less person to compete with. Best be more careful on the next stages, if you make it that far."


Jun made a mental note of the No-PvP, then decided what his next move would be. Find the highest vantage point and scan the area. He glanced down the street and found a rather tall skyscraper a short distance ahead. Without hesitation, he took off for the building, his high speed leaving behind the clueless adventurers behind. The front door was wide open and his sprinted in and to the elevator. He stopped and his eyes shifted from normal vision over into a red sight. The button was a bright yellow and Jun stepped away from the booby trapped door. Stairs it is then. 


He went to the stairs, vision still red, and began taking the stairs in great bounds, his mechanical legs carrying him at absurd speeds. Within a few minutes he reached the top without any trouble from traps. He shifted his eyes into a night vision mode and stepped to the edge of the building, careful not to fall. From there, he scanned the ground below, noting the people who were there as well as those still following the main street. Then he looked up and viewed the horizon with satisfaction as he found his first clue already. The buildings and street patterns below formed a very clear set of arrows leading off diagonally in the northeast direction. He motioned to pull up the map and received a notice that maps are disabled in this zone. "No maps either of course. Well, this will be the first clue then," he said closing the display with another motion.

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