(B) Episode Two: One Ring To Rule Nothing At All

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"Assuming we can find the Guildmaster then yes, let us proceed to meet him with all haste. Or otherwise ask his location from the locals." Aramachus added.


[yes onward]

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The group of adventurers decided to complete their quest as soon as possible. They noticed that one of the groups who had travelled with them was moving towards a large building marked as the Guild Hall on their map. That’s where they probably needed to be. 

Once they stepped into the Guild Hall they heard a female voice welcome them. “Welcome, adventurers, to Avalon.†A woman with long blond hair, dressed in a red dress and a black hooded cape came walking down a large ornate staircase. “You are the adventurers sent here from Winterhaven, I assume. I am Sierra, the Guildmaster, and I will serve as your guide.â€

She moved towards a bookcase and pulled a large ledger out of it. “My first piece of advice: create or join a Guild. Joining a Guild would offer a lot of perks and privileges exclusive to those registered to a Guild. There are two restrictions to starting a guild: you need 10 members to sign your charter and the creator has to be level 3 or higher.†Sierra examined the group of adventurers before her. “Luckily you are 10! Well, are you going to create a Guild?â€

[Everyone receives 270XP for a level up. From this point on Group A and B are (temporarily) together. Please reply in the Group A thread.]

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