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Roleplay Award Ceremony!

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay it's the award ceremony!


Okay so we have had this little nomination thing going on in case you have't noticed. The winners had been decided! So let's do this!



Best Roleplayer Award


So we have a tie for the Best Roleplayer Award! 


Give it up for Valentine & Wstfgl!


Valentine was nominated for the quality of his writing and the creativity of his stories. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy his roleplay posts for years to come! Good job Val!


Wstfgl was nominated for high quality writing, enthusiasm and reliability! Sure enough Wst is normally lurking around at all hours and he truly is enthusiastic, which allows him to spew forth the most amazing and peculiar ideas for plot development I have ever witnessed. Well done Wst!


Most Epic Roleplay


Fuyukaba Academy holds a special place in my heart. It truly is the most Shounen roleplay I've ever seen, and it will always be the best to me, but I'm biased and who cares about my opinion, right?


The Winner is Sorcerers!


Who could argue that this roleplay is the most epic that has come to pass so far. It's got a world-eating psycho girl, a scotch drinking, immortal mad scientist, a Master of Mono-magic, Fabulous battles, Time Magic, Spellsteal Sorceress, and so much more!


...Oh there's also Noah...I guess, 


So congrats to all participants of this roleplay, and it's creator Seanzilla! You are all winners of this category ad you will all receive an emblem for your trouble soon!


Best Roleplay Post


Well we had a lot of great entries for this one. However in the end the winner was clear. 


Seanzilla provided us with great entertainment with his hilarious post, as Jinta Yamamoto plays announcer of the Hot Blooded Curry Contest in Fuyukaba Academy! Jinta tricks the rest of the cast into a curry cooking contest for his own amusement and shenanigans ensue! So well done Sanzi!


and finally


Best Roleplay Character


Our winner for this category is an example of when two great minds get together and create a character that is truly memorable. Shiro Yamamoto is but a lowly sub-character in Fuyukaba Academy, but his introduction to the story has added excellent flavour to the Shounen Epic! With the combined efforts of these two creative geniuses, Shiro Yamamoto became a smart, goofy and eccentric priest that truly feels like a natural father figure to Jinta Yamamoto. So who are these two refined writers?


Why, it's Seanzilla & Wstfgl! Well done to both of you!




So here's the thing. My PC work so I've been unable to make the prize emblems, however, they will be made eventually and will be added to your profiles with some application that I believe ack is going to set up for us. Keep your eyes peeled and I'll let you all know when the prizes are ready. 


Congrats everyone, give yourself a pat on the back!

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Noah is the only non-Sorcerer to get mentioned. He is truly the best yandere.

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Me and Wst wins?! With our powers combined, we are...





I still say Fuyukaba was best....

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Me too.Those feels, man.

I am honored to play a role in creating the best priestly father figure in an S*T RP. Because he's the only priestly father figure in an S*T RP, to the best of my knowledge T.T

I'm also honored that my batshit insanity has been recognized. Really, Val and I are polar opposites when it comes to RP style. Together we can rule the galaxy.

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Congratulations to all winners!


But of course in my heart the winner will always be me.

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