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Crim's Poetry and Song Shack

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So. This is where I will be sticking things I wrote. I used to have them up on deviant art, but I was concerned about some of DA's policies on submissions, so I took them down.


I hope you all enjoy these small musings from the depths of my creative mind.


EDIT: I feel I should note, my inspirations come from bands or songs I enjoy. Black Veil Brides, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Taking Dawn, Shinedown...just to name some of the bands I draw from.



Sing Out (Your Heart)
© CrimsonCrescendo
Sing to me,
A song from your heart.
Make me feel,
That your soul cries out.
Cries out for that mercy,
the same mercy you never showed.
That same mercy,
that you held over peoples heads.
A lure for the outcasts,
the sweet tease of notice.
But I will not listen.
I will not fall.
I will not be silent.
I will sing out my heart,
rasie my voice like a beacon.
So that all who hear,
feel hope rise again.
Sing out your heart,
let your soul shine through,
in every word,
every note a clarion call.
Calling forth hope,
igniting the fires of the heart,
and fanning the flames.
We will not fall!
We will not be silent!
We will sing out our hearts!
So that those who hear,
will know without doubt!
We are not outcasts,
but brothers and sisters,
friends and lovers,
Compatriots, one and all!
Hear our voices sing out!

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Forever Sleep

© CrimsonCrescendo



Lay your head down

Lose yourself in my voice

As you close your eyes

And drift off into fantasy


No one can hurt you here

Not a care to be found

None to tell you how to be

Only you can control you here


And so you never want

To wake again

Just sleep forever and

Avoid all your cares


So drift on my love

I will keep you safe here

Inside the world of your dream

Where the sun always shines


Forever sleep my dear

Let the world pass you by

Never have a care for those

That you left behind


The waking world

Can only hurt you

So stay here

And walk beside me


Even though I'm not

Really with you

I'll always be here

In the world of your mind


Forever sleep my love

And never think

To wake again

To rejoin the ones

Who really love you


Dream on love

Run free and happy

In your endless

Dreamland fantasy

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