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CLOSED [Discussion] Fixers

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Background Story

Depending on who you ask they’ll tell you that Professor Geralt was either a mad genius or a deranged psychopath. However, whatever your opinion of the man may be it is impossible to deny that his life’s work is what made our existence possible. If it weren’t for the dozens, maybe hundreds of children Geralt experimented on we wouldn’t exist. Well, we would exist, but we would be boring ordinary humans.

You see, Fixers like you and me would not be if it weren’t for the 60 years of work that Professor Geralt put into perfecting the regimen. Even though it is normal to feel bad for the many children he kidnapped just so he could find out what kind of nurturing we need to become as perfect as we are today, it is also important to remember that their suffering lead to our greatness.


Hello mates.

This is a soft sci-fi action/adventure RP about betrayal and guns. Lotsa guns, a little bit of betrayal.

Our friendly neighborhood psychopath Professor Geralt spent 60 years abducting and raising children to figure out what the perfect diet and training regimen would be. No one knows how many children he abused to figure it out (some believe it numbers in the several hundreds), but eventually he figured out the exact regimen that would lead to the perfect adult human being.

Of course natural talent plays a major part in one’s eventual capabilities, but Geralt’s program was proven capable to maxing out anyone’s potential with only a little extra attention.

When Geralt revealed his experiment to the world he was of course immediately locked up for life. No one as insane as this man should be allowed to roam free, but despite his psychopathy many nations and organizations were interested in the diet and regimen that Professor Geralt had developed. Who wouldn’t want an army of supersoldiers?

Of course the dear Professor didn’t care much about fame or fortune, all he cared about was his project. Instead of giving the information to the Nations he entrusted it to his dear colleague Professor Jonathan Lawson shortly before his death.

Lawson decided not to share this secret with the rest of the world, instead he kept it to himself and founded organization whose sole purpose was to raise people according to the regimen Geralt had developed, but instead of going through illegitimate means, like kidnapping, nations who wanted perfect soldiers secretly supplied orphaned infants to Lawson’s organization.

These soldiers, employed by the Lawson Foundation, were called Fixers. They could and would do any job as long as the employed had paid the Foundation appropriately. No matter how dirty the job or the employer, they would complete it without fail and without asking any question.

But what would happen if the Foundation betrayed them?

The More You Know


Lawson â€“ I AM GREEDY BASTARD. Sorry, no clip for this one.

Fixers â€“ Perfect human being. Not superhuman, mind you, but simply a human who has been perfectly nurtured to reach his full potential.
Fixers are human, therefor they have emotions and personalities. Even though they are trained to put aside their feelings, it doesn’t mean they’re all stone-cold killers.

Player Characters


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I'm generally terrible and overall skeptical of rping with guns, but I really like the sound of this so I may just have to put aside my discomfort and figure something out. ^^

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Finally, an excuse to shoot things!


Now to think of a character that isn't a blatant ripoff of a Metal Gear Solid character...

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I must have been putting out psychic waves yesterday, experimentation ideas are out in force.   :3  This looks good man, i'd join but i'm in the process of putting something up myself. Good idea for a story though, perfect humans and the concept of reaching their full potential but not being superhuman. I might read the RP, good luck!

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Name:  Elijah Harris
Codename: Thanatos
Age: 26
Personality: Charismatic cocky, loudmouthed, imperious and very bad tempered.
Abilities: Despite his shitty personality Elijah is a natural leader. He is a gifted tactician capable of making the tough decisions when they are absolutely necessary. His insight, perceptiveness and quick thinking have saved his life on the battlefield on multiple occassions. Other than that Elijah is also also exceptionally skilled as a marksman and in CQC, as is expected of Fixers.

His weapon of choice is the Taurus Raging Bull Model 500 with modified fifty-caliber cartridges.  These cartridges are modified using HEIAP shells, which are offically illegal for use on people, but why should a trained killer care about any of that? Not like making them explode after they die hurts them or anything. Other than his revolver his weapon of choice is an assault rifle, the FN Scar-L to be exact.



Removed background cause, like Wst already mentioned, it's pretty redundant.

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I should recycle RP characters. It's so easy~


Also, why does Sanzi keep playing psychopaths?


Name: Leon Browning

Age: 27
Personality: Laid-back, jocular and prone to snarky quips. Is a pragmatist in combat, and will frequently make tactical retreats to escape fights he can't win. Reads far too many comic books for his own good.
Appearance: A tall, blond man with a seemingly perpetual five-o-clock shadow. Never stops smiling. Wears a spiffy-looking fedora, sunglasses and a long canvas trench coat when off-duty to conceal the body armor he wears beneath.
Abilities: In addition to the honed-to-perfection physical prowess that all Fixers possess, Leon's survival instinct seems exceptionally well-honed -- he's extraordinarily good at noticing when things seem to be amiss, and thus manages to avoid danger long before most people see it coming. Leon is skilled at both close combat, marksmanship and the use of explosives, and will willingly use any of those tools to gain an advantage.


His preferred sidearm is a Colt M1911 modified with an extended magazine and a suppressor. To make up for the reduced penetrative power of its subsonic rounds, he uses unconventional ammunition types, like his preferred anti-personnel mainstay, a .45 cal bullet loaded with a high-tension coil of mono-filament wire that violently unravels and cuts open enemies upon contact. His preferred weapon for long-range engagements is a Sako TRG-42 that fires the powerful .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge -- he dislikes direct combat, and does not favor automatic weapons much.

Background: (Why do we even have this, almost all of us are bound to play Fixers trained from birth anyway)

The life of a Lawson Foundation Fixer is all that Leon has ever known -- since before he could walk, he had started the regimen the Foundation used to produce a Fixer, and has been carrying out active missions for them since he was 16. While Fixers rarely failed their assigned missions (unless sent on a mission against other Fixers -- things like that sometimes happened), he notably escaped unscathed from multiple close calls and incidents where other Fixers ended up as casualties. While Fixers are meant to be professional about such things like the deaths of their comrades, Leon is affected by this like any other normal human being would, but masks it under a jocular, calm demeanor. 

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Name: Rook
Codename: Orcus
Age: 25
Personality: A little daft, a little punk, a little on the quirky side. 
Team player, errs on the side of caution when it comes to pewpew, despite his lackadaisical attitude. Does not appreciate betrayal.

Appearance: Wears a full faced black bike helmet complete with black tinted visor. Stays on at all times. Even when he's eating/showering/pooping/sleeping. His full body is similarly clad in black combat-appropriate attire. The only item on him that reveals a bit of his human side is his never-depleting bag of M&Ms, which he often stuffs halfway in his back pocket.

Abilities: Go big or go home. Rook totes his trusty RPG around everywhere. He even took the time to sharpie his personalized designs and drawings on it. He's been practicing the art of rocket-jumping during his off-times from training, but nothing substantial has come out of it yet. A simple pistol is strapped on his hip for slightly more boring situations.
He was noticed to have a penchant for running, and was instructed to specialize in parkour during his training as a Fixer. The urban landscape is his playground.


Background: Another nameless orphan scooped up by the organization. Nicknamed Rook since he, as a child, had the tendency to run after flocks of birds every time he saw some. After years of intensive, grueling training, he eventually managed to out-run those little buggers. He's has reached his full potential since he hit the age of 20, and has been serving the Foundation ever since.

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Name:  Chelsea Webber
Codename: Redback
Age: 26
Personality: Hard working, knowledgeable. Has an eccentric fondness for cute things. Otherwise cunning and tactful.
Abilities: An exceptionally skilled computer specialist. While not on field missions Chelsea is often in charge of data analysis and information gathering. However she is still a valuable asset in the field. Chelsea favours deception and cunning, working in the shadows. She is an excellent liar and a perfect candidate for espionage and mole missions. While she is adept with most weapons, Chelsea favours the Beretta PX4 with suppressor and the Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine gun. She is also noted to be an excellent marks(wo)man who is deadly with the SR25 Sniper Rifle. 


Chelsea also has specialist knowledge of snake and spider venoms and their various properties. She has a vast collection. 

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Name:  Constance Rutherford 

Codename:  Mona Lisa
Age:  24
Personality:  Her most notable characteristic is this eerie 'Mona Lisa' smile(thus where she got her code name from) she has where one isn't sure if she's contemplating your demise or how to get your pants off. She has a violent streak in her that is really only noticeable in combat, when her eerie smile seems a bit deranged and only grows when blood begins pouring. Outside of combat she appears a relatively normal individual, perhaps a bit quiet. 
Appearance:  I'ma badass
Abilities:  She is an amazing shot and has been a reliable source for long range sniping since she was very young. As she aged she became more interested in being up close and personal to see her targets face and expression as she ended their lives, she never admitted this desire, merely made excuses on why she believed a close quarters tactic would be more appealing. She tampered around with various guns but on a fluke she tested a shotgun and never went back. They're so visceral! The feel of the gun's power with each shot, the visual explosion it creates, the easy way it desecrates flesh. 

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