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"Your Future In Our Hands"
-- Server 04 --







> Project Clarity - Personal Notes, Dr. Samantha Roberts


20/03/76 -- New Batch
We got a new batch of test subjects today. Michael thinks that Subject 06 looks like me, I don't see the resemblance.

They've been given their first injection of the C-Virus. Expecting results within the first few days, with luck.


21/03/76 -- Initial Outbreak

Wow, that was faster than I thought! Subject 02, 05, 16 and 23 have already shown signs. I expect the rest to follow soon.

Michael said that some of them act like siblings. I had to remind him to remain detached, he was projecting his own emotions onto them,

the way a dog owner will see emotion in the actions of it's pet.


23/03/76 -- Early Termination

Subject 18 terminated some time during the night. An acceptable loss, but I couldn't help but be frustrated. I had foolishly convinced myself that they would all live.

Subject 00 asked where Subject 18 had gone, he said, "Will he come home tomorrow?" I didn't know what to say.


29/03/76 -- Potent Strain

I'm sure of it. This strain of the C-Virus is the one we've been looking for.

It's been nine days, we've only lost one Subject and now all of the children are showing signs of varying psychic ability.

Children? Are they really children? I saw one playing with a teddy bear the other day. I asked her what it was called, and she said "It's Eighteen."


08/04/76 -- Faith or Science

What to do?! The children, because that's what they are, are just like us. They think, they feel, but they don't understand what they are, or why they're here.

We feed them lies to keep them docile, tell them we keep them safe in the facility. That the world outside is a paradise, and when they're old enough, they can go there. But as what...?



> Project Clarity - Personal Notes, Dr. Michael Williams


25/04/76 -- Suspicions Confirmed

As I suspected, Dr. Roberts had compromised her emotional detachment and even risked the entire Project. She tried to kidnap Subject 06 for goodness sake!

I should have been keeping a closer eye on her personal log. Subject 00 asked why there was a new doctor. He wanted to know where Samantha had gone, so I told him the truth.

I said, "She went to Paradise."





The year is 2386. We live in an age of technological marvel. World peace exists, nobody goes hungry and crime and disease are all but wiped out. Mankind has long since reached a new rung in the evolutionary ladder and now live in a utopia. These are some of the lies we tell our Subjects. The truth is far harder to swallow.


Nearly 200 years ago, mankind was running out of resources. We had consumed fossil fuels at a greater rate than we had ever imagined. Widespread panic shook the world as civilizations began crumbling overnight. People turned on one another, and within days war broke out. It didn't matter what side you were on, there were no allies, no rules. We don't know who hit first, but it didn't matter. Once the first nuclear warhead was dropped, they were dotted across every country on Earth within hours. 

In a matter of hours, we lost hundreds of years of technology, medicine, civilization. Nothing mattered any more. Many water sources became irradiated or polluted, undrinkable. The population of the planet was reduced to barely 1% of what it once was. Food became scarce. The animals that survived started to mutate to one degree or another. A small percentage of the survivors who didn't die were also transformed. There was no law, no government, no hope. 


But Unity Industries had an answer. We wanted to use the radiation to force adaptation and evolution. To try and create humans capable of surviving in the harshest environments. With abilities more fitted to a world so full of danger. For decades we experimented in combining refined radioactive matter with undeveloped human embryos grown in our labs. We found that in doing so, in combination with regular injections of a virus we named 'Clarity', during childhood, the Subjects would attain a variety of 'psychic' abilities, and so Project Clarity was born.

It took countless attempts, fine-tuning the DNA of the embryos to accept higher levels of radiation without harm, and getting the right quantity and frequency of the C-Virus injections before we hit upon the right solution. By then, we had already stumbled upon a number of important factors we needed to ensure the lowest mortality rate possible amongst the Subjects. Chief of these factors seemingly important to the development and survival of our Subjects seemed to be their perception of the state of the world around them. And so we were forced to create a complex fiction for them. We wove them a story, and spoon fed it to them. To hide the truth of this harsh new world from them, so that they could ultimately achieve their true intended purpose. Which we will soon reveal to the world at large.





Well! If you've managed to bother to read all that. Well done you. So in short, this is a story about a small group of people, all Subjects of this experiment that i've mentioned, who escape and are forced to go on the run. All of our characters have varying abilities, psychic in nature. We will begin the story in the facility, under the impression that we are some kind of chosen 'next step' to be cared for, until the day they are ready to join the Paradise outside. At least thats what we're getting told. The truth is that we were never meant to leave the facility, for which the reasons will be revealed during the course of the RP, along with a buttload of other twists and such.

Consider this an alternate Earth setting, aside from the futuristic post-apocalyptic nature of the RP. Somewhere around the 50's, we split off and focused as a race, not on the advancement of culture, art and forward-thinking, but on technology, medicine, robotics, weaponry, etc. As such, the post-apocalyptic world people live in now, is still very reminiscent of 1950's america. Propaganda from the age, with art deco influences, music from the time, etc. The world is extremely different now, much of it is a wasteland, that has been reshaped to fit this new, terrible time in human history. Cities are crumbling ruins now, towns exist but are mostly built into the ruins of old world things that have survived, eg. A gas station might have become a shanty town. Dangerous mutant creatures roam the wilds, as do bandits, mercenaries and all manner of nasties. Law is thin in most places, and there is generally a lack of government. But there are pockets of technological or intellectual strength.

If you're interested, you will, as I say, be playing one of the Subjects who escape as a group and are forced to flee from the people who had been keeping them locked up and lying to them. We will be chased by people intent on recapturing or killing us, meanwhile, trying to understand our powers, why we were created, who we can be in this new world, understanding our humanity in a world we don't understand, and just about any other connotations you can imagine in such a scenario. There will be a large, over-arcing plot, but equally, it will be free enough that we can do what we want within reason. You can choose from a wide variety of psychic powers, of which i'd expect you to start out much weaker/intermittent/inexperienced with them and develop them over the course of the RP, i'll list some decent examples but if you have an idea for one of your own, make a suggestion and we can discuss it. If you have any questions, of course just ask. But I will make it clear that i'm not accepting people who can't put in the time and interest into this, i've put a lot of effort into this, and i've killed off a number of my RPs in recent weeks because of some member's lack of commitment, interest or free time. I understand this can happen, but please don't ask to join if you don't think you can commit. I'd like to see this through to the end  :3  I'm looking for maybe just a couple for this, depending on who applies. Probably a maximum of four in total. Saved a spot for Kyo, but if he's not interested, then the three slots are still open. Some examples of psychic abilities below.





1. You are able to push certain thoughts, memories or even emotions into your target. This might leave them confused, misinformed or even following courses of action they put in motion because of a thought or memory you gave them, that made them believe it was real, temporarily. 

2. You can see in the future, of sorts. You can't see certainties, but you can see the most likely possibility, based on a person's choices. Perhaps if they are aware of their future and make a new choice, it creates a new future possibility, as would any time they change their choice at that moment.

3. You can sense psychic abilities and persons with them in a varying range. Allowing you to get a head's up on someone approaching you, as long as you're concentrating, etc. Maybe you can even tell what they are capable of doing, or how powerful they are, or could become.

4. You could create illusions that multiple people can see, perhaps they last a great deal shorter than a psychic that uses their 'push' method of illusion, but are also that much more real. Seeing is believing, as they say. Perhaps they require an item or person of equal size/shape to be most effective.

5. You are able to maybe control something like fire, water, sound, etc. Also known as pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis and so on. The creation and manipulation of the related element, or whatever the thing in question might be.


As i've said, you can make up your own thing, or do one of those with your own rules, etc. within reason. A couple of things you can't be however, to be clear. You cannot 'stop' other psychics from using their powers with your own, as in your power is purely making other powers null and void. Only one person can do this in the story, and they're not on our side. Telepathy (mind reading) is out, for a similar reason. I would also say that any ability another person has already requested should be avoided for sake of variety and being friendly to toes. lol. I hope your eyes didn't bleed too hard from all the text, looking forward to seeing profiles hopefully.  :3





Name: Zero
Age: 20

Reference Pic:
Appearance: Medium length scruffy black hair, sharp blue almond-shaped eyes, smooth and unblemished features. A little over 6ft in height with an athletic frame and pale skin. The lower half of his face is usually obscured by a breather. He tends to wear looser-fitting dark clothes, whatever is best for movement.

Personality: Inquisitive, intelligent, and naturally naive of his surroundings due to his upbringing. Zero was something of a carer to the group, maybe even a leader. He often watched over the others, and asked questions that many were disinterested in asking, or even afraid of broaching. He has a strong protective instinct and is quickly upset from others suffering, though seems relatively unconcerned with his own hardships. He is usually quite patient but when he loses his temper, he really loses it. He can also be extremely unpredictable. Due to the nature of his abilities he is innately tuned into the feelings of others and is often greatly affected by them.
Bio: Like the other children that grew up in the facility, Zero knew no parent other than the scientists and guards that watched over them. Unlike the majority of the other children, Zero found it difficult to like or trust the people that ran the facility. He was curious about their stories of the outside world, and often had a sense for when they were lying, but could naturally not understand what they were lying about or why. Zero is in the minority of the Subjects as being one of the children that suffered with a birth defect as a result of their unusual creation. Specific to him, Zero has an advanced form of asthma for which he needs to wear a special breather for most of day. He is able to take it off long enough to eat or drink, but other than that, must wear it or he would quickly suffer a fatal respiratory attack. The breather takes away a degree of the tone in his voice and makes it sound slightly muffled and robotic.
Abilities: Zero's primary ability is telekinesis, the ability to manipulate objects using his mind. However, he also had a secondary ability that he was unconscious of at first, using it and thinking it as a normal part of his instincts. He was also empathic, able to sense the emotions of people around him. This made it difficult for him to connect with the people outside of the other children in his group, as they hated and feared the genetically manipulated humans.

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I'm snatching a spot.


Also I like this ability, it's mine. ^^


1. You are able to push certain thoughts, memories or even emotions into your target. This might leave them confused, misinformed or even following courses of action they put in motion because of a thought or memory you gave them, that made them believe it was real, temporarily. 

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Spot :)


How about cloaking? (It'd only be self-cloaking for awhile, and that shaky at first.)

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Aye you can take that if you want it, Ero. And Skie, how do you mean 'cloaking'? If you mean it like you described it the other day, then i'm with you, otherwise I need you to explain it a bit for me. Either way if you guys wanna get yer profiles together i'll look over them and if they're cool, you've got the spots.

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Name: Thirteen, Fortune
Age: 20
Reference Pic: laptop and other technological marvels, obviously)
Appearance: Medium length, choppy black hair. Hazel eyes. boyish, petite frame. Tan skin, possibly mixed race. After escaping, favours adding personal flair to her clothes, enjoys colourful accessories. 
Personality: Extroverted. Boundlessly creative and very right-brain centric. Honest, brave and endlessly curious. he type to force a smile when she want's to cry. 
Bio: Thirteen is a child of the facility. She knows nothing of her lineage. She has always been quite a bright and happy girl, however she tends to enjoy the company of boys over girls. She can be loud and excitable at times and could be a bit of a handful in her early teens. She showed early signs of keen observation and excellent visual recall. This was nurtured by allowing Thirteen to play with arts and crafts materials, drawing, writing and listening to music. The strict routine of the facility meant that creative activity was scheduled for certain times. After exposure to art and music in particular, Thirteen became more difficult and challenging to control in periods with no stimulation. Due to the nature of her abilities Thirteen has often become aware of information she shouldn't, although often she did not know what this meant. Over the years study of Thirteen have proved that when rewarded with creative outlets, she is extremely compliant. When she leaves the facility, Thirteen asks her companions to call her Fortune, as Thirteen is considered unlucky, and she would rather not be associated with it.
Primary: Retrocognitive Clairvoyance - Fortune is able to witness or live through past events and gather information by touching objects. Objects have imprinted memories of their surroundings, allowing Fortune to witness events of the past related to the object. Not all objects can give clear or useful visions, however, she can discern even small amounts of information even from quit insignificant objects. 
Secondary: Precognition - Fortune's secondary ability is almost passive. Seeing the future is a complex ability. The future constantly changes through manipulation of various stumuli, as well as constant changing of intention from person to person. Due to this, viewing the future is often chaotic and messy, causing distress to the user. As a natural coping mechanism, Fortune's mind shuts out most of the clutter and instead subconsciously provides her with images, sounds, objects or places that are relevant to her future. While these visions are also subject to change, they are often the most likely things to pass. Fortune usually receives visions by painting or drawing objects that she has never seen before.

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Profile's fine dude, you're sorted.

Forgot to mention folks, we should all be around 20, or either side of it in terms of age. And each of us would have a tattoo of our 'name' on the inside of our right wrist. A simple tattoo of the roman numeral for our number. Shocking, I know, lol. But aye, couple of minor details I forgot to mention in writing up all that other stuff.

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Name: Four
Age: 22

Appearance: Mechanic Girl

Personality: She has an infinite amount of patience and has been a guiding hand or comforting shoulder for the other subjects around her. While she always seems calm and put together, her mind is always racing with observations of her surroundings. Her curious nature keeps her always hunting for new things to explore or take apart.
Bio: Raised in the facility she appears indifferent to her situation.
Abilities: She is able to push certain thoughts, memories or even emotions into her target. This might leave them confused, misinformed or even following courses of action they put in motion because of a thought or memory she gave them, that made them believe it was real, temporarily. Beyond her psychic capabilities she is also quite the tinkerer and has been know to build unique items or take things apart just to put them back together.


I really, really, REALLY don't feel like writing a profile right now, so you can consider this pending further details, but at the very least it's a base of her. 

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Name: Eleven


Age: 19


Appearance: She’s short and slight, with grey eyes set in an oddly round face. This is framed by red-gold hair that bobs in at her shoulders. Though Eleven is nineteen years old, she is occasionally seen toting an old, patched teddy bear around with her. Clothes Eleven wears consist mostly of tshirts, sweatpants with pockets, and a folded bandana tied around her head. She usually goes barefoot.


Personality: Eleven is sweet, but also childish. She easily accepts what others say as truth. She is afraid of being seen as troublesome, but may accidentally seem so through her innocent honesty. She genuinely cares for the others and looks up to a lot of them.  Even though she doesn't speak much, she tries to keep everyone optimistic, whatever they've experienced recently. However, Eleven can be pretty self-centered. Her actions' possible negative effects don't generally cross her mind. Eleven is not one to sacrifice for others, and must be forced to compromise unless she views the matter as trivial anyway. She tends to shy away from direct confrontation in favor of sneaking her way into a goal.


Eleven can be brave for people she cares about. On her own, she has a tendency to let her fear drive her more than she’ll allow other people to do the same. Often, she buries that fear as far as it will go beneath a quietly hopeful exterior. The hope's not a lie for her; there's the outside, free of tests, needles, and strangers, to look forward too. Fear still won’t go very far, but as long as Eleven is around the other Subjects, it tends to stay beneath the surface until the strangers come back. Consequently, Eleven can be found near the current largest gathering of Subjects. She is generally half-listening to them. The rest of her mind is either focused on improving her cloaking, or imagining the adventures she's going to have outside in Paradise.


Bio: Eleven views the familiar facility as a good home, and the personnel as benevolent guardians. She is fond of them, and tries hard to do whatever they want so she can help them outside someday. Often, she is confused as to why Eighteen got to go so long ago and she still hasn’t made the qualifications. She spends a lot of time trying to master her fledgling ability, in hopes she’ll then be allowed to stop the injections and go find him.


Abilities: Cloaking; essentially invisibility. The cause lies not with Eleven actually becoming transparent or blending. It is a case of Eleven‘s mind blocking the target’s from being able to visually sense her. For now, she can only sort of cloak herself, and may still be heard, smelled, or touched. This ability is developing quite slower than the other Subjects', for reasons the facility can't set in stone. (Eleven will learn that due to some quirk in the virus, blocking herself from someone’s hearing also causes her own to significantly lessen.)


Hopefully that's everything needed for now!

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I'm interested in a spot, but am going to bed. I was thinking of having matter manipulation. Of course not as grand as controlling worlds and crap, but like able to manipulate matter even down to an atomic level with enough concentration. So like the character (maybe female. dunno yet) could liquidate or break apart solid objects into pieces and rearrange them, or just move already whole things like just a phone or remote. For a secondary, I was thinking photographic memory. Would be useful since he/she would have to know how things actually went together before she messed with its matter. Feel free to let me know since you already have four or five people here.

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Aye, they're good ideas Shadow, but i've already got the maximum I was looking for. Six would be too much for me. But keep an eye out and maybe when I finish one of my other RPs, or if space had to open up for one of the ones i'm in, you'll be able to join. I hope we can RP together in the near future. Just waiting for your profile Wst, and then I can put this up.

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Name: Sixteen

Age: 19

Appearance: This, probably sans the uniform

Personality: Introverted, stoic and logical. Is generally not much of a talker, preferring the company of books to people. Obsessive about tasks he puts his mind into, and tends to be rather snappy and confrontational if disturbed. 

Bio: Sixteen was one of the first in the facility to begin manifesting signs of his talent, and as a result, interacted frequently with the scientists in charge of running the project. He ended up particularly attached to Dr. Roberts, and when she vanished one day, wasn't only emotionally shaken, but also suspicious -- he'd suspected that something was fishy about the entire project, and from that day on, his trust in the scientists and guards of the project decreased steadily. While he has his suspicions, he refuses to act on them, fearing that he might end up disappearing as well. 

Ability: Sixteen's ability is to alter the brain's perception of time on both himself and others. He can speed up his own perception to heighten his own awareness, concentration and reaction speed, though this is both physically and mentally taxing and can only be maintained for brief moments. Conversely, he can slow down his own perception of time -- the reduced load this puts on his mind acts like sleep for his mind, helping it recover from the strain of using his first ability, and conveniently lets him space out when people are talking about boring topics.


He can use these effects on other people, though the range of his power is initially constrained to a scant 5 m. He can slow down someone's perception of time greatly to effectively render them stunned or sluggish for a period of time, or increase it to boost their awareness -- or drive them into seizures as their body fails to keep up with their brain's lightning-fast impulses.

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