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Above the Veil


Currently this story is between Fate and myself, we haven't decided if we're going to open it up. If you are interested, be aware that this is a romance!


The World:

The story takes place in a Fantasy country known as Etrona; it is separated into various cities each city is planted on the tops of mountains for you see in this world the clouds hang heavy and low to the ground, just barely hugging the throat of the tallest mountains. Beneath the clouds the world exists in eternal darkness, rarely do the clouds ever part long enough for the harsh world beneath to be bathed in its warmth and light. On top of the clouds, in each city the world thrives through steam and magic. The mountains are cut into like ant hills and stripped of their precious stones which would become the major trade product of each city, each city specializing in a different stone. 


The Cities and Their Stones:

Rumgrove - Emerald
Cherrywell - Ruby
Foxton - Topaz

Riverfax - Aquamarine
Clayaire - Amethyst 
Kanewish - Tourmaline

Clarksbend - Garnet

Meadowalia - Sapphire

Rosewalk - Moonstone

Irondam - Peridot



Magic does not exist in conventional ways in this world, no one goes 'pew pew' from their palms. In this world magic is derived from the many precious gem stones. Each color coordinates to a certain type of power. Diamonds are considered WORTHLESS because they have no color and no known power. The stones will diminish as they are used, it is believed that over time they recover and thus grow larger, but no proof has been made of this. 


The Stones and Their Effects:

Emerald - Green - Earth/Plant

Ruby - Red - Fire

Topaz - Yellow - Light

Aquamarine - Pale Blue - Wind

Amethyst - Purple - Dark

Tourmaline - Light Red/Pink - Healing

Sapphire - Blue - Water

Moonstone - White - Electricity

Peridot - Light Green/Green-Yellow - Poison


These are vague on purpose because I don't know how much significance this will actually play in the story. I did not do every single gem because fuck that, consider that gems of similar color go to according powers. When I say 'Light' and 'Dark' I do not mean holy and evil, I mean literal light like a light bulb and dark like shadows and the absence of light. 



This is a Steampunk - Victorian theme, that means airships, lots of mechanical do-dads and what-nots. 


The Story:

A dark sinister man who has lived his life below the clouds has discovered a way to amplify the power of the gems! He has long since loathed the light-dwellers while he has lived in his dark mansion far bellow the sun's loving grace. He now seeks revenge by taking control of all of Etrona! His deranged and yet clever mind has calculated ways to manipulate each city into sacrificing their most precious stones, more often than not this means the biggest! But what is this? This rascally little thief seeks to take for herself his great invention only to discover his dirty lie that could ruin his plans! Oh what to do with this delectable little female who seeks to ruin him?

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The Thief 


Name:  Nadine Rowlett

Age:  26

Gender:  Female

Appearance:  Cute and Sneaky

Personality:  Nadine is a friendly person who is always happy to share her wealth with those in need. She often breaks up her large gems to hand out to the homeless that linger around. Still her profession of choice demands her to be a bit sneaky and the slightest bit underhanded! She knows how to manipulate people and won’t lose sleep over using someone who makes an ill impression on her. She’s flirtatious, and a little arrogant of her skill and her effect on the opposite sex.

History:  Nadine was born in Rosewalk but when she was only 16 she stole her parents’ most prized possession, a moonstone the side of a scarab beetle. She had hated the stupid little stone, she’d felt like her parents prized it more than she! And so she had stolen it and run away!


She was the daughter of inventors and so she was pretty clever herself on building and manipulating things. Coming from the city of moonstones certainly didn’t hurt either. They were probably the most advanced give that moonstones’ power is electricity, making it much simpler to power their many devices.


After she’d run away she’d taken up a job on an airship as cleanup crew. The work sucked, but it gave her money and free passage to the many surrounding cities where she picked up a much more interesting trade.


She fell in love with the city of Clayaire and had decided to take up permanent residence there, or as permanent as could be expected of someone who was always lulled by the call of the next big heist. 

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The UnderLord

Name: Jasper Slade

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Appearance: Intense Regality

Personality: Jasper is phlegmatic, cunning, and brilliant. He has a very absolute resolve in his opinions, believing fiercely in his own version of the truth. Although the few who have made his acquaintance would describe him as cold and emotionless (unless provoked to rage) Jasper does feel, fiercely. His stoic countenance, however is credited to his uncanny ability to suppress and contain his emotions - as he believes that he would fail in his endeavors with emotion interfering with reason and logic.



  • When he was 3, his family was exiled. *more details coming soon
  • He grew up in the dark underbelly of the world, living in the ruins of an ancient mansion.
  • In his adolescence, Jasper ventured to the world above the clouds, and worked for 5 years on merchant vessels.
  • During that time he made connections, carefully choosing his “friends†and schmoozing those of powerful positions.
  • With the small fortune he had accumulated in trade and deals, he returned to his underworld and engrossed himself in the study of invention. 
  • 10 years later he resurfaced again, reconnecting with his past acquaintances and promising them power over their rivals - if only they invest in his ‘Device’.
  • For the last two years he has collected a handful of interested buyers, and has just begun to distribute his goods.

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