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A Cute Pink "Diary"

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Dear Diary-chan <3


My name's Maya Iyengar! It's so nice to finally meet you. I've never really been in the habit of keeping a diary, but after I've seen so many people try their hands at it, I can't help but join in the fun! Oh, I suppose I need to tell you more about myself. Hmmm~! Let's see. I'm a Planeswalker who specializes in Illusion Magic, but my Illusions are usually so good people can't tell them from reality! Isn't that fun? I won't tell you my age, because I'm still 18 at heart. It's not nice to ask a girl for her age, you know!


What else should I talk about? Oh, I know. My hobbies are pretty much the same as any girl my age, I think. I love shopping for new clothes, having manicures and getting my hair done, talking about cute boys, and eating live humans. I mean, sometimes they have this sale, and I just can't help myself. You know what I'm saying? Mmm, I've thought about learning to play the piano too, but I've been a bit too busy for that lately. But all in all, I think I have a healthy mixture of likes and hobbies!


Anyway, let me get to the point, Diary-chan. I'm writing on you today because you see, there's going to be people talking to me through you, giving me fun situations to be in! And then I'll Planeswalk to whatever place they want me to go, and play with whoever they let me play with! Doesn't it already sound fun? Oh, I wish you'd stop squirming around, Diary-chan, it's so hard to write on you in this way. It's no use trying to talk, I already cut your tongue off, you silly boy.


And you! Yes, you behind the computer screen! I'm talking to you, cutie!


Won't you give me a scenario?



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Maya, have you ever been to high school? If you do, tell us a story from those times!

Well, even if you haven't, you've probably eaten one, right?

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