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CLOSED [Discussion] Gangland (need 2-3)

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Background Story

For as long as we can remember these Families have been here. They have been around ever since mankind started keeping records, so our theory is that they have been around for at least several thousands of years. Probably as long as ‘normal’ humans have, but I guess none of that is truly important.

What is important is that there are so many of these Families that we have started to lose track of them. Several thousands of them populate our planet, living among us, and yet their existence is unknown to the vast majority of mankind. They have managed to keep themselves hidden from anyone who wasn’t in a position to know.

Many of these families chose to do nothing with the gift they were granted, but just as many of them chose to serve the public through the government or chose a life of crime. Honorable or not, crime is still crime and nothing is as dangerous as a criminal who surpasses human limits.


Hello amigos.

Once again it is contemporary fantasy time! Inspired by K and Hitman Reborn

The heads of the aforementioned families possess hereditary supernatural powers. These powers are passed on to the eldest of their children and have existed for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years this way, but these lucky few aren’t the only ones with these powers. Those who are loyal to the heads of the families, these can be other family members, friends or maybe even simple minions, can be granted powers of their own by these heads.

This RP is about one of these families, the Leone family, who have turned to crime. A Mafia Family, one of the seven biggest families in the US metropolis Wolfdale and one of the three that is also a part of organized crime. They are rich, influential, notorious and honorable. Despite their cruelty they are also known for their philanthropic efforts and code of honor and it is thanks to their efforts that the underworld of Wolfdale didn’t break out into an all-out-war long ago.

But will the shaky peace of Wolfdale last when the head of the Leone family gets assassinated? This is a story of the criminal underworld's struggle for power while the Leone family does everything necessary to avenge their Don.

Player Characters



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I'll pick at it after I'm done posting for Rodinia

but for now




grabbin' a spot (Y)

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Edited the proper setting in.

Name: Luca Brando
Family: Leone Family
Age: 26
Personality: While naturally sympathetic, composed and brooding he is also fiercely loyal to the Leone Family. Because of this loyalty he is willing to go through great lengths in the name of the Family, no matter how violent or cruel the required methods may be. Even if it conflicts with his personal beliefs.
Appearance: I'm Tom Hardy, bitch.
Abilities: He possesses what is known as the ‘Fiamme Azzurre’ among the Family; blue flames that he can summon and manipulate at will. The distinct color of the flames is due to Luca’s status as a member of the Leone Family. The Family has always seen itself as royalty, they are of blue blood, there for the powers they grant their members have always been known for the distinct azure colour.

Luca also possesses remarkable physical abilities. While it is nowhere near superhuman; years of training and experience have made him formidable in unarmed combat.

Background: The Brando family is a branch of the much larger Leone Family and has therefor always been a member of their criminal operations and have historically always operated as the right hand of the main family. Luca was born as the son of Diego Brando, right hand man of Enzo Leone, then head of the Leone Family.

Diego died when Luca was only four years old and to fulfill his friend’s last request Enzo raised Luca alongside his son, Ennio, as if he were his own child. Luca and Ennio grew up as if they were actual brothers and took over the Leone Family when Enzo decided it was time for him to retire.

Luca currently operates as the Consigliere of the Leone crime family; Ennio’s confidante, advisor and also the only person who can successfully contain Ennio’s rage.

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Name: Vira Aurum
Family: Aurum Family
Age: 29
Personality: Snooty, but still retains enough politeness to be function well in social situations. Loves money over anything.
Appearance: Long, raven black hair, coupled with the Aurum family's trademark light grey irises. Has silk gloves on when she doesn't feel like seeing into the future every time she touches any little item.

Abilities: Clairvoyance, capable of both retrocognition and premonition, provided one significant object that will be/have been used in the situation's been put in her hands. Zero offensive skills, yet her ability to see into the unforeseen has allowed her to set up suitable defenses and escapes to aid her in her job as a Mafia member.

Background: Vira's family operates a huge, grand casino in Los Megas, and she has been put at the helm since her mother stepped down for retirement. Her main income comes from money laundering, but the Aurum family have one more card hidden in their sleeves : Fortune telling. Only trusted VIPs can enter the top secret luxury suites and have Vira herself use her 'fortune telling' skills on them. For a substantial amount of cash, of course.


She's not one to stand at the front line; the lady has perfected the art of working behind the scenes, silently influencing her customers and allies alike with her unique blend of truth and lies. Years of foreseeing horrible ends and untold misfortunes have more than convinced Vira of the rotten core that is the human spirit; only money can buy her loyalty and knowledge now.


(I dunno where they'll stand societal rankings wise, will deal with that shit later . Don't feel like making a fighter type for once, gonna do some experimentaaaaal stuff with this one)

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Name: Isabel Stormheart, the Gale

Age: 25

Family: Stormheart Family

Appearance: She has neck-length red hair and possesses the Stormheart family's distinctive piercing blue eyes.


Background: The Stormhearts have long been known as a small but proud and unpredictable family. One Stormheart can look and act worlds apart from another, one a stauch defender of justice and freedom while another a wanted mass murderer. However, one fact is generally accepted about them: When a Stormheart is involved in something major, you can expect great things to happen.


Isabel has always been a wildcard in her family. Headstrong and mischievous, she prefers to explore the world on her own, doing whatever she likes without any regard for authority or risk. This has gotten her into trouble in several different counties across the map, but due to her innate gift for Vectormancy, very few authorities have been able to capture and hold her for very long. Isabel prides herself on her adaptability and her ability to think on her feet, which has kept her out of trouble many times in the past. She is capable of dressing and behaving in several different roles, such as impersonating a policeman, a rival mafia member, or even a roadside beggar. Despite her unpredictable nature, Isabel possesses a surprisingly warm heart, and is loyal to those she calls friends.



Vectormancy - Like her ancestors, Isabel possesses an innate capability to manipulate the speed of objects around her. To do so, she imparts energy into other objects to accelerate them. The heavier the object or the faster she wishes it to go, the more energy is required. Isabel is also capable of reversing this skill to slow down incoming projectiles to a crawl.

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Family: Li Family
Age: 24
Personality: Stoic, self-assured and perhaps a little smug. Arrogant kung fu guy, basically. Has a mercenary attitude, and will shift his loyalties based on whatever can bring the most benefit to him and his Family. Despite having alienated his peers in the Li Family, he still looks out for their well-being, and aims to strengthen the clan once again at any cost. 

Appearance: Relatively short (a hair under 1.7 m), unkempt, slightly long dark hair, clean-shaven. Wears yellow-tinted shades everywhere like a certain A. Jensen, and is usually seen wearing a formal dark-coloured business suit with the blazer left open. Conceals an ungodly number of knives on his person... somehow.
Abilities: Xiao Ming is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and favors the use of knives of several varieties, and sees firearms as a last resort -- Triads look down on guns in general, seeing them as dishonorable. 


His Family ability, "Guang Hui Dao (Radiance Path)", allows him control over light. He can create bursts of light to illuminate or blind others, bend light around himself to hide himself from view temporarily, and as a secondary ability, can imbue bladed weapons (or his hands) with energy, honing their cutting edges to incredible extents at the cost of making them glow conspicuously like lightsabers. 

Background: The Li family is one of the Families operating in Wolfdale, and has notably been tied to criminal activity in the past. They used to be far more powerful in the past, with close to a hundred members operating in a federation not unlike one of the criminal Triads of Hong Kong, but the family has since fallen on hard times after a violent turf war against another of the criminal Families depleted their strength to a mere shadow of its former glory.


Xiao Ming is the second son of the current head of the Li family, and wishes to restore the prestige of the family and rebuild its numbers -- however, desperate times call for desperate measures, and he is currently offering his services to the highest bidder, forced to cast aside his honor in order to build up the funds and connections needed to restore his family name. As a result, he has alienated himself from most of the other Lis, who are rather prideful traditionalists that disapprove of his mercenary ways, but have to tolerate his continued presence due to his claim to the leadership of the Family.

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