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um hi there

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Um yes hello I'm assian how are you

Well I'll follow the FAQ because I really don't know what I'm doing ~

Yes ok well I found Surreality via Google

All hail Google

I'm incredibly awkward and speak in run on sentences and I use the return button a lot


A lot

As you can see.

Uh let's see oh yes roleplay genres mostly I'll do almost anything save for animals because for some reason I never really got into roleplaying animals

Don't ask me why I don't know either.

But either than that I'm usually up for mostly anything

Anyways it's nice to meet you all.

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Welcome, Assian! If you can do (mostly) all genres then I'm sure you'll have a variety of fun here. There are definitely many different roleplay styles here. So I really hope you like it ^^ There are some 'Scholars' around here that help anyone with anything. They have blue names if you ever need them. Or I'm sure any friends you make can help in some areas too. They're just more capable of the job. Trust me. I've bombarded one with questions and have now claimed him as my friend haha. They're very friendly.

So. Hm. Yeah. I hope you get along well hun ^^

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Hi Assian! And indeed, I echo what Ero said. All hail Google!


And yes welcome to S*T! I was shocked at first when I saw the formatting of the post, but if it's a personal choice I respect that. ^^ And yes, I'm one of the Scholars that they say, so mind you do whatever Ice said about contacting us for help!


(though of course maybe TriOctium would indeed appeal to the ladies better~)


Though I don't know if Assian is a lady or a gentleman. Pictures of chicks are misleading!

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Yes, hello all. Nice to meet you ^^

Yeah I wasn't sure how formatting went when I clicked some buttons so it kind of ended up like that and I stuck with it.

But yes all hail Google bow down in the sight of its mighty prowess

And im a lady if you were wondering ^^

Also ok question so I read in the rules that I have to ask the GM if I want to join a rp even if it says "open". So what's the etiquette do I message them or do I just post on the thread or

(Im like really awkward sorry)

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Usually for any RP you'll find a corresponding Discussion Thread in the Roleplay Discussions forum. Just post in there if you want to join, mentioning your interest in the RP. It's up to the roleplay creator if he or she wants to let you in.

And hi! Welcome to the site! I'm TriOctium, and I'm here to answer any questions you might have. So feel free to ask away~

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Yup, what Seanzi and Octy said were right. Basically the procedure is like this.


1. You go to Roleplay Discussion and look at what roleplay ideas may be setting up. If the roleplay is already up, it'll usually be mentioned there at 1 point or another. Be sure to check whether the creator said it was closed (sometimes they don't edit the title).

2. You post in there saying you want to join. They may ask you to submit your character based on their template, and then you can post in the relevant roleplay thread once it's accepted!


Alternatively, you can start your own discussion thread. Or PM any of us if you want to suggest a private roleplay.

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Hello, new person, and welcome! I'm so tardy that everything of import has already been said... So, um, just have fun, I guess?

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Well hi there dearie and welcome. I'm the third scholar mentioned earlier and yes sending a pm to any of us works and we're more then happy to be at your service

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I'm too late to the party for informative assistance, so instead, here's a couple of high-heeled bitches.



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