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Hello! And Welcome once again to Faithy's realm! More specifically 'The Vat'!

Where my characters are made and reside to protect new creations!




So, I believe I should introduce you to some of my characters I am very much in love with being their creator despite the love hate relations we all have. I hope you can find the same love for them as I here you go


★ Faron Scott Jasperson â˜…


Human Form


Demon Form



Nickname(s): Far, Fin
Gender: Male
Age: Looks 24, factual age unknown
Sexuality: Pan-sexual
Eye Colour: Icy blue
Hair colour: Fire Red
Height: 6'3 Foot
Weight: 162 Ibs
Skin Tone/Appearance:
White, Caucasian. Rose Ivory skin, smooth and youthful. Black leather trench coat with chains on it. Black tank top, Dark denim skinny jeans, black leather dressy boots. 
Distinct Marking(s):
His icy blue hues, Crimson red hair, Runic birthmarks, black nails.



✔ Kindness - Helpful people like him, he loves to be around.
✔ Solitude - Though he surrounds himself with people and appears confident and rowdy he is in fact shy and distant.
✔ Art - He is still a creative soul and loves art in general and loves to learn of it's history. When he was human he loved to draw and study art....it is something he holds close to his heart.
✔ Alcohol - He sometimes needs to forget things...a bad habit of his...
✔ Fellow supernatural beings - It is simply nice not to be the only 'freak' in town.
✘ Insanity, Some people just don't make sense and that is what makes them dangerous so he likes to either stay away and because in his past he went through insanity before his father (Lucifer) 'activated' his true nature...
✘ Silence - He can't stand quiet rooms or any sort of silence because it means he is alone..
✘ His Father (Lucifer), He is generally scared of him...
✘ Pain, he may be undying but he has the pain threshold of a human...
✘ His blood lust, he doesn't like to hurt others and at times of a frenzy he has killed...
♫ Drawing
♫ Writing
♫ Learning
♫ Listening and watching other people
♫ Being kind
☢ His human like pain threshold - It means a lot of pain can have him fall to your knees and beg for it stop, being on a collar and leash..
☢ Blood lust - When he frenzies it is only instinct, he becomes stronger and faster but his mind is no longer present, it is either give him watch he wants or knock him out.
✞ Claws
✞ Fangs
✞ His supernatural powers.
Abilities/ Powers:
â™› Fire element -
Pyrokinesis - create, control and manipulate fire, flame and heat
Self-Detonation - explode self and reform.
Hell-Fire Manipulation - Generate and control flames of hell
â™› Acid generation - Ability to generate acid, can be manifested through touch or as a spray (e.g. acid spit, acid blood, etc.).
â™› Bone manipulation - Ability to manipulate the bones in one's own body. This includes, but is not limited to, the generation of new bone mass, projecting bones out from the skin or rearranging one's own bones
â™› Healing factor - Ability to heal rapidly and with greater finality from any injury; the rate of recovery varies from character to character. As result in the halting of aging and immunity to illnesses and other defects
â™› Psychometry - Ability to relate details about the past or future condition of an object or location, usually by being in close contact with it
â™› Resurrection - Can come back to life from any injury
â™› Time warping - He can stop, slow or speed up time, even go to the past, present or future
☢ Blood - Sends him into a frenzy
☢ Holy water/objects - Causes him to burn and his wounds to not heal unless cleaned out
☢ His emotions - Mostly his submissiveness and anger
☢ Low Pain threshold
☢ Regeneration - Takes energy therefore blood
★ Ivanna Klimentovic â˜…
Human Form
Chaos Form

Age: 24, but has lived longer due to her ability to suck the life out of someone through their blood.
Race/being: Mutant Human, from birth she had been used to splice a number of animal DNA strands and so she has many predatory abilities, like a female scorpion can excrete a pheromone to lure them to her. She can't use it right know since she can't get a handle on the dose and ends up killing them instead. 
Gender: Female
Weight: 136Ibs
Height: 5'9
Skin colour: Pale milky tan with a dusting of freckles on her body and a mole on her left shoulder.
Clothing: She wears a latex red short dress with side cuts to make her activities easier to execute. She has black leather heeled, knee length boots that her armoured on the knee and thighs. She wears stocking too. with a holster which are black lace with matching underwear that is high thigh knickers. No bra. She has a black corset with armour in it too that also have places to put her many throwing daggers. She wears a belt to sheath her battle daggers also. She wears a few blank black, brown and white bracelets all over her arms and a black laced choker with a oval pendant on it.
Body appearance: Slender with natural curves. On her top and bottom part more like it with small muscular tones.
Hair colour: Dark brunette
Hair style: Long volumes of curls with a mess sexy look.
Personality: She is a cold calculating person, only because she need to feel she has no connection with the one she prays on to get her daily feed. But surely she is a strong willed person with a gentle nature. She just need to forget that side of her to get her feed, or she will die. She his quick minded to and easily adapts to many situations, thinking out the box.
Equipment: Ten throwing knives, five on each side of her upper body located under her arms and two battle daggers sheathed in her loosely fitted belt.
Main Ability: To suck a person dry of blood, since she needs it. She can do this both from her mouth (Fangs) and her left hand; Her left hand has pinprick sized teeth, made from her every own bone. It can not be retracted but it can not be seen either. These bones once they are placed on the skin of her target they open up, like a microscopic straw and suck out the blood but once it latches on, there is no release less Ivanna wants too or if you pull apart your skin and if there is any arteries then they will split open and bleed like a fountain. 
So if you do this then you have a chance to live, depending on artery damage or if she comes back for more. In her need of blood she can go into a Primal state since she has a hard time controlling it.
Secondary Abilities:
Venom that can daze or kill people, this is done by slits on her wrists opening and revealing stingers, if someone survives this, they have a constant burning effect long after..
Pheromones this can also daze people or weaken them and seduce people, this is used for mating or forcing them down so she can feed off of them.
Regenerative/limb replacement works rather fast and due to her extended life she is practically can't die but anger her and unfortunately she heals at a much slower rate though if she goes into primal her regenerative power is even slower but strength, speed, flexibility is all on her side.
Heightened senses/body functions is practically keen senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and even presence reading. This is the same for her speed, stamina, strength, flexibly and awareness. Though in primal status her awareness is low due to a frenzied state of mind.
Chaos infused bones make her the embodiment of the five main elemental magics though can only use one at a time.

★ Omega Delta â˜…


Omega's Preferred Form



The only things known about this organism is that is it predominantly female due to extensive use of female appearances and sexual organs. Though the other thing known about this organism is that it is a shapeshifter and so can alter its own DNA to desired conditions and specifications making it the perfect being but also the most unknown aside from others within the Multiverse. 
Within the Multiverse she, he or it is a extremely profitable being due to the many forms of disease, cancer, even death defying abilities as being a shapeshifter of it's detailed preformance it can make even the most smartest scientist want for it as think of the possibilities if they had the chance to study it...
The current known appearance of this life form is this...
It, or now she, is extremely pale with red eyes and appears Albino when in fact she or it, is not, it has just altered it's DNA to appear and seem like so. She stands at 6'2 foot and weights only eight stone, unusual for a human's weight naturally but I must stress that this life form is beyond human unless is takes that DNA strand. Due to appearance she looked about 21.
This being acts as harmless though in certain situations it it can alter it's form to have extra limbs and defensive weapons from it's own tissue, spanning from fangs from a wolf to the tail of the most poisonous scorpion. Though surprisingly enough does not take on the defensive weapons as offensive means and a permanent stance. 
Such a curious life form...

★ Alan Faendal White â˜…

Scars, Piercings and/or Tattoos:
Scarring on left side of his body, from neck line to the lower side of his rib cage. Tribal tattoos back from his original home, that being Africa, Namibia on the right side of his face all the way to his left shoulder. He has piercings on his right ear, steel tube cuffs and a stud with a chain dangling from it.
Height: 6'7 foot
Weight: 155 Ibs
Eyes: Golden
Body Type: Healthy and muscular 
Nickname(s): Fae, Faendal
Age: 32
Vampire Type: Homo Wampyrus Chiroptera
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Due to his origin, his appearance sets him apart from others in Las Vegas making quite the....show for this and the fact that he hates crowds he stays away, in the dark somewhere, though he can be, warm, calm, nice. He only gives that to be he choices or that earn his trust. He is a hard person let alone a vampire to read, he is unpredictable, with his temper. He is quiet, or at least chooses to be considering his actions speaking more than speech itself. 
Though most vampires tend to say within their groups and look to the others in disgust he is one for breaking rules or not caring for them, often mixing with other vampire types from himself, perhaps to learn from them? Prey on them? Spy on them? No one knows except him. His unpredictability makes him dangerous apart from the fact that he is a vampire. He is one of the most dangerous in the vampire type Homo Wampyrus Chiroptera.
Dislikes: Crowds, loudness, persistent people, super happy people, whiners.
Likes: Books, Art, tattoos, piercing, pineapple juice.
Present in The South African Border War, commonly referred to as the Angolan Bush War in South Africa, was a conflict that took place from 1966 to 1989 largely in South-West Africa (now Namibia) and Angola between South Africa and its allied forces (mainly UNITA) on the one side and the Angolan government, South-West Africa People's Organisation (SWAPO), and their allies (mainly Cuba) on the other. It was closely intertwined with the Angolan Civil War and the Namibian War of Independence. He was a tribal warrior turned from one of his kind on the second day of this centuries old war.
His origin Namibia where the border war started and he in his new state of life helped win the war, fighting for his home for years........then he appeared on the Las Vegas scene...he has a hard time talking about his long past and often has to be feed alcohol to actually open up about it.

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★ Amrit Serkan Cadfael â˜…


~His full name translates to 'Dead Blood Battle Prince' It is a mixture of Turkish, Welsh and Indian~


Human form


Glamour form


Demon Form



Birth date: Feb 6th


Age: Looks 23, factual age unknown.


Race: Spider Demon


Sub Race: Drow


Eye colour: Deep red orange

- Good/bad eyesight: Needs to blind fold himself of the sun could blind him, call it a de-affect.


Hair: Long dark ash brown.


Weight & height: 6'4 foot, 165 Ibs.


Body type: Slender, toned.


Face shape: Rounded/pointed


Skin type: Smooth, some what unblemished with a silver shimmer to his skin.

- Colour: Pale, dark grey blue.


Distinguishing features: Silver shimmering skin, scar across his heart.

Distinguishing mark: Silver birth marks on his back. Look like brands or tattoos. Can reveal extra arms.


Habits: Holding his sleeves if threatened or nervous, being attracted to people close to death, wishing for it or fascinated with it.


Fears: Someone cutting away one of his many arms despite being able to grow them back. Strangely pain and being blinded by sunlight.


Soft spot for: Animals and Children, cute things believe it or not.

Priorities: His necromancy, his dead and his garden.


Opinion about self: ''I am the incarnation of cruelty and deformity.'' 

- What happened?: He delved into necromancy far too much, being consumed by it.


Hates: Sunlight, pure beings, holy light.

Loves: Insects, reptiles, the dead, corpses.

Talent: Necromancy, healing, illusion, piano.


Manners: Cold, blunt, seems uncaring.

Oddities: Likes to sleep with all his arms revealed....

- Flaws: Temper, his likeness to corpses.

Skills: Marksman, bladesman, herbalist, enchanter.



The Vat of Characters will be updated regularly! 



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Sophus Kekoa Alvar

~Clever Brave Elf~




24 in human years || 204 Elven years




A pale red headed elven man. Pale blue eyes and a scar on his right cheek to show his banishment to other Elves. Of course it is in their mystical language and any that read it with cast him a judgemental, even hateful glare. But on his back is scars not so rash from cuts or whips but of knife as he was marked on the back with his crimes against his own kin. He often wears leather armour (In picture) underneath his robe which is a dark shade of washed out grey blue.


Awfully vague when coming to answer questions about himself and far too proud to admit defeat if one were to pull it out of him. He unlike his kin easily converse with other races but very much fears his own... Often choosing to hide from them rather than face them. Their words harsh and sting every time. Because of his lack of sleep, due to nightmares he always has a lazy attitude to everything and most of all, socializing. But shows great energy in combat, moving like a drunken man but so fluent and confusing most do not expect his attacks that are often more painful than they look. Lets just say he likes to take out his anger on his enemies and being that he is ruthless with them he holds no remorse to the damage he causes in or out of combat. He simply sees himself as a lesser being because of his banishment. It is easy to tell, he is far too hard to himself.


Young in appearance but old in mind. He climbed from poverty to riches within his early years, blood, sweat and tears. He was very personable and easy to get along with, suppose that is what got him to his goals faster than others. He spent more time studying magic and Elven law, than exploring, making him more knowledgeable in the wielding of magic, much more than most though possible from an Elf, who was not of pure family lines.


That is, until he was tasked to protecting the egg from the darkness outside from their city gates. He knew so much of dragons even anatomy, he was proud to be given the responsibility... If only he didn't take the job, maybe he would still be amongst his people... A elf, a friend of his or more in detail his lover was on guard duty with him. They had been together for a decade or two so it came to him as a shock to see him so... broken... mindless... dead. He soon found out that it was not only him effected with the tainted mind of the queen and he had to make a decision... One he still does not regret but still hurts years later. He in order to protect the egg killed all four other guards and teleported elsewhere with the egg, he hid it somewhere in a rush before teleporting back to the sight of the Elder elves to see his crimes...


He did not fight, nor did he scream or cry as days of torture and ritual of banishment was placed on him, scarred for eternity.. He would be barred from his home by invisible forces at their gates. But the torture and banishment took a toll on his mind, stripping him of his honour and pride and his memory of the egg he hid...


He was thrown out with little but the clothing they gave and a survival back pack. He took to living in the forest for a time before humans found him, skin and bone... delirious. 


And this is where his story begins, when he is back in health, just...


~Soul Sorcery~

The form of magic they counts physical energy to preform. The more effective use of it is elemental magic

~Mind Sorcery~

The form of magic that relies on one's will power and focus. This is more suited to more darker magic, like mind control or glamour (Morphing ones self into the image of another, it is easier to make a new person than a existing one due to the blank slate of knowledge to create them.) This is more exhausting of the mind, but he in his times of struggle seems to be more intuned to it than other elves. This form of magic is shunned from Elves due to its destructive intent like poisoning others, sapping them of energy and knowledge to better a spell in Soul and Mind magic but of course bleeding out weakens him and it weakens his immune system to sickness. He uses it only when a last option. 


~More to come about Abilities and Bio in time~

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