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Let's play a game that's hidden in plain sight. Let's play a game where the best will stay hidden and the worst will get known. Let's play a game where nobody knows you are playing it and everyone has their own goals. Let's play a game that might not even really be a game. Let's play a game where suspicious behavior is both rewarded and punished.

Let's play Surreality: the underground game.

This isn't a signup thread, this isn't the opening of the game and if you want to play this game, I would advice against posting in this topic.

Enough with the mystery, let's get down to business.

The underground game is an idea I just had for a game where (ideally) nobody knows who is playing, while the game is played out both throughout the whole forum and in real life.


Each participant will get various quests, these can range from short and easy stuff to freakishly hard quests. Some quest will be unique to a person, others will be shared. Each completed quest will award the participant with an amount of points scaled to the difficulty of the quest.


However, each quest must be completed without revealing you are playing the game, for being called out by an other participant will actually cost you points (equal to the reward of original quest). While the participant who called you out will gain points (double the reward of the original quest). Calling out can be done by sending a pm to me with a screencap of evidence and a description.




Participant A has to quest to find out what the height is of S*T member X (who may or may not be part of the underground game), for a reward of 20 points. To do this he/she creates a topic called "Who is the tallest member Surreality?" and asks people to post their height. Participant B also has this quest, he/she notices the topic and sends me a PM with a screencap of the topic and says "I think *insert name of particpant A here* is playing the underground game and has a quest to uncover the height of member X". Now Participant A will get -20 points and Participant B will get +40.


However if Participant A does not have this quest he/she will get 5 points while Participant B will lose 5 (amount of points may scale as game progresses). If Participant B accuses someone of playing the underground game while they are not, he/she will just lose 5 points. In either case no hints will be given as to whether the person they accused is playing the underground game.


End of example




Each participant will also get an alias, it's very important to keep your own alias hidden, for a second way to gain points by knowing who plays the underground game, is by sending their name and alias to me ("I think that *name of participant A* is brown potato"). If you are correct in this you will get 10% of points the participant's future gain (without Participant A losing any income). However these gains won't trickle down.





Participant A is Brown potato

Participant B is Green pineapple

Participant C is Orange orange


Participant C knows Participant B is Green pineapple (and has revealed this to me) and Participant B knows A is Brown potato. Participant A completes a quest worth 100 points. Participant B completes a quest worth 40 points. Participant C is lazy and doesn't complete any quest.


A would get 100 points.

B would get 50 points (40 for quest, 10 from A's quest).

C would get 4 points (from B's quest).


End example




Wrongly matching alias to participant or matching an alias to someone who doesn't play the underground game will give you a point deduction of 100 points (may change).


Whenever enough points have been awarded/lost I'll update the scoreboard. This way you could try to figure out which alias is which member.

Any points gained can be denied by a player, for example if participant B is trying to be cheeky and falsely accuses Participant A a billion times to find out who gets 5 billion points, Participant A can deny these points and leave Participant B with just a load of lost points.


Now I understand that all this might be a bit confusing, but the gist of it is: complete quests, don't get caught, keep an lookout for anyone doing suspicious stuff.


NYAQ (Not Yet Asked Questions)

Q. How long until the sign up closes?

A. Never, you can sign up and join any time you like, some members may get a head start but sign up never closes.


Q. When does the game start?

A. You will know when it does, I'm currently still tweaking what quests I could give you guys, but I'm planning to start very quickly.


Q. When does the game end?

A. No set time, if too much participants have been matched up or the game has been running for long enough I'll stop it. I'll give you enough time in advance to complete any quest you have left though.


Q.  What is the deadline for quests?

A. None, you can decide to do a quest right away as you get it, you can choose to ignore it completely or you can choose to do it days, weeks, months (maybe years, who knows) later.


Q. What means can I use to complete quests?

A. Short of anything breaking any rules of the forum or laws just about anything. Feel free to get as creative and sneaky as possible.


Q. How can I contact you?

A. Either through PM or through the email address: surrealityunderground@outlook.com


Q. I have more questions!

A. That is not a question! But feel free to send me a PM or email.


Some rules:

- You can join through sending me a PM or by sending an email to surrealityunderground@outlook.com (in case my PM box gets spammed)
- You are not allowed/supposed to say you are playing the underground game or ask others if they are playing it. The game is most fun if you don't know who is playing.

- To prevent Ack! from killing me: All quests must be completed with your main (and only I hope) account with which you signed up. So no creating extra accounts and completing quests with that.

- Don't spam, harass, black mail or kill any other participant.

- Don't spam, harass, black mail or kill me.




So yeah, don't say you're joining (or even show any sign of interest) in this topic as it will reveal you as a participant and every post you make will get completely picked apart for possible quests. Any feedback can be send to my pm or email.


This topic will be used to update the scoreboard. Besides that, the game should be hidden from plain sight and be played fully underground.


Ps. Did I already say that you could PM and email me?

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Some people may or may not have joined, yet more people that can join only increases the fun.


I now understand that creating a topic in which I tell people not to post is kinda silly if I want loads of people to read it... but yeah, I hope that this is a sneaky enough bump to not get me killed/banned.

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