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Our world, Lumia, is deeply interwoven with ancient magic. All beings are touched by magic, to one degree or another, but none more so than the Dragons. The Dragons were as ancient and powerful as the world itself, chaos incarnate, answering to nothing and no-one. They lived undisturbed for millennia until they first came into contact with the civilised races of Lumia. Elves, Dwarves and Humans. 


The three races could no more tolerate the Dragons than the Dragons could accept their presence and so a great war began that lasted decades and pushed the races of Elf, Dwarf and Dragon close to extinction. Realising their folly, the Elves finally brokered a peace with the Dragons. This act enraged the Dwarves, who though just as responsible for as many terrible acts during the war (which later became known as 'The Shattering') as the Dragons, could not accept this peace. They broke their ties with the Elves, and retreated into their mountains.

However, Dragons are creatures of powerful, primal magic and could not be bound by words on paper. So the Elves summoned their most powerful sorcerers and devised a spell that would bind Humans and Elves to the Dragons and vice-versa. With the technique of the Elves and the strength of the dragons, they created the first of the Dragon Riders. The Riders would be guardians and champions to the civilised races. Beacons of hope in a world often touched by terrible evil. The first and last line of defence against the dark. But though the Riders flourished for a time in their new home, the floating city in the sky, Caelum, it was not to last. 


150 years ago, a sorceress appeared, calling herself Aedra. Using dark magic she killed Erestor Galion, rightful King to the Human race, then took his place as their ruler. Knowing the Riders would attempt to stop her, she took a group of human children and created the first of the Infurus. Hunters forged by monster blood and dark magic, created with the sole purpose of destroying the Riders. Led by Aedra and the Infurus, the Sorcerer Queen brought her armies to the city of Caelum and waged war upon the Riders. Though they were powerful, the combined might of Aedra's armies and her own sorcery eventually destroyed the last of the Riders. Thinking the Riders and their Dragons were extinct, Aedra returned to her throne and for 150 years she has ruled with an iron fist. With no Riders left to hunt, the Infurus were turned to monster hunting and though a peace existed in Lumia, it was one born of fear and oppression. But now, after a century and a half of tyranny under Aedra's rule, in which humankind has suffered the assault of monsters, poverty, disease and all manner of evil... there is a change in the winds of fate. A single Dragon egg survived, and with it, hope.





So that's the backstory for the most part guys, i've been working on putting together for a little while now. Just using this as a place to hold various information, character sheets and terms, and so that if we need to put any extra information down we can store it somewhere safe for quick reference. I'll include a glossary of important terms just below and i'll provide my character sheets as well. Once you're both happy with your characters and the profiles are up, i'll get this going. I'm hoping for a post (or more) a week from everyone, and I know life takes priority but hopefully we can move this along at a decent and reliable pace.   :3






Humans are the youngest of the civilised races. When the Elves and Dwarves held the largest territories in Lumia, humankind were little more than tribal nomads. However, in time they grew, and no longer halted by the power of the Elves and Dwarves, they quickly rose to power, becoming the most common race in all of Lumia. Their overall technology and lifestyle is at a basic medieval level, and few are gifted in the knowledge or use of magic.



The Elves were once much like Humans, but they were the most deeply affected by their bonding with the Dragons. It was through this act that they gained immortality and became physically superior to Humans. They became creatures of magic, yet they still had their faults. The Elves in truth had always been vain and so over time they changed how they appeared using magic, and so became known as the 'fair folk', a name well-earned. They are skilled in many things and magic shows itself in everything they do but while they greatly value life, they can be arrogant and fickle. Because they share the same lengthy lifespans as the Dragons, they have layer after layer of social etiquette designed to reduce the likelihood of conflict with one another, as a grudge could otherwise be held for millennia.



Dwarves are bearded, hardy and short in stature but built like stone. Their strength exceeds that of humans, as does their craftsmanship in all areas. They are a religious and superstitious people, with a clan-based hierarchy. Ruled over by a King that is voted in by the agreement of the leaders of the 13 clans. They are fierce warriors capable of matching the Infurus in physical combat but tend to have a poor grasp of (and dislike of) magic.



Dragons used to be wild beasts, who though intelligent cared little for the civilised world. They would burn, eat, kill and do as they pleased without challenge. When they became linked to the Riders however, as much as the Elves changed, so did they. They grew to be more self-aware and gained a greater self-discipline, losing a little of their more savage nature (though they would say they lost none of their ferocity, and they would be right). They also gained an understanding of speech, for although they cannot physically speak due to the shapes of their mouths they are able to share their thoughts with their Rider. They are as varied and unique as any individual and can just as easily be guilty of a mistake, but are wise beyond measure in magic and arguably, in life.



A Dragon will only hatch when their egg is touched by the one whom they know to be their Rider. They will wait for an eternity for that to come (if ever), and so it is the highest of honours to become one. In joining with a Dragon, the Rider becomes linked to their Dragon - body, mind and soul, and over time this connection strengthens to the point that should one die, so would the other. If an Elf were to become a Rider, their magic would of course be increased in power and depth, but it is in Humans that the greatest change occurs. As Elves were the ones to create the spell that bound the races together, if a Human becomes a Rider, over time they begin a gradual change that culminates in something called the 'Awyé', lit. 'Rebirth'.



The term given to the experience of when a Human Rider's gradual transformation culminates in their complete rebirth as an Elf. The initial change is minor, generally most tend to get slight points in their ears and lose any facial/body hair they might have with the exception of the hair on their head which begins to turn silver. Once the Awyé has passed, however, they are completely changed. Their hair has turned entirely silver, they are slightly taller and slimmer, and gain the physical advantages of the Elvish race. It is considered a time of great celebration for the Elves, but also a time in which the Rider is particularly vulnerable to attack.



The first of the Infurus were children of Aedra's soldiers. Their parents told only that they would be Aedra's elite guard, and would live in luxury - the truth was far darker. Aedra communed with evil spirits and tortured the children with endless experiments, killing hundreds until she found the right balance between dark magic and the infusing of monster blood. What she created was an abomination, yet served her wishes perfectly. They were not bound by the ancient language when using their dark magic, and so could use it freely without ever speaking a word. Their strength, speed and reflexes were heightened greatly and they were trained extensively in all forms of combat. They were pivotal in the destruction of the Dragon Riders, but when the last one was slain, they were reduced to monster hunters. 150 years have passed since the atrocities committed by their predecessors, and yet because of those actions and the manner in which they are created, they are still hated and feared by the community in spite of protecting them. Many Infurus in recent times became such because they had no other choice, they are not necessarily evil, though many are still loyal to the Sorcerer Queen. It is rumoured that if an Infurus uses too much of their power, they will become an abomination, more monster than human and forget who they once were - killing and feeding indiscriminately, whether friend, family or foe.



Magic exists in all things, and though it is a mysterious force that we learn more about every day - it does have it's rules. Rules that all creatures must abide by unless they seek to use dark magic closer to that of wraiths and spirits than of living beings. Magic requires three things; the first is an understanding of the ancient language, as the words of the ancient language literally are the thing in question. To say 'up' in the ancient language, with the intention of levitating something, will do just that. The second is the energy in which to use magic, as all magic requires energy from the caster and that leads into the third thing - The skill and natural energy reserves with which to use magic. As you activate a spell, it will begin to draw on your strength in equal measure to the strength it would require to do by hand. So if you used magic to lift a bail of hay, it would drain the same amount of energy from you as if you had done so physically, thus you must never overestimate your power, or you could end up weakened, unconscious or even dead. Additionally one must not deal in absolutes with magic. You should not say 'break' with the intent to break a metal bar, because then you can only succeed or die, as the spell will not allow you to withdraw from the attempt. It will drain you until you either succeed, or die. You should say something to the effect of, 'attempt to bend' so that should you be unable to affect that change, you can withdraw.


Sorcerers are rare, even amongst the Elves who as a race have a strong understanding of magic. Though it can be argued that anyone with the right knowledge can use magic, there are only a gifted few who can become a Sorcerer/ess. Much like the Infurus, the prospective candidate must be taken as a young child in order to maximize their abilities. But although many believe Sorcerers to be evil (likely a direct result of Queen Aedra), Sorcerers are people like any others. They spend their lives devoted to magic with the exclusion of most other subjects, and although many have been pressed into service for the Queen, there are still plenty who remain neutral, choosing neither to align themselves with her, or directly oppose her.



Monsters have been around for as long as there has been life on Lumia. They come in all shapes and sizes, from a mild nuisance to a plague that wipes out a village's livestock to a deadly creature intent on killing and/or devouring all life. We are unsure where monsters come from, but it is assumed that they are as linked to magic as all other creatures, possibly more so in some cases. Though many different monsters exist, one in particular is worth noting...



The Vicious as they are known by Humans, 'Kuldern' as the Dwarves call them, meaning 'Fleshling', or 'Maegwin' as the Elves know them, meaning 'Without Conscience'. Vicious are creatures that stand around 7ft in height, with rippling muscles beneath taught leathery dark brown skin. Their faces are grotesque and hairless, with mouths full of sharp fangs and snake-like eyes. They are intelligent enough to speak and are self-aware but are mostly driven by their instinct to feed - and they are never sated. They will feed on animals if they must, but will most commonly try to eat sentient beings. Once consumed, a Vicious can shapeshift into their prey's form, even assuming the person's memories and emotions until the time they decide to pounce. They are incredibly fast and strong and are worth mentioning for one primary reason - it is the Vicious' blood that Aedra infused into Humans to help create the Infurus. The Vicious are effectively flesh vampires, feeding on the blood and innards of their prey in order to sustain themselves, and the more they feed the stronger they become.



The name that was eventually given to the war that brought the world to the brink of destruction, that almost made the Elves, Dwarves and Dragons extinct and destroyed many furtile, beautiful lands. Hundreds of thousands died, and terrible acts of cruelty were performed by all those involved. There were no champions, no villains to be defeated, there was no victory to be had in the ending of the Shattering, only a numbing reminder of what all beings were capable of. Some believe that the name came from the divide it created between the races, others believe that it was the near-extinction of multiple races, and yet others believe that it was the splitting in two of Sheá mountain - the largest peak of the Cailan mountain range on which one of the final battles were fought between the Elf Sorcerer Míriel and a white-scaled Dragon the Elves named 'Edrahael' or 'Snowscale'. All of these theories hold credence and it is likely any one of them or all are, in part, true.





Name: Aeran (Pronounced Air-en)
Age: 17
Race: Human
Appearance: Average height, around 5'10'' and slim with little definition to his muscles. He has short, messy black hair, hazel eyes and sun-tanned skin. He tends to dress in simple clothing, a white long-sleeved top and dark brown trousers, but wears a dark brown leather jerkin over the top, with a pair of sturdy boots.
Personality: A typical youth. He is impatient, stubborn, rebellious and difficult to deal with at the best of times. He can have a foul temper when the mood takes him. He can be naive at times, and sometimes downright stupid, but despite his faults he is an honest person, both brave and loyal. He can be intelligent and extremely resourceful, but is sometimes blinded by his lack of patience, making him rush into a bad situation.
Bio: Aeran grew up in a small village called Wayford, a few miles south of a larger port town called Northhaven, his father had died of pneumonia when he was a young child, leaving his mother to care for him alone. She worked by doing whatever the townsfolk needed, from cleaning to sewing, while Aeran would go hunting in the surrounding forest. He has had a peaceful and relatively uneventful life, aside from his pursuit of a girl in town called Fey which he sometimes liked to think that one day he could wed and then have children of his own before he got too old. Though he had what many would consider a hard life, he was not unhappy. As he grew up having to work and hunt to support himself and his mother, he never had the time to attend school and so was unable to read, and knew little of the world aside from what he'd heard in stories at the local tavern.
Abilities: Relatively unskilled at the start of the story, Aeran is a decent shot with a bow and arrow, but pales in comparison to even the most minimally trained soldier, and would look ridiculous next to say, an Infurus or Elf.
Name: Náriel (Elvish for 'Silver')
Race: Dragon
Appearance: A lithe, young Dragon with bright silvery scales, sharp, curved talons and dark, piercingly intelligent eyes.
Personality: Unlike Aeran, Náriel is a patient, wise, young dragon. She can make mistakes, like anyone, but she is generally the more sound of the two in making the smartest decision. She is extremely protective of her rider, and it is one of the few things that causes her temper to flare. She has a biting wit, and carries a noble, authoritative tone to the way she converses with Aeran. She is similar to Aeran in being incredibly stubborn. Her strength and bravery are unmatched, despite her youth.

Elvish Dictionary
Attempt: Eta
Away: Alva
Fire: Ignís
Heat: Klaera
Travel great distance instantly: Taela oro gala lessitae

Wall of Ice: Waes va illia

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Name: Solstice
Age: 27
Race: Infurus
Appearance: Her body is that of someone who knows combat, her arms flex with muscle, her stomach hard enough to cause just as much pain if not more to an individual should they try to strike her. Her hair is as red as blood and hangs down in messy waves to her hips, she keeps the mass of hair to help hide her less than human features. She would have been a beautiful woman, gorgeous even, her bone structure perfect, high cheek bones, wide almond eyes, a small perky nose, her curves modest but they fit her powerful body; she carries herself on strong, curvy thighs and muscled calves. She was the epitome of beauty; save for the fact that she was Infurus, and not just in power, the traits of a Vicious had bled through to her when she’d been transformed. Over her left eye was a black jagged horn jutting out two or three inches from her skull, it looked incomplete, like it hadn’t fully grown out, the skin around it was dark almost black and seemed to have a bit of roughness to it like lizard’s flesh. This rough, leathery skin traveled down over her eyebrow and partly around her eye, the left eye itself was yellow and slited like the Vicious’ were, the other a shining crystal blue, what her eyes had been at birth. Her right hand held a similar issue, from her elbow down it began to deform, the same dark, rough skin coating all the way down to her finger tips which were each pointed with deadly, black talons. She always wears gloves to hide her hand, and a cloak to shroud most of her face, pulling the bright red hair over her left eye to hide anything the cloak could not.
Personality: Solstice is what one would consider a bitch, like the primal definition of bitch; she’s crude and angry all the time. The only thing sweet that ever comes from her lips is when she’s wishing someone well while shoving her blade through their neck. She has no sense of humor beyond a morbid laugh for the monsters she maims and a deranged sense of joking when it comes to her own predicament. No one would ever put ‘love’ or ‘friendly’ or ‘kind’ in a sentence with her name in it, of course, most people don’t socialize with the Infurus anyway.
Bio: Solstice had a relatively normal upbringing, she lived on the outskirts of the capital, her parents owned a massive chunk of land and she spent her days helping to tend the crops. She had loved the outside and she loved working with nature and found great pride in helping to raise Lumia’s gifts. She had a handful of friends from surrounding farms they all varied greatly in age, Solstice somewhere in the middle so she had fun playing with any of them. Solstice had been ignorant to the cruel Queen Aedra that ruled over them, but her parents had not been, so when the time came that Aedra demanded the eldest child of each family Solstice's family hide her away, denied her existence, but it was just a matter of time.
Aedra was a cruel woman and seemed particularly amused that Solstice's parents had tried to deny her demands, so she punished them, but making them watch as Solstice was mutated. She was pumped full with the dark magic and forced to swallow cup after cup of blood. Solstice had cried through the entire ordeal, she’d been only six years old at the time, younger than any other human turned Infurus perhaps that’s why the Vicious’ blood and dark magic had had such a strong effect on her. She doesn’t know what became of her parents after that; she’d been forced into a concentration camp of sorts where she was trained brutally. They demanded more of her body than she ever thought she had but the Vicious blood in her made her strong, faster, and they pushed her to her limits and when she met them they would make her break them to find new ones, each step growing stronger and more deadly, before long she had grown numb to life and to her childhood, she lived as a slave to training, to bettering herself and then one day they just let her out. Well, to say they just ‘let her out’ is inaccurate, she was no longer holed up in that encampment, but now she was a guard of Queen Aedra among dozens of others who had survived the transformation. Among them all she seemed to be the strangest, no one else seemed to show outward signs of the their new race, the all look for most parts human, of course their abnormal strength and speed would give them away eventually.
Without the dragon threat they were stationed throughout Lumia as hands and eyes of Aedra, people looked at them with fear even though for the most part all they ever did was keep the monsters from overriding villages. Most of them were still human in personality and attitude even if they were a little colder and harder, they were still essentially people.
Abilities: As Infurus she has superior strength, speed, and senses, because she was trained by the ruthless Aedra she can handle just about any weapon placed in her hands, she can even make use of random items. She also has a rather deadly grasp on the dark magicks of the Vicious, more so than the other Infurus trained in the same regiment as her, likely because of how early she’d been mutated. 
Okay, I think that's about it. ^^

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Perfect! Just get an age down and whatnot and you're good to go, all we need is BlackZodiac's sheet and I can stick this up.

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Sophus Kekoa Alvar

~Clever Brave Elf~




24 in human years || 204 Elven years




A pale red headed elven man. Pale blue eyes and a scar on his right cheek to show his banishment to other Elves. Of course it is in their mystical language and any that read it with cast him a judgemental, even hateful glare. But on his back is scars not so rash from cuts or whips but of knife as he was marked on the back with his crimes against his own kin. He often wears leather armour (In picture) underneath his robe which is a dark shade of washed out grey blue.


Awfully vague when coming to answer questions about himself and far too proud to admit defeat if one were to pull it out of him. He unlike his kin easily converse with other races but very much fears his own... Often choosing to hide from them rather than face them. Their words harsh and sting every time. Because of his lack of sleep, due to nightmares he always has a lazy attitude to everything and most of all, socializing. But shows great energy in combat, moving like a drunken man but so fluent and confusing most do not expect his attacks that are often more painful than they look. Lets just say he likes to take out his anger on his enemies and being that he is ruthless with them he holds no remorse to the damage he causes in or out of combat. He simply sees himself as a lesser being because of his banishment. It is easy to tell, he is far too hard to himself.


Young in appearance but old in mind. He climbed from poverty to riches within his early years, blood, sweat and tears. He was very personable and easy to get along with, suppose that is what got him to his goals faster than others. He spent more time studying magic and Elven law, than exploring, making him more knowledgeable in the wielding of magic, much more than most though possible from an Elf, who was not of pure family lines.


That is, until he was tasked to protecting the egg from the darkness outside from their city gates. He knew so much of dragons even anatomy, he was proud to be given the responsibility... If only he didn't take the job, maybe he would still be amongst his people... A elf, a friend of his or more in detail his lover was on guard duty with him. They had been together for a decade or two so it came to him as a shock to see him so... broken... mindless... dead. He soon found out that it was not only him effected with the tainted mind of the queen and he had to make a decision... One he still does not regret but still hurts years later. He in order to protect the egg killed all four other guards and teleported elsewhere with the egg, he hid it somewhere in a rush before teleporting back to the sight of the Elder elves to see his crimes...


He did not fight, nor did he scream or cry as days of torture and ritual of banishment was placed on him, scarred for eternity.. He would be barred from his home by invisible forces at their gates. But the torture and banishment took a toll on his mind, stripping him of his honour and pride and his memory of the egg he hid...


He was thrown out with little but the clothing they gave and a survival back pack. He took to living in the forest for a time before humans found him, skin and bone... delirious. 


And this is where his story begins, when he is back in health, just...


~Soul Sorcery~

The form of magic they counts physical energy to preform. The more effective use of it is elemental magic

~Mind Sorcery~

The form of magic that relies on one's will power and focus. This is more suited to more darker magic, like mind control or glamour (Morphing ones self into the image of another, it is easier to make a new person than a existing one due to the blank slate of knowledge to create them.) This is more exhausting of the mind, but he in his times of struggle seems to be more intuned to it than other elves. This form of magic is shunned from Elves due to its destructive intent like poisoning others, sapping them of energy and knowledge to better a spell in Soul and Mind magic but of course bleeding out weakens him and it weakens his immune system to sickness. He uses it only when a last option. 


~More to come about Abilities and Bio in time~

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