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Flowers of Telperion

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For my reference:






Name: Amanda

Forum Username: Meldream Telperion
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Human. Or shiny silver tree? But really, human.
Appearance: Black hair, short (chin-length). Brown eyes. Glasses, except when wearing contacts. Height of 5'6". Fit, but by no means athletic. Generally neutral expression.
Outfit: Khaki cargo pants with lots of pockets. Black tank top. Dark green jacket with lots of pockets. Indigo hiking boots. Green hooded cloak with (you guessed it) lots of pockets.
Subject to change upon level up.
Class: Tropemaster (Main), Loresnax (Secondary), Treeshifter (Tertiary; subtype Shiny)
Skill Progression:
- Base Skills:
 I start out with three base skills, each from one of my three classes.
- Main: My main class will give me one active skill every even level, one passive/buff/debuff skill every odd level, and at every level that is a multiple of four, I get a super awesome dice ability.
- Secondary: My secondary class will give me alternating passive and active skills every multiple of three, starting with an active skill at level 3.
- Tertiary: My tertiary class allows me to start out with the ability to turn into a shiny silver tree that is vulnerable to darkness attacks and malignant light-eating spiders. It's pretty dumb.
Level 0:
Can't Look Away [main active] Ensnares one + level opponent(s), as if they can't...stop...clicking...links.
I Can Sleep Anywhere [secondary passive] Except maybe on spikes or while on fire.
Turn into a Shiny Silver Tree [tertiary dumb] What it says on the tin.


Level 1:

Genre Savvy [main passive] Provides an uncanny awareness as to what one should do in whatever genre in which one finds oneself. Usually. "I know where this is going. But wait...which character am I?"


- Level 2:

1d4 [main active] Activate one of four effects. (1) Spider Climb, (2) Glitterdust, (3) Invisibility, (4) Shield.


Level 3:

Plot Armor [main passive] Guaranteeing you won't fall to a faceless mook! But be careful if you're marked for death or something.

Somnolence [secondary active] You can produce somnolence particles, which induce sleep in everyone around you. Range and power of effect increases with level.


Level 4:

Wall of Text [main active] Crush them with your lack of paragraph breaks!

Improbable Weapon: Dice Bag [special] Add the Elemental 1d6 to your arsenal, and now you need a fancy dice bag to hold your dice!


Level 5:

Pants of Holding [main passive] Or are you just happy to see me?


Level 6:

Functional 1d6 [main active] The Elemental 1d6 decides what you use, the Functional 1d6 decides how you'll use it.

Strange Dreams [secondary passive] Sometimes your rest is uneasy, but you can still sleep through it.


Level 7:

Menu Time Lockout [main passive] Finally get some breathing room when you want to peruse the help files.


Level 8:

Chekhov's Gun [main active] Only usable if it was first seen on the mantlepiece at least two posts prior to use.

1d8 [special] The Summoning die.


Level 9:

Improbable Aiming Skills [main passive] Pinpoint accuracy with any throwing weapon.

Nightmare [secondary active] Bring forth their worst nightmare. Only works if you are both asleep.


Level 10:

Out-of-Genre Experience [main active] Quick! Distract that monster by making it the patient in a medical drama!


Level 11:

Hammerspace Hideaway [main passive] But not in your pockets. That might be weird.


Level 12:

Transformation Trinket [main] It changes into something even more unlikely every time you use it.

Lucidity [secondary passive] A greater degree of control over your own dreams.

Rule of Index 1d14 [special] Randomly pick one rule and see it through.


Level 13:

Dice Combo Potential [main passive] Mix and match any two dice.


Level 14:

Fandumb [main active] Do not use these dark powers too often, lest they use you.


Level 15:

Tricked-Out Shoes [main passive] A utility cosmetic aid.

Dream Eater [secondary active] Sweet dreams are made of these. They also happen to have healing effects.


Level 16:

Summon Idiot Ball [main active] And hope you're not rendered so stupid you forget to give it to your opponent.

1d20 [special] Use it for most checks.


Level 17:

[main passive] tbd...


Level 18:

MacGyvering [main active] Finally, a use for everything you ever carried in your pockets.

Sleep of the Dead [secondary passive] Nothing can wake you until you're good and ready to be woken.


Level 19:

Million to One Chance [main passive] Getting what you need just when you need it. Applies to all dice rolls.


Level 20:

No Fourth Wall [main active] Now you can talk directly to your author, all the time.

Trope-tan Cosplay [special] It's not the best cosplay, but it's pretty convincing. At least enough to get the ability to Rewrite Reality and use Bottomless Magazines.


Hidden Rule: Until level 13, cannot roll different dice together (i.e. 1d6 and 1d8 together are an illegal play).

PGI Rule: PGI contains no information about what each die side does, though symbols are drawn on the dice as indicators.

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