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Private RP between myself and Skielights. Just a place for holding a little lore, profiles and notes/discussion when needed. Rated 'NC-17' for violence, dark themes, etc.





Though vampires are technically dead (at least by modern science's definition), they can still suffer mortal wounds like piercing of the heart or beheading. They are not inherently evil, just like humans, they are capable of both good and evil, but are usually a mixture of both, defined by their actions. Most vampires do not drink from the neck, but cut a vein of a victim with their steel-hard claws, drinking small amounts of blood from the vein, and then healing it with their saliva. They still have fangs but tend to use their claws to prevent serious injury.
When vampires get to a certain age (dependant on the individual) they go through a change where they become capable of attaching to any surface weightlessly, float and can even fly. It is considered to be when a person has become a true vampire, like a coming of age.
Vampires are not affected by garlic or holy symbols, but are severely allergic to silver, sunlight, and when they are half-vampires or to a lesser degree, as younger vampires, they are intolerant of extreme or sudden changes in temperature as their bodies are undergoing a severe change from hot-blooded, to cold-blooded; effectively dying over a very long period of time.
Fresh human blood is the most nutritious for vampires, but they can feed on preserved human blood or the blood of certain animals when necessary, though these are far less effective than fresh human blood and cannot sustain them forever.
Vampires cannot reproduce; further vampires are created by blood-to-blood contact with humans, traditionally through the fingertips, but if any creature, human or animal, were to orally ingest vampire blood, it would be driven into a murderous frenzy and then die (similar to rabies).
Though vampires are immortal, half-vampires continue to age, albeit at 1/10th the rate that humans age at, making it possible for a half-vampire to live, theoretically for over 1,000 years. However, once turned into a half-vampire, the change to a full vampire, though gradual, is inevitable. It happens either through a second infusion of blood from their maker, or from the eventual passage of time. 
Vampires are stronger, tougher, and fitter than humans, and can run at a very high speed faster than the human eye can follow, a process called 'flickering'. It is something that has to be taught to new half-vampires, unlike their other abilities that naturally grow over time and through use.
A vampire's senses are all superhuman, though their eyesight is most prominent. Their bones, fingernails, and teeth are stronger than those of humans which allows them to endure incredible amounts of physical trauma, are resistant to most chemicals and diseases, and heal quickly. Their breath renders a human unconscious, so that they can feed on them without resistance.
They are able to telepathically communicate with other vampires and humans, and can locate vampires and humans whose thought patterns they have learned to recognize (however this is only achievable by older vampires). 
Vampires cannot de-materialize into a mist, nor can they transform into bats, rats, or dogs/wolves. But these animals are friendly to vampires. However, cats hate them and the blood of snakes and cats are poisonous to them.
Vampire society is ruled by honour, personal pride, and tradition. They have a strict hierarchy with higher ranking vampires having absolute rule over lower ranking ones, though they exercise their powers in moderation and are respectful of those beneath them. Above normal vampires, are vampire Generals who watch over the regular population to make sure they are following their laws. Above Generals, there are the vampire Princes. The Princes are instated by a vote taken by the current Generals, and are responsible for almost every important decision in vampire society. There are never more or less than three vampire Princes.
There are fewer female vampires than male ones. Vampire matings last only ten or fifteen years with the couple then choosing to re-mate or go their separate ways. Vampires live old-fashioned lives: few vampires understand modern pop culture, technology, etc.
They believe that the souls of good vampires are reborn as wolves in the eternal nights of a distant world called Paradise, while evil vampire souls remain bound to the Earth for eternity. They do have a God - or rather a Goddess, named Larentia. She eventually became one of the many Gods that the Romans stole and adopted as their own, much like they did with the pantheon of Greek gods.
Vampires believe they are descended from wolves, just as humans are believed to have evolved from primates. Wolves are held as the cousins of vampires. Wolves like vampires, especially since they have a scent that means no harm to them.

Name: Noah White
Age: 17
Appearance: Standing at around 5'9'', with a slim athletic build. Medium-length jet black hair, long at the front but shorter at the back. Bright blue eyes and slightly sun-tanned skin. He has a handsome, angular face. He likes to dress in black, and tends to dress with comfort in mind, though he still likes to look good.
Personality: Curious, adventurous and more than a little hot-headed. Noah likes to push boundaries, and tends to get himself and those around him in trouble more often than not. He can be loud, obnoxious and strong-willed, always choosing to do things his own way whenever possible. He has a tendency to dive into situations without considering it, and has a sharp tongue. One of his worst flaws however, is his vanity. Despite all this, he can be witty and observant. He finds joy in everything he does, and is a fiercely loyal friend.
Bio: Son to Jason and Eleanor White, Noah has had a fairly normal, suburban life. He had a happy childhood, with loving parents and a 14-year-old younger brother called Owen, who though they fought at times, were still close. He was not the most gifted of academic students, but he applied himself and still did well. However, he was a born athlete and took part in many sports and events. He was known as the school's soccer star and was equally gifted in gymnastics. As a result of this and his out-going personality, he quickly became extremely popular and had a great many friends, but none were closer than 'placeholder  :3'. They were inseparable, and though they came from wildly different backgrounds, he considered her his best friend. Life was simple for Noah, it was great, but one simple mistake would lead him down a path that he could never have imagined. A path that would test him physically, emotionally, and open his eyes to a world beyond his own.
Name: John Matthews
Age: Appears around 35-years-old (Born 1750 - Actual age 264)
Appearance: 6'2'' with pale skin, and strong handsome features, marred by two scars that cross his face. One slices horizontally through the bridge of his nose, and under his eyes, while the other cuts vertically down from his forehead, through his blind, milky white left eye and down his cheek, meeting and passing down through his other scar. His right eye is healthy, and a bright emerald green. He has long, black hair swept back like a lion's thick mane and tends to dress in out-dated clothing that you might imagine a Victorian gentleman might wear.
Personality: John has a sense of mystery about him, everything about him is somewhat strange and alien. He has a certain aloofness to him and speaks (in spite of his accent) in a noble, polite and well-spoken manner. He is slow to anger, patient and extremely witty. Despite his apparent physical youth, his eyes betray his age, carrying a sense of wisdom and weariness in them.
Bio: Born in 1750, in Boston, Massachusetts. When revolution broke out and the American War of Independence began he joined the army and fought in several battles against the British until the Battle of Bunker Hill, where he sustained a fatal bullet wound. He spent two days slowly dying from the infection until one night a man came to his bedside who explained that he was a vampire, and that he could save his life. He accepted the man's offer, who he later came to know as Leon Redwood, his maker. He moved down to Jackson, Mississippi during it's early formation. When the American Civil War began, he fought for the south. Not because of the complications of ethics or race as some did (which he did not care about either way), but because he loved the south, which had been his home for a very long time (and a direct result of his southern drawl). After many years of fighting, the second World War erupted and once more, he enlisted. Feeling (unlike many vampires) that the war, if not ended, would also affect the vampire's way of life, in addition to wanting to see an end to the conflict for humanitarian reasons. Since that time, he has remained in peace and seclusion, devoting his time to personal pursuits, unconcerned about the world at large. That is, until, a pair of nosey teens come trespassing.

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Name:  Mari Madison


Age: 16


Appearance:  Mari keeps her chaotic, red-brown curls braided down unless she feels very secure in her surroundings. She has a thin nose and a small mouth, as well as dark brown eyes set just a bit deeper than normal in her face. She always wears a tiny star-shaped stud in the left side of her nose, and almost never bothers with any makeup. Whenever she can, Mari wears jeans and a pair of grey tennis shoes with whatever else she’s got on. She takes careful measures to be sure everything she wears exactly matches everything else.


Personality:  Mari is a level-headed optimist who enjoys all things mysterious. She isn’t loud, but she has no problem expressing her quirky self to the people with which she’s close. Making huge decisions and taking swift action is difficult for her, as she prefers to think through every angle of a situation before responding. She relies heavily on alone time; without it, she grows impatient and moody. She can have tunnel vision focus or complete lack thereof, depending on whether she enjoys what she’s doing. Change is something that excites Mari, as long as she has warning of its coming. If things stay the same for too long, Mari retreats into herself and won’t come out until something is different. No matter what else is going on with her, Mari places deep value on friendship and is fiercely loyal to anyone she decides qualifies as either.


Bio: Mari’s mother was in the house, but her sister was the one who took care of both of them. This was more of a challenge when the girls were growing up, but now Melissa is in college and Mari easily takes care of things herself. Schoolwork comes easy to her, but she’s never been friends with more than a few people over time. Of the handful of them, only Noah has ever really known her, and she believes his influence over the years has helped her look at life in a brighter way.


Mari’s never really taken part in any sort of group activity; her mother never felt like taking her to and from anywhere, and she found it difficult to relate to most others her age. Generally, she feels safer on the fringes of things than in the center of a crowd. She does now sing first alto in her high school’s advanced choir, but recently turned down the highlight solo offered to her due to wishing to stay out of the spotlight. Mari works at a local grocery store to help make things work around the house. Whenever she can, she hangs out with Noah, does her homework in the park, or practices her choir songs in her basement.

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