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Username : Madiage


Name : Madiage, still.


Available : I am available daily, usually in the early afternoons and all night.


Post length : This all depends on the story and what is happening.  I love writing long, detailed manifestos but I can go short when warranted.


Post frequency : I can post daily, even multiple times a day if needed.


RP preferences : As long as the roleplay is taken seriously and not made a joke of I am all in.  All genres appeal to me.


Contact details : PM me or email me at


SN: I can skype, text, or rp on here.



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Username: Fingerpuppet

Available Times: Weekends, weekday evenings.
Post Length: As long as frickin' possible.  I'll go for at least two paragraphs, of five decent-length sentences each at the moment.  My mojo is a little limp through underuse.
Post Frequency: Once a week at the very least.  More if I get a muse on the end of my line.
RP Preferences: My tastes are varied and change often.  Mostly, I like things that aren't full of clichéd horsecrap and aren't a one-player gig masquerading as a two-player game.
Contact Details: On-site.  I don't trust Skype since Microsoft took it over, and my Chromebook doesn't run most things anyway.

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Username: dissonance.
Name: Just call me Dis.
Available Times: Evening to late night, PST (-7 or -8)
Post Length: I would prefer a post be short and move the RP forward rather than ponderously long and stagnant. Give me your best. Don't bore me.
Post Frequency: 1-3 posts per week.
RP Preferences:

Genres - Mainly SF (speculative fiction); fantasy, action, drama, horror, mystery, creepy sci-fi.

Themes - Tense rivalries, demons and angels, mythology, vampires, taboo subjects.

Caveats - Not interested in silly, comedic, or non-serious roleplays. If you're interested in romance, here's my mandatory disclaimer thanks to drama in my mysterious past: only yaoi (M/M). Sorry. (But not really.)

Contact Details: PM me if anything above piques your interest. Really. Please don't be shy.

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Username: Cat

Name: Cat
Available Times: During the weekdays I'm available around 5 to 10 p.m. EST time, and around noon to midnight on weekends.

Post Length: Usually anywhere from three to six or seven paragraphs.
Post Frequency: At least once a day for the most part, but usually more.
RP Preferences: Fantasy and post-apocalyptic are fun, but I'll try nearly everything. 
Contact Details: PM. If we start a roleplay, I don't mind giving my yahoo messenger for convenience.

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Username: DanDanni

Name: Dan for now.

Available Times: Usually anytime, but at the least I post once a day when I can.

Post Length: Usually can be short, but I'm capable of various lengths, especially if I've got several characters on the field, all interacting with each other. (Shenanigans will ensue if I do have multiple characters on the field)

Post Frequency: Like I mentioned above, at the least I can post once a day. It depends on how insanely busy I am due to work.

RP Preferences: Mostly anything not set in realism. Fantasy, sci-fi, currently experimenting with horror/thriller concepts, anything really. Some things I have difficulty with is smut and gory stuff, though I can make exceptions and I can be coaxed if they're well done. (Just expect me to be bad at smut, really bad. Gory? I can do in the right settings or for the right reasons or if it makes logical sense in the context of the rp).  There might be a few others I might not handle well, but I'll be sure to let you know if they come up.

Contact Details: Of course here. I also have Dandanni1010 for aim, and for skype.

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Username: Lightgrave
Name: Light works.
Available Times: Early Morning/Late night PST is the most reliable. I will probably be online at othertimes during the day but I might be getting a job soon so that will affect my availability.
Post Length: A medium length. Depending on your style I'm fairly flexible. Short, fast paced rps can be fun with the right person, same as very long posts with a good partner.
Post Frequency: Normally I at least check my rps once a day- again its very partner dependent/ style depenedent. More frequent posts if its a shorter format, fewer with a lengthier format
RP Preferences:

Genres - Sci-fi, Fantasy, Steampunk especially, Dystopian worlds, Post apocalyptic worlds

Ideas I'd like to explore - Underdogs, Warring gangs, AIs vs Humans, Embodiments of concepts (Romance, Virtue,Deceit )

Disclaimers- I'm not currently interested in doing detailed mature sexual situations- I find its too hard for some people to continue thinking like their character and not as themselves. If you think a sexual situtation is necessary for the plot, we can discuss that at the time. I'd just rather skirt around having an rp that has a general focus on sex.

Contact Details: PM works, If it gets indepth or complex I might share my skype.

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Username: VoidMole


Name: Scott or Void

Available Times: I'm on the GMT zone, but I'm up at stupid late hours more days than not. Just to call it safe, let's say 8PM to midnight GMT.

Post Length: Depends on the style the RP is developing into, but on the whole I like to do 2+ paragraphs. I'm flexible.

Post Frequency: I can probably do like 1 to 3 posts per week. But if I'm hooked and have ideas bubbling, I may well do more.

RP Preferences: Let's see... I like Sci-Fi, Fantasy (Medieval and Futuristic) and a very select few fandom based.

Contact Details: PM's fine with me. Skypers who know me, get in touch on there. Skypers who don't, well we'll see how in-depth our planning goes, whether it needs more than the whole slow post-reply-post-reply thing.

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Username: Mystic

Name: Tray or Mystic

Available Times: Weekends are currently open for me, and late afternoon nighttime during weekdays, PST.

Post Length: I can typically churn out a handful of decently sized paragraphs, perhaps a bit more if my muse is cooperating with me.

Post Frequency: At least once a day.

RP Preferences: I enjoy post-apocalyptic worlds, pretty much anything fantasy related, a little bit of modern realism, mysteries, thrillers and adventures. I'm open and willing to try new things as well, so I guess all things go.

Contact Details: A PM is always welcome.

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Username: Strude
Name: Strude
Available Times: Sporadic throughout the day and night.
Post Length: 200 to 400 words, which looks roughly like:

200 Words Lorem Ipsum
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus eget dolor sed nunc tempus fermentum id nec urna. Nam mollis convallis lorem, eu pulvinar quam tincidunt quis. Praesent scelerisque massa nec nisl varius scelerisque. Nullam quam ligula, porttitor ut risus sed, dignissim faucibus sapien. Sed laoreet et lacus eu commodo. Maecenas posuere, tortor at porttitor dapibus, magna eros lacinia turpis, et accumsan lacus dui ut felis. In ut eleifend est. Mauris aliquet elit in lacus condimentum tincidunt vel ac nisl. Proin hendrerit lacus nec erat sagittis elementum. In sagittis neque a diam fermentum gravida.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum posuere posuere dui pellentesque porta. Donec cursus massa metus. Mauris sed sodales purus. Aenean eros nunc, congue nec adipiscing a, mollis rutrum nunc. Praesent dapibus sem ac lacus ornare, id scelerisque nunc accumsan. Suspendisse euismod sodales interdum.

Vivamus facilisis mauris nec bibendum viverra. Nunc facilisis lorem ut facilisis condimentum. Suspendisse nec congue risus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec volutpat nulla id est posuere elementum. Vivamus vestibulum vel justo vel suscipit. Nam congue turpis quam, condimentum tincidunt nulla mollis eu. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Ut venenatis feugiat mattis.


400 Words Lorem Ipsum
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed tempus justo eget semper rhoncus. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Sed malesuada convallis hendrerit. Etiam vel libero est. Proin vitae nisl neque. Suspendisse placerat iaculis molestie. Ut massa lectus, hendrerit a dictum convallis, facilisis id lorem. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Praesent sed pretium dolor, eu facilisis nibh. Integer et malesuada leo. Nulla eu magna neque. Nulla rutrum placerat arcu, vel sagittis urna imperdiet sit amet. Integer dolor nisi, congue sit amet dolor eu, pellentesque semper sapien. Aenean dapibus bibendum quam. Ut tempus tortor ac eleifend dignissim. Pellentesque lobortis metus non diam convallis, ut aliquet nunc pretium.
Suspendisse eget scelerisque ipsum, non consectetur neque. Aliquam ut augue rhoncus augue pretium vehicula. Mauris mattis tellus nec tellus commodo egestas. Vestibulum a lectus a neque viverra sagittis. Sed eu turpis placerat, vestibulum lorem vitae, auctor nisi. Maecenas ac quam elit. Fusce at lectus pretium, gravida enim nec, egestas felis. In tristique sapien vitae diam dapibus ornare. Nulla hendrerit in justo in laoreet. Suspendisse cursus felis elit, a porta turpis sollicitudin at.
Praesent porta malesuada urna, eget ullamcorper enim. Aliquam ullamcorper feugiat sapien eget consequat. Phasellus pulvinar libero interdum rhoncus vehicula. Fusce vehicula enim eu velit viverra, eget rutrum lacus luctus. Nam suscipit ullamcorper elementum. Donec adipiscing vehicula erat, nec accumsan lorem eleifend eu. Nam ac mi eget nunc imperdiet dignissim. Quisque ultrices pulvinar vehicula. Donec a sem sit amet nibh pharetra imperdiet id nec massa. Vestibulum ut arcu velit. Phasellus semper adipiscing sodales. Donec ullamcorper mauris in justo luctus pellentesque. Aliquam erat volutpat. Proin molestie tortor id arcu tristique, eget aliquet arcu mollis. Nullam in elit nec dolor dapibus tristique.
Phasellus gravida lorem at quam lacinia, porta placerat urna venenatis. In bibendum, odio vel porta volutpat, nisi dolor faucibus diam, quis cursus neque mi eget nisi. Sed mauris lacus, tincidunt eget mauris vitae, scelerisque aliquam risus. Sed mollis ligula vitae iaculis euismod. Donec viverra mauris vel ante fermentum, sed vestibulum purus euismod. Curabitur massa magna, sollicitudin id suscipit in, consequat sit amet augue. Nulla lobortis a est eu scelerisque. Integer dapibus ultricies aliquet. Nam euismod adipiscing mattis.
Vestibulum tortor tortor, ultrices in lorem vel, porttitor auctor ante. Curabitur eu orci suscipit metus interdum volutpat. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Nullam sodales quam lorem, porttitor scelerisque ligula consequat a. Vestibulum.

Post Frequency: One on ones I will post daily, depending on the pace of the game. Groups I will post one a week, depending on pace. I may post more or less all dependent on the games pace.
RP Preferences: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Space Pirates, Science Fantasy, Steampunk, Alternate Universe Earth Military, Romance, very specific and select few fandoms.
Contact Details: Onsite, Google Documents, Email (

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Username: Miracle-Ka
Name: Ka's fine, also Kat or Itakru
Available Times: Anytime after 6pm CST
Post Length: It varies depending on the roleplay, but generally I maintain an average of three paragraphs.
Post Frequency: Generally about 2-3 times a day. I spend a lot of time checking on things and lurking because I have no life ahahaha
RP Preferences: Fantasy. Fantasy, fantasy, fantasyyyyyyy. And action. I'm not at all fond of realistic settings that have no supernatural or fantasy element, though I do enjoy settings like those of Dragon Age or Sleepy Hollow (TV series). I love long and epic plots with twists and turns abound the road, and to see characters grow and develop with those plots.
Contact Details: Strictly PM. I don't use IM much because of how easily distracted I get (and also social phobia, ew). My email is also viable, but I will only give it out upon request.

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Username: Celtic_Maiden
Name: Celtic or Maiden (Whatever you may choose is fine with me.)
Available Times: I'm usually on most of the week and weekends. (I have an autistic little brother living with me, so I may not be on every day, but most of the time I am.)
Post Length: It depends on the role play, but I usually post around one - four decent-size paragraphs, or more.
Post Frequency: I have poor internet connection, so it depends on my computer, but I try to post at least once a day. (Again, like I said about my brother.)
RP Preferences: Most genres: Fandom, Historical, Political Thriller, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. I'd prefer one[x]one role plays, but I don't mind group role plays, either. It just depends on the plot and how many people are participating.
Contact Details: PMs usually work for me.

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Username: Sir Vey Lance
Name: Koi, like the fish.
Available Times: After 17:00 GMT +8
Post Length: I have been told to be an absolute menace for mini RP and proper RP alike when it comes to being circumspect with the wordcount. So around 600 words for a short post, 1200-2000 words for a long post?
Post Frequency: 2-3 times a day depends on whether I'm swimming in homework or not.
RP Preferences: Fantasy and Scifi mostly. I'm a sucker for themes such as true love, magic, sacrifice, humor, realistic but epic fights. Most of the time the stuff I end up writing seems rather dark and depressing because I think a good ending is better shown through compare and contrast rather than a series of events that keeps going in the protagonist's way.
Contact Details: I guess PM is good.

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Username: Sethmeister007

Name: Sethmeister

Available Times: 6-11P Eastern, sometimes I post early in the morning like 8A

Post Length: A paragraph or two...sort of rapid-fire

Post Frequency: Sometimes once a week to 1-2 times a day
RP Preferences: Realistic action/adventure

Contact Details: Best place to contact me is either a PM on the site

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