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Red Rain [Under Construction]

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A few years after the conclusion of the Geniome War, a devastating biological disaster, creatures the World Government crudely named Vampires appeared. They were pale and sickly looking, with beast-like fangs, enhanced strength, an altered immune system, and an animalistic, instinctual, hunger for human blood.


They were the product of a genetically engineered virus, meant to wipe out the enemy, that was leaked onto home soil. It was called a negligent accident according to government officials. However, thousands of innocent people were infected and suffered excruciating physiological changes. Most people went insane and died, unable to withstand the re-writing of their DNA, a transformation that for those who survived left them labeled as monsters. Some of the infected, though a rare occurrence, even changed so much that they had been reported to have sprouted wings and grown tails and claws, certain traits coming alive out of the original animal genetic material used to cultivate the virus. These special mutated survivors were nicknamed 'Seraphim', after the discovery of the first stable specimen found with a pair of large, bird-like wings protruding from its back. 


Naturally the Government had taken action against the surviving infected. They were a threat to the rest of society, carriers of a very contagious virus that had already reached an epidemic state. Entire new branches of the military had been established, as well as smaller bounty organizations, in an effort to eradicate the Vampires. The military instituted, International Vampire Hunters Army (INVHA) had been given full authority over the detection and elimination of all remaining Vampire. At first, the government tried and failed to develop new and effective ways of destroying the creatures and until recently were forced to resort to dangerous close quarter combat operations. However, the Vampire specialists came up with a method of luring the creatures out of hiding and using mid to long distance weaponry to take them down. 


This method was called the Red Rain Method. When Vampires were thought to inhabit a certain area the INVHA would issue a Red Rain Advisory to all humans living there, a mandatory government issued curfew put in place so that any humans in the area would know to remain indoors until the Vampire threat was eliminated. Then INVHA agents were sent into the area and used a special blood derived dispersant to lure the creatures out of hiding. Unable to resist the scent of blood, the creatures would leave their hiding places and fall victim to the INVHA's anti-vampire weapons. 

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