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RULES Role Playing Rules & Information

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Of course there is a set of rules for role playing! Before you start a role play, please be sure to read through this thread. If you fail to follow them all, you may receive a warning. If you have any questions, please contact a Moderator to clear up any details.



  1. EVERY role play must be rated! To rate a role play, please use the "Topic Tags" found underneath the "Topic Title" input field. Then, make sure "Use first tag as prefix" is ticked. Why do we require this? The rating system makes it easier for potential readers or participants to know if its a role play they may be interested in. These ratings are based on the MPAA system.
    • G: All ages! Fun, comic mischief, no foul language, no wounds sustained from action.
    • PG: 10+, More mature themes (death, war, love, passion) without explicit content or foul language. In a fight you'd get bruised but not bleed.
    • PG-13: Moderate foul language, blood, sexual innuendos, implied sex, and generally more mature content up until the point of explicit gore or sex.
    • R: Mature content, sex and violence. Not especially graphic or detailed, though.
    • NC-17: Same as R, but might have longer or more detailed mature themes and content.
    • X: Graphic content. Significantly explicit.
      Absolutely NO X-Rated role plays in the student role playing forums. 
  2. Use the topic tags. Although not required like the rating tags are, it is encouraged that you apply tags to your role play to display what type and genre your role play is in to other users.
  3. ​Post your role plays in the appropriate forum. People who enjoy role plays about robots will browse the Fantastical Role Plays section. If you have a high school romance story there, you will not generate any interest because people do not browse the Fantastical Role Plays section looking for high school romance role plays.
  4. Please stick to the terms you initially choose at the beginning of your role play. If you state in your OOC topic, "there will be no sexual themes in this role play," please do not change this later in the role play because you want to add sex into your story. Keep everyone on the same page. (This can be bypassed if everyone in the role play voices that they are okay with this change.)
  5. Listen to the Game Master. If the GM says you are not accepted into the role play, you are not accepted into the role play. If you feel the GM is being unfair, for any reason at all, contact a staff member to straighten it out. If you take it upon your own to harass the game master and their game players, it will be much harder to prove your case to a staff member.
  6. All role plays are private by default. This means even if you see a role play with an OPEN tag, you still must ask the Game Master if you may role play with them. 
  7. Obey the forum rules within your role play. This means be respectful towards your fellow players. 
  8. Keep all OOC chatter out of the IC topics. Role plays here are not required to have an OOC topic, but it is very much encouraged. OOC topics can be used to discuss advancing the story, announce absences, etc. 


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Tips and Tricks from TriOctium



When starting a new role play, consider writing a thread in Role Play Discussions first!

A lot of forums have cultures where members simply write a short introduction, and others will just naturally pop in with their own characters. Here in Surreality, however, we tend to prefer to know what we're getting ourselves into before we join new role plays. As such, you'd have more luck finding partners to RP with if you present more information about it and allow others to ask questions. Some useful information to include in your RP Discussion thread can include:

  1. A short synopsis of the plot. If you don't have a clear idea of how the story will go, that's okay! Simply open up the floor for discussion/suggestions, or let the RP flow along naturally. But generally people would appreciate if they had a rough idea of what's happening in your world.
  2. Universe information! Are powers widespread, or limited to the main characters? What is the technology like in your setting? This helps others greatly when they're considering if they'd be able to play a character that suits their interests and fits into your universe at the same time.
  3. Number of open slots. You may be looking for just a couple of partners, or you may be interested in opening up your world for anyone and everyone to hop in. Regardless of the case, a quick mention of your desired number of participants would help.
  4. A character template. If you want to browse through everyone's characters to make sure they fit in your universe, you might want to set a fixed template for them to use.

Remember, these are not rules, but merely guidelines to help you best find partners for your new RP idea!



Don't fear if nobody joins your role play!

Even if you do follow all the suggestions, you may not manage to attract any interested parties to join your RP. But have no fear! Don't be discouraged. Instead, you may consider alternative methods to get people to join you. For example, if you look through the Roleplaying Classifieds, you may find people interested in the same genre as you. Simply drop them a Private Message (PM) and ask if they might want to join you. Who knows? They might have missed your thread accidentally!


Alternatively, if you have friends who RP with you regularly, you might consider asking them as well. Even if they weren't originally interested in your idea, maybe they might join just because they enjoy RPing with you.


Finally, perhaps your idea just wasn't appealing to the general masses! Don't give up! You can always create another RP idea, or join an existing open RP which sounds fun. The possibilities are limitless! The important thing is not to let your disappointments get you down. As the wise man once said, "If you fail once, something something".



To be continued!

More useful tips to come! Feel free to PM me (TriOctium) or any other Scholar if you have any queries!

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