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The sound of chalk tapping against the blackboard with each new letter resounded loudly through the otherwise quiet classroom as Isaiah slouched in his chair and stared absentmindedly onto the school’s courtyard from his window seat at the far back of the classroom. Even though his eyes were resting on the school’s front gate his thoughts had drifted off far away into one of his many daydreams.

It was the sound of his neighbor sitting directly in front of him loudly gasping that eventually pulled Isaiah out of his dream world and straight back into the realm of the living. The gasp had been loud enough for Isaiah to expect attention from the teacher, if not the entire class, and that instinctively led to him launching himself into an upright seated position to prevent the teacher from scolding him for his bad posture. Much to his surprise no one else in the class had paid him or his neighbor any attention.

He shook his head and directed his attention at his neighbor who had previously so rudely interrupted his daydreaming and found that he was also staring out of the window. Isaiah followed his gaze and noticed a girl outside, dressed in the school’s uniform, scratching the chin of a black cat. During the year he had spent at this school he had never seen this girl, which led to him believing that she must have been a first year who he hadn’t yet seen in the past week. She wasn’t pretty enough for him to gasp, however.

“Mr. Samara!†The teacher shouted, apparently this time he did notice Isaiah’s slacking. “If English is too boring for you to care about why didn’t you just say home?†Isaiah mind had been loaded with several mental bullets containing witty retorts just waiting for him to pull the trigger and shoot them back at the teacher, but as satisfying as that would’ve been he would prefer to avoid detention or any other kind of punishment.

“Sorry, Mr. Jones,†a simple apology was enough for his teacher to turn his back to the class and continue writing profusely on the blackboard. After that had been dealt with he noticed that the boy sitting in front of him, Roger Nelson, was still staring outside with puppy-dog eyes. Isaiah had no clue whether it was love at first sight or a longtime longing, but it was obvious that Roger had it bad for the girl outside. Seeing Roger this love-struck made Isaiah want to look at the girl, but when he looked outside she had disappeared.

“Too bad,†he muttered.

Before long the bell rang and the last class of the day was dismissed. Now that everyone had gotten a chance to get accustomed to school life during the first week the day that club activities would resume had finally arrived. With his fingers entwined and the palms of his hands resting on the back of his neck he strutted towards the third floor of the old building to his club’s room while joyfully whistling a tune currently stuck in his head.

“I’m home!†He shouted as he kicked the door open, but much to his surprise the room was empty. “The president’s slow today.â€

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"Nope, he's sleeping inside the supplies closet again." Chara corrected the Djinn, while fading into existence beside him nonchalantly. The ghost glided over to the innocent looking closet stationed at the corner of the club room and swung the door open, displaying the sleeping mummy in all his glory. Prez didn't even move an inch, despite all the noise the two members are making. "He seems to like chilling in closed spaces..."


Fellow second year club member and next door classmate of Isaiah, Chara has been fronting the helm of the Supernatural Studies Club along with the Djinn for almost a full year now. The ghost is sure Prez's a very reliable person deep down inside, but his tendencies to drift off into sleep at the most inappropriate moments certainly hasn't been helping matters in the least. She reached over and handed a couple of leaflets over to Isaiah, allowing him to skim through a couple of sentences before launching into a more detailed explanation.


"The Student Council's stepping up their game again," She nodded at the pieces of paper in his hand. "In an attempt to flush out the - so called - slacker clubs, the Student Council President has enforced a new rule, which is slated to take effect immediately after Club Recruitment day. We now need four members instead of three if we want to keep this club alive. Pfffft." Chara rolled her eyes. "Any idiot can tell she's just trying to get rid of us."


"We should probably start doing something quick though. Club applications will be closed in another three weeks... and we can only use the Recruitment day to advertise our club."


The ghost rummaged around the supplies closet, eventually tugging a box of markers and some rolls of thick paper out under the sleeping president's crumpled form before slamming the door shut, sealing him back into the container. Doing prep work takes time, and if they want to keep the club afloat, they'd have to jump straight into action immediately. Chara was about to shove a pink marker into Isaish's hand before a loud mewing sound drifted through the club room's open door.

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Isaiah turned around in the direction of the mewing sound and his gaze was met by a demure first year who quickly shifted her focus to the ground before whispering a barely audible “Hello.†A black cat sat on the ground next to the girl, no one had taken the time to tell the cat that pets weren’t allowed to enter the school’s premises or maybe it simply didn’t care. “Is this the Supernatural Studies Club?†Her voice was so soft that Isaiah had to listen attentively to make sure he didn’t miss a single syllable.

“Yes,†he replied as he slowly examined the girl. If her short stature wasn’t a dead giveaway, the red colour of her ribbon solidified that fact that she was a first year. She had long auburn hair tied into pigtails, making her look even younger than her age, green eyes and thick black glasses perched upon her nose. “Would you like a cup of tea?†He asked before grabbing the electric kettle. “Have a seat, I’ll be right back.†She quickly stumbled out of the doorway to let Isaiah pass through.

He entered the classroom directly next to his club’s room, which used to be an old Home Economics classroom but was now used by the Gourmet Club. “Hey,†Isaiah said nonchalantly as he made his way towards a sink in the back of the room, ignoring the clearly annoyed looks plastered on the faces of the Gourmet Club’s members.

“Stop coming into our clubroom as you please!†The Gourmet Club’s president, a blonde third year who got into arguments with Isaiah ever since he joined the Supernatural Studies Club stared him down with a look that could kill him if he wasn’t careful. “If you need water for your tea go get some at the toilet or something.â€

“What’s the point of joining a slacker’s club if I am going to do so much effort for tea?†With that he left and returned to the Supernatural Studies Club to find the girl and Chara seated opposed each other. “Alice was being a bitch again,†he announced before placing the electric kettle on its stand and turning on the power. “More importantly, how can we help you?â€

“Uhm,†the girl shifted in her seat, it was obvious she wanted to ask something but felt uncomfortable doing so. “Are you… human?†At first glance a weird question, but over the years Isaiah had learnt that tan skin, black hair and red eyes wasn’t a normal look for humans.
“No,†he said as he moved his fingers through his short, sideswept hair, “I’m a Djinn, but now I have a question for you. Do you know a second year called Roger Nelson?â€

“Never heard of him,†she answered. Isaiah concluded that he must have been admiring her from afar, how uncool. “Why do you ask?â€
“He spent the entirety of our English class staring at you, I think he has a crush on you.â€
“It isn’t very important. Anyway, I am sure you didn’t come all the way here to ask whether I am human.†He slouched in his chair and folded his arms into his usual position. “So what’s up?â€
Her cheeks were still flushed from the sudden news, but she got a hold of herself after taking a deep breath. “I want to join the Supernatural Studies Club.â€

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"What. Why. How."


Clipping through the middle of the table, Chara zipped her way between Isaiah and the mysterious first year, sizing the little girl up with her slightly glazed eyes. None of the first years should be aware of the existence of this club yet; let alone want to join it. She could still recall the Student council grunts giving them flak for not posting a club poster up on the school's club bulletin board, while the ever stoic Prez slept through the entire lecture. The redhead could only stammer out a few unintelligible noises as she cowered under Chara's assault.


"You know her?" Chara continued blabbing on, rapping the first year on the head with her marker. "She's solid; not my kind. Human? Oh. I'm not human too, if you can't tell already." She wriggled a little and slid out through the other end of the table. "This club is where the minorities of the world gather - to...uh. Have tea. Where did you hear about us though? What made you want to join the club? And, more importantly... are you a spy from the student council, here to undermine our recruiting efforts?!"


A long silence fell over the room.


"Uh - " The girl could only squeeze a word out before the shrilly whistle of the kettle cut her off, closely followed by a loud slam as Prez pushed open the supplies closet door. The large mummy lumbered his way to a chair beside Isaiah, barely noticing the extra member sitting across him. Isaiah, without missing a beat, has already started preparing the tea, deftly setting down four fancy tea cups and pouring the freshly brewed tea into it.


"Why do you insist on joining the tea sessions anyway, Chara?" Prez drawled, his baritone voice filtering through the many wraps covering his face. "You don't need nourishment... and it's... disturbing seeing you eat stuff. Look, they just disintegrate the moment they hit your tongue. Can... you even taste what you're eating. "


"Of course. Isaiah, it's Earl Grey, isn't it?"


"Lipton lemon tea."


Knowing his battle's already won, Prez turning his attention back to the newbie, nodding in greeting.


"You're more than welcomed to join... our clan, bespectacled one. We have enough tea cups for both you and your feline friend, I'm sure. We could probably... borrow... some milk from Alice again...Oh. I almost forgot to ask. Who... are you?"

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“My name is Kristen,†the girl said as she took a sip of her tea along with the club’s members. “have a friend who’s a second year… she told me you might be able to help me with a problem I’ve had.â€
“What problem, bespectacled one?†Despite her telling him what her name was, the president had apparently grown fond of the nickname he had given her. “Surely there aren’t a lot of problems a group of tea aficionados can help you with.â€

“To be honest,†the girl seemed to be pretty uncomfortable, again. Isaiah wondered how much faster this conversation would be over with if she didn’t pause to get a hold of herself after each sentence. “I had no idea you were a tea drinking club… I don’t think my friend knew either.â€
“It’s true that the SSC wasn’t founded in order for people to slack and drink tea.†Isaiah scratched his head. “But with a Mummy in charge and a Ghost and a Djinn as members there isn’t a lot of supernatural stuff that still interests us. It’s all so boring.â€

“No it isn’t!†The girl slammed her hands on the desk, rose from her seat and shouted. “The supernatural is fun, exciting and very interesting!†It took her a moment to realize that she had just snapped against three of her upperclassmen who were now staring at her with an astonished expression on their faces. “I-I-I’m sorry.†Isaiah had trouble distinguishing her face from a tomato after it turned red from embarrassment and she shrunk back into her seat.
“Well,†Isaiah sighed after deciding to humor her for now, “what problem do you need us to solve?â€

The red faded from her face and a sparkle lit up in her eyes as she raised her head to make the gaze of Chara and Isaiah. “Ever since my first day of school I’ve had a stalker. No matter when I arrive or leave the school, he will always be waiting for me to follow me around. At first he’d stop following me as soon as I entered the school building, but today he suddenly followed me into class! He followed me into the girl’s locker room, into the gymnasium, into the cafeteria… but for some reason I am the only one who notices that he’s there.â€

Isaiah wondered why she would come to the SSC with a stalker problem, it would’ve been much better to go to the police, but the story as a whole made too little sense for him to send her away like that. “I’m guessing that cat is your stalker,†the president said as he enjoyed his tea.
“Yes,†the girl nodded. Isaiah was even more confused now. “This cat has been following me everywhere in the vicinity of the school and other than you guys no one else can see him!†The cat rudely jumped onto the desk and laid down in between the second years and Kristen, defiantly staring at the two.

“You want to know why this cat is following you?†Isaiah asked as he engaged a staredown with the feline, disregarding the pettiness of the act. Kristen nodded. “Fine. Come back tomorrow and we’ll have your answer.â€
“T-Thank you very much!†Kristen quickly bowed her head before finishing the last of her tea. “I’ll be back same time tomorrow, then!†She ran away, displaying more energy than she had ever since she had sat at the table.
“It is pretty obvious that that cat is a Bakeneko, why didn’t you just tell her that?†The president asked.

“She wanted to know why the cat is following her. We have to figure that out first.â€

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After the excitement eventually died down, the remaining three members sitting in the clubroom gathered around the table proper, teacups in hand. Despite labeling themselves as a Supernatural Studies Club, none of them actually had any experience in doing real investigative work, let alone a paranormal one. The three could only mull over their problem in silence, each trying to come up with a strategy to tackle the cat with.


"Well." The ghost finally shrugged in resignation. "I guess we could check out the club archives, maybe the seniors may have left some of their research behind... right, Prez? Any idea which of their binders has the information we may need?"


Prez's replies came in the form of a snoring noise, his breath gently ruffling the fabric covering his face.




The sun has already set by the time Isaiah and Chara dug through the notes the seniors left behind, poring over the ones that may be related to their client. It took another half an hour before both students decided to give up their style of attack. With no other leads to go with, it was almost impossible to narrow down their search even further. What they needed wasn't theory work, the pair eventually decided. What they needed was some action.


"Find the cat. Follow the cat. Interrogate the cat." Chara scribbled on the whiteboard, repeating her words as she wrote them down. "One good thing about being a ghost - there's no home I have to return to! What about you? Is there another angle you want to attack from?"

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“It’s getting late… I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an angry Efreet, but last time my dad got pissed Atlantis sunk.†Isaiah stood up and threw his bag over his shoulder. “If you’re taking care of the cat, there isn’t much else for me to do right now, so I’ll do some more investigating tomorrow.â€


“Why did I promise her we’d tell her today!?†Isaiah smashed both his fist and his head into his desk out of despair. He had spent the entire morning interrogating the faculty, but none of them could tell him anything about a bakeneko haunting the school. Chara was equally unsuccessful, her stalking of the bakeneko didn’t reveal anything and when she attempted to talk to it the cat simply ignored her.

“I doubt the Prez did any investigating, so if we don’t figure this out she’ll think we’re idiots.†He lifted himself up and leaned back in his chair. “It’s already lunch time… we only have half a day left.â€
“Hey, Roger,†Chara suddenly shouted at Roger, who came back carrying two sandwiches he had bought at the cafeteria. “I heard you like a girl called Kristen!â€

“What? Who’s Kristen? I don’t like anyone,†Roger replied. Roger was tall for his age, slightly overweight and had a constant emotionless expression plastered on his face. Frankly Isaiah didn’t care much for him.
“I saw you staring at her yesterday. You seemed pretty interested in her.â€
“I’m telling you; I have no idea what you are talking about.â€
“Short girl, red hair, green eyes, glasses?â€

Roger sat sideways in his chair so he could face Chara and Isaiah before taking a bite out of his first sandwich. He slowly chewed as he stared at the ceiling, as if looking for the light bulb to pop up and give him an idea. Isaiah was sure that wasn’t how it worked. “Oh! You mean the chick Sakamoto has been following around!â€
“Sakamoto?†Chara and Isaiah asked in unison.
“Yeah,†he took another bite and chewed slowly as the pair leaned forwards eagerly waiting for him to continue, “it’s the name of the cat who used to hang around in this neighborhood.â€

“Probably the cat she brought with her yesterday.†Isaiah thought out loud and Chara nodded in response.
“Wait!†Roger’s face turned pale. “You saw Sakamoto?†The pair nodded. “Finally! More people who can see him.â€
“See him?â€
“Oh,†Roger’s unusual enthusiasm was briefly curbed, “yeah, let me explain. Sakamoto died in an accident two months ago. The Sakamoto you saw is a-â€
“A bakeneko,†Isaiah interrupted, “we know. Since you know so much about this, maybe you can tell us why he is stalking Kristen.â€

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"Stalking?" He uttered, clearly not catching on to Isaiah's train of thought. "Maybe she just smells like fish, I dunno. He's just following her around. Nothing too dangerous about that."


"She's not that happy about the matter though." Chara replied, tossing a cookie into her mouth and allowing it to disintegrate into nothingness. Failing her little stake out hasn't helped with her decreasing confidence, but at least she managed to pass the time chatting with fellow spirits wandering by the school. None of them could help with this 'Sakamoto' issue though.  "It's starting to interfere with her everyday school life."


"If it helps," Roger pondered. "I have a photograph of him stashed in my wallet. Thought it'd help me keep him in my thoughts, but I suppose it turned out to be a redundant move."


He finished the rest of his sandwich and roughly wiped off his hands on his pants, before fishing out a grubby looking leather wallet. After rifling through stacks of crammed receipts, Roger eventually withdrew a small polaroid photograph, laying it flat on the table so Isaiah and Chara could get a good look at the picture too. Within the small frame was, sure enough,  Sakamoto the cat.


"He looks better alive than dead." Chara interjected, before diving into the observation again.


Sakamoto wasn't along in the picture; Roger was in it too, dangling a little mouse toy over his head. The strange thing was...


"...he doesn't look too interested in you, Roger. Look, he's peering over to the side." Isaiah had to point it out.


"Way to rain on my parade, buddy. It was a special day - we were introducing him to another street cat who wandered into the neighbourhood. Tell you what, you keep the photo. I can see Sakamoto on a daily basis anyway. Even though he's less alive than usual."


"What about the other cat friend of his?" Chara asked. "What happened to her?"

"Bah, she was an old cat... passed a little after we lost Sakamoto. They were fun to hang around; it was nice while it lasted. I can still remember the good old times, ha. He's always running around, trying to impress that ginger cat. She was always playing hard to get though."


"Ginger, huh..." Isaish mused, only half taking in his ramblings.


"Yep. Ginger, with the most beautiful, striking green eyes. Funny little black stripe running across her eye region, too. Unique."


Chara and Isaiah could only exchange a brief look of shock before the lunch bell rang again.

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“A bakeneko?â€

“Yep,† Chara nodded.

“Are you sure?â€

“Positive,†Isaiah reached into the pockets of his blazer and presented Kristen with the picture he ‘borrowed’ from Roger. “His name is Sakamoto and he died in an accident a while ago. He’s a ghost cat.†Kristen took hold of the picture and stared at it for a while before looking up at Isaiah again, but before she could ask further he raised his hand to silence her. “We also found out why he has taken a liking to you, but it is extremely anti-climactic and I was trying to think of something a bit more exciting-â€

“You remind him of his lady,†Chara interjected.


 â€œRed hair, green eyes and the black glasses make you a human carbon copy of his feline friend,†Isaiah continued. He noticed that Sakamoto raised his head and started paying actual attention to the conversation. “Our best guess is that she is the anchor keeping him stuck in the world of the living and he grew attached to you because he is unable to find the real one.â€

“So if we can find his friend, he might pass on to the afterlife?†There were hints of sorrow and relief in Kristen’s voice.

“That might be tough…†Chara wasn’t sure how to bring the bad news and decided to leave it for Isaiah.

“She died shortly after Sakamoto’s accident.â€

“I expected as much,†a deep unknown male voice said, “I used to joke that she was old enough to be my grandmother. At least she lived a wonderful life.†Sakamoto stretched before he started walking in circles on top of the table. Kristen looked like she had seen a ghost, ignoring that she had actually seen two already, but Isaiah remained mostly unfazed.

“Finally decided to talk, Sakamoto? What happened? Cat got your tongue?â€

“Please, boy, that wasn’t funny at all. Also, I am your senior. Refer to me as Mr. Sakamoto.â€

“You were three years old before you died,†Chara pointed out.

“Which is equal to about 30 years in human years.â€

“Whatever,†Isaiah stood up and slung his bag over his shoulder, “we solved your problem, Kristen. If you still want to join the club you should fill in the form and stop by again tomorrow. I’m heading home now.†He gave the two girls and the cat a salute and knocked on the closet the Prez was sleeping  as goodbye before opening the door of the clubroom.

Roger Nelson was seated on the floor right in from of the SSC’s room. “Roger?†Isaiah asked. “What are you still doing here?â€

“You told me to give you the picture and wait outside or else you’d burn my lunch every day for a month…†It sounded like Roger could start crying at any moment.

“Uhh… sorry.â€

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The five members of the SSC huddled around the club room's table, absentmindedly sipping on their freshly brewed tea. It took some time, but eventually Kristen - and even Sakamoto, with Roger's strong endorsement - managed to secure a place as a club member. Both the cat and the first year remains joined at the hip, though fortunately, Kristen was starting to warm up to the idea of having a feline bodyguard keeping her company at all times too. With the Student Council's threat now taken care of though, the club gradually regressed back into it's typical slump.


"Um..." Kristen finally mumbled.


"More tea?"


"No - I. Uh. I mean. Okay..."




It took another hour before the club decided to call it a day. The students packed their belongings in their respective backpacks, while Isaiah went about stashing their prized tea cups away. Happy to be able to finally leave and get some proper entertainment, Kristen bounded towards the exit, only to stop and let out a startled little shriek as the pulled the club room door open. A piece of paper, probably ripped out from the school's exercise books, was crudely tacked on to the club door with a piece of chewed gum. Unhygienic delivery aside, the contents written on the note was just as unpleasant to take in.


Chara grimly removed the paper from the door, ignoring the stubborn pieces of gum strings still clinging desperately to the door frame. 








A crudely drawn ghostbusters' logo was also drawn after the message.


"That's a good haiku, I'll give them that."

She finally shrugged, tacking the note back onto the door. "Lets go home, I guess."

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After taking the largest bite he could muster he took as much time as he needed to slowly chew and savor the taste of the chocolate cake. After making sure he was done he gulped it all down and chugged a glass of milk to wash it all down. “I have been lied to all my life,†he said after letting out a satisfied gasp.

“What the hell are you talking about?†Alice stood at the end of the table, hovering over all the seated members of the SSC. Crossed arms and annoyed expression stuck on her face would be enough to convey her dismay to anyone with the tiniest level of social competence, but Isaiah simply ignored it.

“Well,†he began before taking another, albeit slightly smaller, bite of the chocolate cake, “I’ve always been told that ‘love’ is the most important ingredient in cooking.†He begun talking with his mouth full. “But I doubt someone as stingy and mean as you would have any love to give and yet this cake is delicious!†He looked up at Alice, who looked furious despite her flushed cheeks, and showed her a smile from ear to ear.

“Shut up!†She yelled while repeatedly stomping on the ground. “You told me you’d leave our clubroom if we let you taste the cake! I let you have your cake and eat it too-â€

“I don’t think you’re using that proverb correctly,†Kristen interjected.

“Shut up! Just… Just…†Alice’s lips started trembling as tears started to roll down her cheeks. “Why can’t you just leave us alone!?â€

“Some children bombed our clubroom,†Sakamoto took some time of drinking the milk in his personal saucer to address the crying Alice. “Apparently they saw fit to use their scientific prowess to create so called ‘stink bombs’ and desecrate our clubroom. Human children are such barbarians.â€

“Yeah, barbarians,†Chara echoed with her mouth also stuffed with cake.

“Fastest way to get rid of us,†Isaiah said before swallowing the last bite of his cake. “Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Anyway, if you want to get rid of us you should help us get the Science Club of our back. They seem to want something from us, but handling nerds isn’t our strong suit.â€

“Do you even have a strong suit?†Alice asked, taking a break from her bawling to exchange a verbal jab with Isaiah. “How long have they been bothering you? Hey, wait a minute...†She wiped away her tears after composing herself and counted three people and one cat seated at the Gourmet Club’s table. “Where is the Prez?â€

“He’s still in the clubroom,†Kristen replied while staring at the piece of cake in front of her, but she was too timid to eat the food Chara and Isaiah had coerced from the Gourmet Club. “The stench didn’t bother him and he wanted to nap in his closet.â€

“Think this is day three,†Isaiah continued, “they are really messing with out teatime!â€

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"I honestly don't know what they're trying to proof." Chara's disinterested voice cut in to the conversation. "Are the stinkbombs supposed to strike some fear into us ghosts? I mean... at least sprinkle holy water or put up wards... or something. Haven't they seen a single episode of those generic horror shows? Their lack of effort isn't very inspiring..."


"They did manage to kick us out of the room for the third day in a row though," Sakamoto countered. "Do something, genie boy. We're already almost done draining this club's resources."


"Is there anything that can really harm you, though?" Kristen asked meekly, peering over the remaining slice of cake on the table. It took a couple of nudges from Isaiah before she eventually caved and accepted the offer. Chara and Sakamoto would only look at each other before shrugging and stretching respectively.


"Not really. We simply just exist. Not everything's gotta have a lifespan like humans and, well, cats too, I guess."


"Why isn't our world over-saturated with ghosts then?"


"If you had the ability to go anywhere you wanted without a single worry, would you still choose to stay in here? Most of us fellow spirits have moved over to the Antarctic, for one. Penguin touring's actually pretty popular among our community. You get to chill under auroras if you're lucky too. That place is magical." 


"I didn't wanna leave my partner though." Sakamoto's chest puffed with pride. "Even the most majestic penguins can't hold a candle to my beautiful mate."


"And I just wanted to keep up with my anime torrents. Wifi's almost nonexistent at the ends of the world -"


A knock came from the door before it swung open anyway, revealing a very soaked Prez and a scrawny looking boy, held in a vice-like grip. The boy could only attempt to throw a few dispirited kicks and punches, trying to at least graze Prez with his empty super soaker. "He tried spraying some holy water on me." The mummy said, giving the prankster a forceful shake. "He obviously has no idea how long it takes for my wraps to dry. My other set of wraps are still in the laundry."


"You dun goofed." Chara snorted.


"No one pisses off the Prez." Isaiah added.


"This is war." Sakamoto mewed in his most authoritarian voice , despite his tail flicking in excitement.


"Uh - " Kristen could only utter before Prez cut her off again, lifting the student up so that he's on eye level with the mummy.



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“Open it!†Without giving it a second thought the first year followed the Prez’s order and opened the door to the Science Club’s room and quickly bowed his head as the members of the SSC followed the mummy into the room with a wide smile on their faces.

In the room were two boys, Isaiah didn’t recognize them, but Kristen’s silent ‘Oh!’ revealed that she did. “Can we help you?†The older one of the pair stood up from the table with a seemingly earnest look of confusion. Isaiah would’ve believed the act if he didn’t notice the brief annoyed glance he shot at the boy the Prez had coerced into helping them.

“We’re looking for the Science Club President.†The Prez wasn’t as pissed off as he was earlier, but his commanding presence and baritone voice had enough of an impact without needing any added rage.

“I’m sorry, he isn’t here.â€

“He’s lying!†Kristen exclaimed. “That’s Jonathan Jordan, a third year and President of the Science Club starting this year.â€

“How’d you know that?†Isaiah asked.

“Before joining the SSC I… I looked into joining the Science Club, but I heard their new President was a handful and decided against it.â€

“A handful?†Jonathan moved his hand through his short blond hair as he turned his nose up at the SSC and stared at them. Jonathan was the perfect example of Isaiah’s idea of a nerd. Awful haircut, stupid glasses, poor posture and an inflated sense of self-worth due to a lack of understanding of his own lacking social acuity.

“I think she meant ‘a dick,’†Isaiah explained.

“Well, admittedly I am a bit of a bad boy,†the smug expression on Jonathan’s face was extremely annoying, “I’ve heard them call me the James Dean of Science.â€

Isaiah wrapped his arms around his middle as he and Chara burst out in laughter. Between the guffawing Chara had even found the time to ask “Who called you that?†before losing her ability to speak normally due to the laughter.

Jonathan clicked his tongue and let out a ‘tsch’ before continuing. “I even have a badass nickname. Who has a cooler nickname than JJ? Losers without a cool nickname should just-â€

“Enough!†The Prez’s roar silenced Jonathan and even made him flinch out of fear of being struck. “Tell me why you are bothering us and tell me now!â€

“I thought it would be funny if all the new recruits would have to go through a hazing ritual so I gave them all the order to prank the Supernatural Studies Club because I thought that would have been funny I am so sorry please forgive me I am sorry!†Without breathing or pausing the president continued his explanation until he had told the entire story. “Please!†he whimpered.

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"No way, broseph." Chara waved his sniveling apology off. "We're haunting the hell out of you. Sakamoto's gonna watch you while you try to sleep at night. I'd camp out in your bathroom. We're not even joking."  To add on to the effect, Sakamoto graciously extended his claws and gave a slow, dramatic nod in agreement. That was more than enough to unnerve Jonathan even further. It was almost impressive how his confidence completely evaporated away in the span of just one sentence's worth of time.


"Reimbursement." Prez would only say this much, jabbing a thick finger at his soaked wraps while his face is buried in his other hand in an exasperated manner. "Reimbursement, or you come and live with me, six feet under ground."


"Nononono of course we'd be willing. Of course, Sir."




It took another couple hours before the Science club members resignedly filed out of the Tea Club room. Prez has ordered the misbehaving kids to replenish their dying stock of tea leaves and milk as their apology, but of course, that wasn't the end of it. Isaiah gave Prez's new coat a nod of approval as they started helping the girls pack the tea making materials away.


"Sweet new wraps, huh."


"Indeed," Prez replied. "I may be starting to take a liking to these creations too. Washi tape wraps. Never thought they could be used that way. The tape's water retardant too!"


"I must say," Chara noted, while Kristen nodded in agreement. "The floral prints on the washi tape kinda add more liveliness to your vibe too."


The club members shared a light, hearty laugh, one they haven't actually had for days while they were under siege. Another mystery down, another case closed. 

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