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RWBY Character Forge [WIP]

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Yeah I'm in the mood to make some RWBY characters here. I don’t have many ideas for an actual RP yet, it might even be just a retelling of the first volume with our own team. I hope others can help on that part while we make characters.


Because there isn't that much known about the rules of the RWBY universe I'll set some guidelines based on what we do know.


1: characters in RWBY are (loosely) based on characters in literature or other fiction (mostly book character but there have been historical/mythological sources and I’ll allow TV and other media) I don’t mind newer characters like a Song of Ice and Fire character and you can veer pretty far from the source character (it is even encouraged).


2: all names (characters, teams and most likely even weapons) have to be based on a color, this can be the actual color in English or another language or it can be something associated with the color. (more info from the man himself)


3: you can go nuts with the weapons and Aura skills but the usual godmodding rules still apply and this is still based on the RWBY series so try not to stray too far from established lore.



Also I'm a big supporter of work in progress posts and constructive criticism so you don’t have to make it perfect before posting here, I want this to be a discussion leading to at least some roleplay, it can even be just a short battle between characters.


Let’s start this off with my RWBY character.



Name: Jericho Corey

Based on: Prince Corwin from “The Chronicles of Amber†books by Roger Zelazny & Major Thalric from “Shadows of the Apt†books by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Race: Human

Gender: Male
Age: 17


Color Theme: Silver/Moonlight & Black


Emblem: a silver burning V on black.


General Appearance: A slender young man of slightly above average height. He has raven black hair about 3 inches long overall, a handsome face and distinct green eyes. He wears a smile nearly all the time. Although it is often genuine, you have to look at his eyes for any clues on his actual state of mind. He is deceptively strong and has a surprising amount of stamina and endurance.


Clothing/Armour: Jericho prefers to wear a combination of t-shirts, jackets and jeans in various shades of grey black and white, with occasionally some print on his shirts. His armor consists of lightweight shin protectors and knee armour worn over his jeans, a lightweight metal banded chest piece with room at the shoulders to give him better maneuverability and two gauntlets. All his armor appears steel grey with silver accents on the edges.


Personality: Jericho is a calm and respectable young man who is loyal to his comrades and treats even his adversaries/rivals with a friendly respect (although that would not stop him from completing his mission). Behind his polite nature Jericho holds a beast locked up that is his ambition and ruthlessness. He keeps a firm grip on his temper and ambitions and uses his deep wells of willpower to channel these stronger aspects of his personality in a proper course.


Short Bio:

These days Jericho hardly even recognizes the boy he was when he started training to become a huntsman; brash, stubborn, arrogant and filled with romanticized views of being a Huntsman of legend. Of course when he started his career at Haven academy it did not take long for him to be shot down by reality. Jericho had to face the fact that there were many students better than him. Although Jericho had a talent with swords he knew far less than he thought about being a huntsman. The first years were not easy for him, with his stubbornness and pride making sure he didn’t fit in with the other students. Only in the last months of his second year did he find a place at Haven; standing across from the star swordsman of Haven in The Circle.


Jericho had always been a prideful young man and wasn’t shy about voicing his opinions, this sometimes would get into trouble but that did not mean much to him. Except when one day after he made a remark about Eric Bernstein, the top ranking member of the Haven academy duelling society 'The Circle'. Eric had wanted to knock some sense into Jericho and found a chance to humble the younger student in a duel. Jericho did not even last a minute against Eric. Afterwards Jericho would train and try to beat Eric in a rematch, only to be beaten again. It became a small routine at haven where every week or so Jericho would demand another rematch against Eric and Eric would comply, beating Jericho with little effort. However during this strange ritual of vengeance Jericho started to care less and less about his honour or pride and more about the duel itself, with every rematch he would last longer and learn better to defend against Eric’s style. At some point, and Jericho still can’t decide just when, he and Eric became friends and he found his place in The Circle.


The following years Jericho would greatly improve both his social skills along with his combat skills. With the Circle he managed to find friends and grow out of the prideful petty child he was in his first years.


A year ago, in his last year on Haven, Jericho and some other students were caught in a riot when returning from the city. A group of White Fang agitators had gotten some dust weapons in the Faunus rights protest and after they had started shooting the riot police intervened, causing panic and more violence. Jericho and the other students became cornered by a part of the mob and had to defend themselves. Jericho was the first into the fray and held his ground long enough for the other students to either get away or join him in holding their ground. The Faunus mob was quickly dispersed after the students stood their ground, but not without many injured on both sides, only Jericho seemed to come out of it untouched.


Now Jericho has left the familiar halls of Haven behind him as he has been accepted at Beacon Academy to continue his training to become a Huntsman.



Aura colour: Silver, although it shifts to a silvery-gold colour if he goes into his more ruthless survivalist mentality.


Semblance: Soulbound

Jericho's sword Wintermaan is bound to him and as long as he is in fighting condition he can summon the sword directly to his hand. Usually this is only noticed a moment later when someone notices that they never actually saw him draw his sword or that he even had it with him.

For years Jericho has been trying to summon his revolver Dageraad in the same way; however he has not succeeded to this day.


Wintermaan: A Side-sword with a simple hilt and crossguard with a slight S shaped curve and a simple basket guard. A fine lined, curving pattern is etched in the blade but the design appears to be only a fragment of the full design. When Jericho summons Wintermaan to his hand the pattern glows faintly blue. Jericho has modified the hilt to hold a small dust cartridge to imbue the blade with a magical charge.


Dageraad: A darkened steel and silver accented revolver (A customized version of the Avalon Armory Mk. 6 Dust Revolver) bearing the same curving pattern as Wintermaan on the barrel and frame. Instead of firing bullets it uses a dust charge and is capable of loading 6 different types of dust and to freely switch between the 6 cartridges. Jericho built Wintermaan to compliment his sword fighting with a one-handed ranged weapon. While the weapon is functional and very effective he is still is busy to improve the design. (Based on the Mateba model 6 Unica autorevolver)


Combat Stats: (not sure if we should use this but i've seen charts used on other original RWBY characters)

Speed: 5

Armor: 6

Ranged Weapons: 7

Melee Weapons: 7

Aura/Semblance: 9

Dust proficiency: 7


Combat style: (not sure on this one either, but it could be fun to make a synergy between characters)


Jericho is a jack of all stats, although not as fast as others he has deep wells of endurance when it comes to his aura. Using his aura to enhance his armor and combat skills he can stay in the fight for extended periods without slowing down. He fights centralized, keeping the action focused on him, rather than on his target. He doesn’t move around the battlefield as fast as others, but is still agile enough to traverse the battlefield at his own pace.

Although at first he practiced a traditional style of sword fighting, Jericho has developed his own style to make use of his semblance in combat. Because of his semblance Jericho can always make a surprise strike, this is only practical in a fight against other humans, like a duel. After his opening move, he proceeds to keep distance and let his enemy come to him, should they keep their distance as well then Jericho will distract them by throwing his sword (either aimed at them or away from the fight to draw the eye) allowing him to quickly draw his revolver and fire a few shots with both hands for accuracy. Against large groups of Grim Jericho has practiced throwing his sword accurately while surpressing larger groups with his revolver until they get within melee range.

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