I need some RP, and you.

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Been a while since I posted here. Its time I return for some creative colab with some brilliant minds.

(Any typos I applogize, typing on phone)

This post will be bare and naked of ideas due to my lack of having thought through a lot if any rp ideas. However, thats a good thing. I want ro start from scratch with several people. I juggle multi rps no prob.

My personal style and levels are lengthy, detailed posts. I write in/up to a NC17 rating (reality isnt pg13, so I will not write a lie, personal pov...ask me if you want my story lawl) and am comfortable with gore, blood, sex, nudity, profanity, and anything else. Details on all aspects will be refined during 1 on 1.

I write from a females pov, 3rd person. I can write males as secondary. Sexual orientation is always straight.

Genre I do all and any, save fighting and fandom. I love mixing a hint of action, romance, gore,horror and then some. Details refined in 1 on 1.

Preferable to do 1 on 1 rp due to life expectancy of even a 1 on 1 to die soon. Been around a long while and am able to count on one hand my rps that were completed.

True fact, I am a RP Whore. Once I am a part of an idea or universe I am excited about...its all I want and crave. Naturally I respect people having lives and that junk. I simply like to illustrate my passion and excitement when a world, idea, character and partner thrill me to that level.

So drop a reply if you think you can handle me ~.^ Share ideas, thoughts, ask me questions. Be brave and honest.


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well, as I find myself in a similar situation I'll offer my help. Lets see if we can build something from scratch?

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Good, we can approach this from 3 ways i think; setting, characters or plot. did you have any specific ideas you wanted to try out?

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Anything beyond here is content welcome to all to resource for rps with me!

This/these are simply elements I like.

Character relation I like a kind of charismatic dominant male in control, though he isnt a wholesome good person. Then there being the better half, but not cliche!!

That blind direction until you learn or realize whats really going on.

I am best at medieval/medieval fantasy. Mixing genres is awesome if done right. be it modern falling Into medieval or medieval into modern.

Thats all my thoughts for tonight!

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