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I'm looking for either a male or a female character for my female character. (This is why it is tagged as yuri. I do prefer a female, though!) This is a fantasy role play. With dragons and trolls, and a forest of zombies, and what have you.

18+ mature partner.
No whiny, helpless characters. I don't want my characters to have to do everything. That's boring!

Sexy stuff is okay, but only if there is a proper build up to it and it does not take away from the rp. I don't want this to end up being a PWP. So if you only want to rp for smut, than I'm not your girl. If you like plot and like to see where it can go, possibly leading to sexy stuff, than maybe I'm your girl. Care to find out?


I think this is a one x one type role play. I'm not so sure about doing a group role play yet.


So far I play two characters, a human girl and a troll. You can be either male or female, human or elf, or any other humanoid person. You can play a creature if you want. My troll is a boy, you can play a female troll. In this RP trolls are not bad creatures, but misunderstood because of their looks. (No mature troll romance... just... no)

Give me an example of your writing through PMs.

High casual to advanced writing. 3+ paragraphs a must! No oneliners!

Name: Arlia (Lia)
Age: 17


Bio: Arlia was taken advantage of by is now pregnant. She has to switch places with her twin sister so that she can escape the castle walls and avoid punishment for the taboo of being pregnant before being married. The only reason she has a twin to switch with is because of the Breeding Laws in the kingdom. Each family are allowed only one male child and one female child. The king and queen are very strict with upholding laws, or at least pretending to, so when they had twin daughers, one of them was hidden away and given to the kitchen staff to raise. Arlia found out about her sister through the words of her favorite mades when she was on her death bed. The twins quickly became close and each were willing to switch so that Arlia would not be pushed, because even as princess, she could still be punished.




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I'm on my phone currently but I shall get a profile and post up for you tomorrow so keep a lookout





Name: Zyraeda


Age: 147 elven years about 21 human years


Bio: Zyraeda is the newest princess of the elven clan. Before the reveal of her destiny Zyraeda was a warrior, daughter of a healer and a general. Her mother taught her the ways of their elders using old magick to heal any sort of illness or injury. Her father had taught her how to hunt before training her to be a soldier. It was her father that gave Zyraeda her most treasured gift, an intricate long bow which she kept slung around her shoulders at all times. Her parents however did not remain with her long as they disappeared after the first raid over a century ago. Most of the elven clan knew her parents had been killed which led to Zyraeda being raised by many of the clan members, where they taught her all that she knows now of dark magick and light magick, as well as all the skills necessary for a warrior. Never for a moment did she ever feel unwanted or uncared for and as the newest princess she is more than happy to return the favor and take care of her clan as they have done for her in the past years of her childhood.





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