Here comes a new dork-lenger!!!

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*Bursts into the room, full of enthusiasm, arms flailing in the air with excitement* 


Hi everyone!  Dan here, wanting to introduce myself and hopefully join the fun!


*finds himself in an empty room, save for a table, a Styrofoam cup, and a random tumble weed that rolls by*


Oh...  I must have the wrong room...  sorry...  *That said, he walks out and tries the next room, with the same enthusiastic manner*  Hi everyone!  Dan here, wanting to-  *finds himself in an empty room, also with just a table, a Styrofoam cup, and a random tumble weed rolling by*


... oh...  weird...  deja vu...  next room!  *heads for the next room, acting as before*  Hi every-  Oh come on!!!  *is in an empty room, exactly as before*  How the heck am I always in a room with just a table, a cup, and a tumble weed thingy?  *It rolls past him*  ... hey there...  what's up?


Ok, maybe people are still listening in on this?


The name is Dan Danni!  Well, ok, that's my pen name.  Maybe I'll share my real name later, but pen name for now if it's alright.


A little bit about myself.  I'm a story writer in training... with a severe case of writers block. (Imagine that,huh? Fail)  I'll be honest, a friend of mine recommended this place to me, and told me a bit about how it works.  As an aspiring writer with a severe case of writers block, and little to no skill in writing due to apparently having a self delusional belief that reading was holding me back (Yes, you are free to mock at will), I have come here hoping to improve, both as an rpier and as a writer.  Wish me luck!


Other things I'm into are anime, manga, comic books, certain movies (it seems I'm pretty picky sometimes. <-- Embarrassed face), and video games, especially MMO's recently.


I love role playing the most!  Not only is it fun, but it seems to be the best form of writing practice for me!  Plus, I kind of have loads and loads of characters to play with.  However, it's been a long time, (thank you real life, I highly appreciate you getting in the way of that!) and I'm out of practice.  Need to resharpen my rp skills a little... a lot... a lot a lot...


Things I like to rp?  I'm generally good with almost all kinds of rps.  It's easier for me to list what kind of rps I'd steer away from if I can, and what conditions will coax me into giving them a go.  Smut?  Very difficult for me, very... very difficult.  But I can give it a go as long as it's plot relevant (just expect me to be really bad at it).  High school scenario?  More likely to join if something super-natural or fantasy like is going on.  Much more so if random shenanigans happen (I'm a fan of shenanigans.)  Gory stuff?  Depends on how well it's written.  It could be handy for a good horror story.  Basically, I'm good for any and all kinds of adventure and fantasy stuff.  I tend to steer clear of the real life kind of things.


If anyone has any questions about me or if they want to hear about the charries I have, feel free to ask questions!  I love a good game of 20 questions!  Again, hope to fit in as best as I can!


*staring at the empty room*  ... I feel silly making this speech in an empty room...  and I swear that tumble weed is clapping...  nope...  just my imagination...

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Though no window seemed to be present, a soft wind picked up and began blowing the tumbleweed gently aside as a white-haired girl with a short blue dress draped about her appeared in the bland room. Her cold blue eyes looked at the enthusiastic intruder before she walked over to the table and picked up the Styrofoam cup, catching the scent of the warm liquid inside before sipping it and setting it back on the table. She finally seemed to give the stranger her attention and offered him a smirk as she studied him.


Welcome to Surreality. I must say, brace yourself for this room should be full as soon as everyone wakes up and gets online. We have a sort-of welcoming parade here. It sure can make you feel... well... not ignored, that's for sure.


Her voice came as cold as the icy blue eyes that stared.


In fact, I'm not sure how much your friend has told you, but there is a group of Scholars here, Kindly Scholars, that make it their job to help where they are needed. For example, making new-comers feel comfortable and helping them go through the steps here. Going from a Student to a Graduate. Creating your own roleplays and finding members to roleplay in them. Having some nice faces to turn to.


I am not a Kindly Scholar.


You can tell this because I do not have a blue tag on my name. If you don't already, you'll understand once you see them. But to help out, their names are HerculeHastings, TriOctium, and Raine Bell.


My name is Ice. She gives a small bow. You are the first new-comer I have replied to IC. Congrats on getting me to do so. I do so enjoy it, though.


Anyway, even though I'm not a Scholar, if you ever seem to be unable to find one(since it is kind of the busy-time of year right now) then feel free to ask some of the more senior members. I'm sure they can help. I'd be more than happy to help, in fact. And if I don't know the answer to your questions, I should be able to know who I can go to to find out.


As for your dislike of real-life roleplays... I think you've found a nice site to join ^-^ I have already made a sort of list of some people I think would probably be interested in roleplaying with you. Depending on how my schedule plays out, I might even be one of them :x But, first thing's first! You need to work towards becoming a Graduate! I do hope roleplaying helps break your bought of Writer's Block and I do hope to see you around~ It makes me sad to see new people come then go almost immediately afterwards....


She hops up on top of the table, crossing her legs as she sits on it and takes another sip of the unknown drink found there, awaiting the welcoming committee.


Like West. She is awaiting West.


​Will the comedic stalker be coincidentally stalking this thread?

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*jumps out from behind the tumbleweed* Hi!


*another tumbleweed drifts over to cover her again*


*swats tumbleweed away* Bah, speaking of deja vu.


Hi there! I'm HH, one of the Kindly Scholars Ice mentioned. I like asking questions! In fact, I write the Weekly S*T Scoop (which is a weekly Tumblr column for the site -- do look at the top right corner where you can see all our social media links) and my favourite part is interviewing people. So I'll start off with 2 questions!


1. Who's the friend who brought you here?


2. What anime do you like?

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Of course I am here

That's why I have so many

Restraining orders

Hello newcomer

You can call me Wstfgl

Though some call me West

I do not usually

Welcome people with haikus

I'm just very bored

Seek out the scholars

If you have any questions

They will not bite you

Okay I'll stop now

Enjoy your role playing here


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Um. Hi. You can probably just act however you want, this site is a magnet for the weird ones. It's fine to be inexperienced; I've little experience of my own. Just stick around, and you'll get all the experience you need.

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*The door swings open and the curvaceous gal strolled in tipping the edge of her hat in acknowledgement, tossing a sultry wink towards the newcomer*

Well howdy there darlin, it's a pleasure to meet'cha. I know the feeling of aspiring to write and also hitting blocks. Story of my life. So I'm one of the scholar round these parts and more then happy to be of service. Feel free to shoot me a pm and call on me if you'd like.

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I had to do it, since Wst was using haikus and all.


Anyway, I'm one of the Kindly Scholars, as Ice has mentioned. I'm a fan of anime, manga and computer games in general too, so I think we'll get along just fine. :) If you ever need anything, just send me a PM and I'll be happy to help you out!

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*He was just getting ready to leave too when all of a sudden, people started to pour in, one after another.  Part of him thought it was kind of cool, especially considering how most seemed to have come in out of no where.  Another part thought that he may have stumbled onto an elderich location of some sort.  He chose to believe the latter.  Elderich locations were kind of something he learned to look out for.*


Well... quite a lot of people to reply to!  *claps hands together*  Well, guess I'll go one by one!  


First of all, thank you very much for the welcome!  A bit surprising considering I thought this room was...

Anywhoot, to... Ice, right?  Thank you very kindly for the information!  And for the entrance!  Always did love the cold element... handling it is a different matter.  Also, not sure what I did to get you IC, but if you enjoy it then hopefully I can keep it up for as long as you can still enjoy it.  And I'm definitely hoping to graduate soon, though to be fair I'll prolly only be able to post at least once a day.  Real life is still fighting to pull me away, so I'll reply when I can.


I'll do so over the phone if I must, but the quality of my writing my suffer a bit... here's to hoping.  


And speaking of new people who come and go, actually, and to answer HH's (Is it alright to call you that?) question, the friend in question is actually my wife who was a member here but didn't really do anything since life kinda got hectic for the both of us... heheh... yeah...  She mentioned it to me when she saw me struggling to not only find a good place to role play but also improve my writing.  Personally, that was enough for me to pounce!


As for anime, dang, I've been away from the scene a while, also due to life becoming hectic.  But I will share the animes that I've fallen for.  Astro Boy was my very first back in the day (at the time, I didn't even know what anime was).  Then came sailor moon (At the time, I didn't even know of the existence of subbed.)  Later was pokemon, (At that time, I was big into the game, so as a kid I was big into that too.)  Then came the anime that pretty much changed my life simply by being the one that got me hooked on anime to begin with, Slayers (My first anime love!  Oh how I've broken many of rib laughing to that one).  That pretty much got me on the path.  Afterwards, lemme think for a minute... Shaman King is one I love, Bleach is one I love, Soul Eater... I'm beginning to notice a spiritual pattern here... heh... Let's see, what else is there... Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (that one has somehow given birth to my phobia of cicadas... somehow...), Puella magi madoka magica (Normally drama isn't my thing, but that one just drew me in really... really well), Card Captor Sakura (I'm a sucker for cute and adorable), A little bit of Saint Tail (mostly the manga, but my resources there were limited), Magic Knights Reyearth (Magic Knights... end of story), A bit of Gundam, here and there (Giant Mecha... also end of story... is that part of why I liked MKR?), Big O (That one was kind of a trip for me, actually),  Rockman.exe (That one had an unfair advantage.  Megaman was my first video game love.), aaaand... I think that's it... no wait... yeah, those were the ones I became pretty attached to.  I would say DBZ, but to be fair I didn't really give that one a chance until DBZ Abridged, so I'm not sure if it counts.


And to Wstfgl

Or if you prefer just West

Please teach me your ways, oh master... Darn it!  I screwed up!!!  There goes my first impression...


Seriously, all Haiku just cause you were bored?  Brownie points, lots and lots of brownie points!  (Also, bonus brownie points just for your icon!  X3  If that's a chase scene, it is an epic crazy awesome chase scene!)


To Solystice, Thank you kindly, I do hope to gain my experience soon.  Though... I would warn against being myself.  Well, me being myself is fine (if you guys are okay with someone who is sometimes silly and sometimes tries to hard to be silly), it's just that... being myself technically means...


Skye:  *Sneaking up from behind Dan*  Do we get to invade yet?


NO!  *starts shoving Skye back*  Bad wind spirit!  No invading in OOC just yet!  I don't need you guys coming out!


Skye:  We've remained out of your control ever since you made us, do you honestly think we'll listen?


Well... no... but... still!!!  Just not now!!!!  I'll get you a pie, a big pie!!!


Skye:  ... you drive a haaaard bargain... okay, you got a deal, for noooow... *and with that, she disappears*


S-sorry about that... my characters, like she said... I have no control over them...


To... *he leans in to check the name tag* Rain Bell.  I'll be sure to... do just that, if I can think of any questions... *the behavior she displayed was one worth blushing to*


Skye:  ... can I play with her?




Daemon:  Can I play with her?  *gives Rain a wink of his own*


YOU TOO?!  BACK, THE BOTH OF YE!!!  *shoves both characters back to the IC archives*  Mental note, develop a means to keep unwanted charries out...


And lastly to... *leans in to see his name tag* TriOctium...  I'll be honest... I've never even watched that show and I already knew what it meant before I read the translation.  I would have responded right there and then, but admittedly it took me roughly an hour to get over my laughter enough to reply... you didn't really do anything, did you?  I'm not gonna explode or anything, am I?  Great, now I'm paranoid...



Thank you all again!  Hoping to fit in quite well here!  Admittedly, super nervous, but I'll get by eventually.  I do have a question, though... I've read as much as I could, about where I can start, the classifieds, and what not.  I feel like, I'm missing something, so just to be sure, where should I start?  Should I start looking for an rp?  Should I make a profile of some sort, and if I should, where do I go for that?  (If it's as easy as just changing up my profile on my account itself, I'mma gonna kick myself so hard...)  Any other tips I should know, like what should I put down?  Admittedly, I'm just looking for a way to get my own personal momentum started so that I don't get lazy...  Thanks in advance for any advice you guys may have!

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What's a dork-lenger?


Hello, dandanni, welcome to Surreality-rp. I'm quite new here myself (like a week ago)

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A dork-lenger is a failed attempt, by me, to combine the words dork with challenger... Yeah, I are fail.


Also, love your icon!  It looks wicked awesome!  Wish I could do a sword fight like that.

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I suppose I'm fairly new too, but I graduated recently so I wear big boy underpants now.




Hope you get your writing practice in and have a good time while you're at it. You avoid smut and gore, so you'd probably be best off avoiding me....

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Go start an RP

Make a thread in discussions

Or join an open one

Character profiles

Go in the discussion for

The RP you join


Archive them in a thread at

"Character Profiles"

For your own profile

It is found at "my settings"

Edit as you please

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Posting once per day is nothing to be ashamed of! People on Surreality do that on average. I'm one of those who post every few days, though. >.<


Also, yes do call me HH!


Ahh, I like Pokémon and Shaman King too! I didn't get to finish watching Shaman King cuz YouTube didn't have 1 of the episodes. I was a wee teen at the time and hadn't heard of anime streaming sites. XD But yeah the show was unexpectedly great. I also love Rockman EXE's opening song! I still remember the tune to this day.


Anyway, to clarify Wstie's haikus, there's a difference between character profiles and user profiles. For character profiles, you make a thread in the Character Profile Archive and put up 1 post for 1 character. For your own profile (like your gender, age and Skype ID) you go to the top left corner, where your name is, and click on Settings as he says.

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Please darling call me raine. My full name sound stuffy and overly formal at times. Also who was the wifey, I might remember her since I'm ridiculously old

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To Wst and HH, I think I get it.  Got a chance to do my own personal profile now finally!  Thanks for the info there!  I shall proceed to kick myself in the rear for not realizing that sooner.  That should have been obvious.  


Also, Wst... is that Jotaro looking at a picture of himself in drag?  To be frank, I didn't even realize that game had an anime!  


To HH, now you got me thinking of that song!  I remember thinking it was so awesome that I had to sing it!  And so I did... in class... they never let me live that down... It didn't help that it was failed attempts at Japanese either.  You also got me thinking of poor Yoh with Anna's infamous training sessions.  Yoh had the most pathetic whimper.


And to answer your question, Raine, she doesn't remember her screen name at the time.  Never got to do anything, really.

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That's Joseph Joestar in drag, not Jotaro. And... It's a manga. A 25 year old one, though only one part of eight made it to the West until the game and anime got localized this year.

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Whoops, my bad.  Shows what I know, doesn't it?

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