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Original story, Private RP between myself and Erogenous Enigma, rated NC-17 for possible violence and dark themes and whatnot.




The Sands of Ra


Egypt is ruled by the Pharaohs, those who are considered the sons of Ra, God of Gods. It is a time of great wealth and prosperity, but also one of slavery and injustice. Egypt is polarized by it's leader, and the vast abyss between the rich and the poor has never been wider. It is a grand empire, but one built upon the blood and tears of slaves. Pharaoh Apophis has ruled for over 20 years, he is neither a tyrant or a saint, and yet he has his enemies. He knows that one day he will no longer rule Egypt, either through bloodshed and betrayal or the passage of time. He has spent much of his rule teaching his son, Seth, to become Pharaoh, in the hopes that his dynasty will continue. But even now, unseen forces move against the Pharaoh, that will bring two people together. Born of starkly different worlds, their relationship will forge the future of Egypt, for better or worse.





Name: Seth
Age: 17

Personality: Proud, arrogant, vain and more than a little superior. Seth can be difficult at the best of times, he is impatient and easily annoyed or frustrated when things don't go his way. He can be lazy at times, and prefers to spend his time doing whatever takes his fancy, often ignoring his responsibilities. Despite his faults, he is incredibly brave and has the potential to be a kind and caring person.
History: Son of the great Pharaoh Apophis and Queen Nefertari, who died giving birth to him. Seth is the sovereign Prince of Egypt, born into title, wealth and privilege. He has known little hardship in his life compared to most, although he does not see it that way. From a very young age he was taught leadership, politics, history, geography, war and many other things. He was tutored - and became a prodigy - in the ancient Egyptian form of unarmed combat known as 'Kemet', a mixture of kick-boxing and wrestling. He has lived a sheltered life, despite his many luxuries, and knows little of the real world though up till now, he would likely not care for much of it, or those who toil in it. However, when he meets a certain girl, his life will never be the same again.

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Name:  Iseret

Age:  17

Appearance:  Blue Eyes Like Fire

Personality:  Patient, caring, and understanding. She is always giving, always seeking to make someone else's load a little lighter. Though she's very introverted, most of her kindness will go unnoticed, she rarely speaks out to those that she aids and simply does. However, there is a viciousness about her that really only comes about when she is in direct contact with unjust or blatant cruelty. 

History:  Born into slavery she was an unlikely child, a frail girl, born too early, to a mother that should never have made it to term. Her mother died giving birth to her, which wasn't unexpected given their lives. Though her father mourned her mother, he never blamed her, his love for her was always absolute. When she turned fourteen her father introduced her to the rebellion she was bother terrified and excited. Rebelling against the Pharaoh meant so many things: revenge, justice, freedom. The threat of being caught was horrifying, but too abstract for it to really occur to her the true danger that was involved. She was always eager in the evenings when they were allowed free reign to meet with her father and the other rebels to train and practice. Their bodies were already taunt with days in the hot sun working - slaving. Now it was just a matter of finesse. She would follow her father's lead, she knew nothing but slavery, but following orders, she did not understand luxury or comfort, her father's way was the only way, there was nothing else for them. 

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