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Private RP between myself and Skielights, rated NC-17 for possible violence, dark themes and whatnot.

Just going to use this as a place to put our character sheets and discuss anything, or put down information we need to store. Sci-fi RP about aliens. 





Name: Alex Cooper
Age: 15
Appearance: 5'6'', slim build, pale skin. Alex has thick, long dyed-black hair down to his chest and mischievous grey eyes. He is a relatively handsome teenager, with angular elf-like features. He wears a pair of stylish, black-rimmed glasses and tends to dress in blacks, purples and browns.
Personality: Free-spirited, impulsive, messy, impatient and at times, downright selfish. Alex is an emotional person, who can be critical and condescending of others, he can be difficult at the best of times. Though he can make stupid mistakes often because of his impulsive nature, he is also capable of acts of great bravery and kindness, and though he can be anti-social and slow to warm to people, once friends, he protects that friendship fiercely. 
Bio: Alex grew up in Great Falls, Montana. Brother to Zoe, son to Gene and Christine. His mother and father drifted apart when he was still a young child and in the end, his father left. From the age of five, Alex and his sister (three at the time) were raised solely by their mother. Alex had a relatively normal life, he did well enough in school, but never particularly excelled. He was neither especially popular, nor socially outcast, but was well-liked by those few he chose as friends. He never had a particularly close relationship with his sister, Zoe, and so this summer, his mother decided to send them on a road trip with their Uncle Jake, so that they could bond as siblings. Or at least, that is what they have been told...

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Name: Zoe Cooper


Age: 13


Appearance: Zoe is five foot nothing, and currently all elbows, knees, and awkward limbs. Her wide grey eyes are set in a face somehow round and thin at the same time. Her clothes aren’t necessarily fashion-attentive, but are always pristine, and her straight red-blond hair is always in place.


Personality: Zoe firmly believes in looking before leaping, to the point where she may just look and back off. She is a neat freak who keeps everything in its place, and finds it extremely difficult to deal with sudden changes of plan or disorganization. She has an eye for patterns and connections, and this leads her to know what pushes peoples nerves as well as what would help them the most. It’s easy for Zoe to relate to others in her own mind, and talk to people both older and younger than her. When it comes to people her own age, however, she has a mortifying habit of freezing up in the middle of conversations. This makes the other students uncomfortable enough to leave her alone if not get in her face about it. Zoe is wired to not only see and appreciate order, but also to see and deeply appreciate beauty around her. Easily drawn in by unusual things or events, Zoe enjoys absorbing amazing details about whatever catches her eye in whatever way she can.


Bio: Great Falls, Montana has been home to Zoe, her brother Alex, and her mother Christine for as long as Zoe remembers. Her father hasn’t been around since she was three years old, but Christine has been a good mother as far as Zoe is concerned. Schoolwork has always come naturally for Zoe. She’s taking full advantage of this, working toward possible college full-rides in the future. She would rather be basically anywhere other than an RV with aggravating Alex and monotonous Uncle Jake. The fact that her mother wants her to go is the only thing getting Zoe packed and ready, and that with liberal complaints. Zoe hopes they’ll spend the whole time driving and sleeping, so she can stick earbuds in her ears and call it good.

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