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Intense Romance

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I'm looking for someone who can(and is willing to) roleplay with me over skype, not exclusively, we will still post up on the forum, but since Forged with Fate, I've found that doing conversation or one-on-one roleplays over anything but instant messaging is awkward and is not nearly as smooth(Thanks for ruining me for all over rpers Valentine!). I am online quite a bit (as I work a job that requires me to sit around and twiddle my thumbs) Saturday- Wednesday from 3-11 EST, so if you can mesh up with me at least two days a week and are interested in a very intense, one-on-one roleplay, please continue reading.


I'm looking for a romance, you cannot be shy about sex, while I have no intentions of making it a prominent detail, if it does come into the story I don't want someone who is too shy to write about it. I only put this up because it has come to my attention that some people are uncomfortable with sex scenes and if you're one of them, we probably won't work so well together. I write a lot of erotica, trust me when I tell you I am a kinky creature. But just to verify, this will still be a STORY, if sex comes into play it will be a plot device ONLY, I'm not looking for a smut tale!


I play malexfemale, femalexfemale, or hermxfemale, I will play any of the roles: Male, Female, or Hermaphrodite(female persona). Males I will always play a dominant character, where as females, and fem-herms I can/will switch.


I will play just about any race-creature, from just normal humans(You don't always need magic and fantasy to make the drama interesting!) to several hundred feet tall dragons.


My only other modifier is that it must be a medieval - renaissance - victorian world. I do have some ideas if you think you'd be interested in the above qualifications throw me a message on skype - glassdaemon and we can discuss ideas.

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