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Wondering if anybody has interest in a BBC Sherlock roleplay.  I have some thoughts on a case(s) that I can share if you're interested.  I'd like to take on the challenge myself of playing Sherlock Holmes.  I'm open to the idea of romance as long as everybody stays in character (in other words, your John or your Irene is not going to seduce my Sherlock in ten seconds flat.)  


Right now I am specifically looking for 1x1 roleplay but I could be convinced to organize a group Sherlock RP if there was enough interest.  


1x1 pairings...


  • John x Sherlock
  • Lestrade x Sherlock (pre-John years?)
  • Irene x Sherlock (the Great Hiatus?)



Prompts that could be developed into full-blown storylines with a little work:


  • John and Sherlock are kidnapped by what is basically the London mafia/mob.  Hurt, lost, and totally at the mercy of their captors, they have to unravel the case, find the leader's weakness, and somehow escape with their lives.
  • John gets a new girlfriend and Sherlock starts using again.  
  • John is badly wounded on a case and Sherlock considers excluding him from future cases, for his safety.
  • Mycroft is kidnapped as leverage against Sherlock.
  • Sherlock overdoses on morphine during a dry spell and John/Lestrade have to deal with the fallout.  
  • Lestrade is nearly killed when Sherlock catches the wrong bad guy and a murderer seeks revenge.
  • Any of the boys suffers a spinal cord injury and has to live with paralysis that may or may not be lifelong.  
  • A murderer is specifically trying to get John and Sherlock's attention.  Little do they know this man is someone from John's past...
  • Someone is trying to frame one of the boys for murder.
  • A serial rapist has been targeting middle-aged women, but this case is peculiar because each of the victims gives a drastically different description of their attacker, despite DNA at the crime scenes being identical.

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