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Private RP between myself and Neferteri. Rated NC-17 for violence, gore and dark themes. 




Akuma. Creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. Though often monstrous and demonic in appearance, they are much like humankind. They are as capable of acts of great good as they are of great evil. Many simply want to live their lives, but there are some who would inflict harm upon others. The Akuma are unlike humans in that they often possess great and terrible powers. It is for this reason that the human laws and those that uphold them are insufficient for the task of maintaining order and peace when it comes to Akuma. 

Though the samurai are the ruling class, and are above many of the laws that the peasants of both races must abide by, they are still bound by a code of morals and laws and their individual power was insufficient in dealing with Akuma. So was born the Shinsengumi, often labelled as the 'puppets of the Shogun' by the people, they were individuals who sacrificed their emotions in exchange for the power that would allow them to uphold the law, even over the Akuma. They are often feared and hated by the general population, for unlike samurai, they are emotionless and though they are fair and logical in their decisions, they can rarely be reasoned with or manipulated. 

The year is 1598 and Japan is on the verge of civil war. The current military leader of the country or 'Shogun', Ashikaga Yoshiaki, has been under threat by a rebellion led by a man called Tokugawa Ieyasu, who wishes to usurp Yoshiaki and claim power over the Shogunate. Though Yoshiaki is well-liked, he also has much opposition, enough to draw Japan into a civil war that could last for hundreds of years. Crime is rampant - murder, rape and theft goes unchecked and groups of bandits sweep through the country like a plague. It is a time of great turmoil and strife for the people of Japan. However, there is still hope, in the form of two unlikely heroes.







Shinsengumi - Created hundreds of years ago by the Shogunate, when the incidents of Akuma-involved crimes had risen to dangerous proportions and the samurai were insufficient in upholding the law. The Shinsengumi exchange their emotions in return for power, how it is achieved is unknown to all but the Shogun and the Shinsengumi themselves. They have a great many varied abilities amongst their ranks, however, they are generally capable of great feats of strength, speed and agility. Their reflexes are superhuman and the rate at which they heal is greatly increased. Wounds that would take a human weeks to recover from can be healed in a matter of hours/days. 


Akuma - Creatures that have been around for as long as humankind can remember. They are greatly integrated into society and hold titles from peasant, to merchant, to samurai and even Daimyo (Lord). Akuma can be far more varied in appearance and power than the average human. They are skilled in a great many things, but are just as fallible as any human. Many accept or tolerate Akuma as part of their way of life, but despite this there are a great many who harbour ill will towards them. Racism is always bubbling under the surface. While capable of good or evil as much as any human, the Akuma are far more dangerous. For when a man is pushed to do evil, he may wield a sword or bow, or even an army. But an Akuma is capable of acts of great physical strength, as well as an array of abilities unique to each individual.


Samurai - The samurai are the ruling class in feudal Japan. Unlike peasants, merchants, etc. who are bound by a great many laws, the samurai only have a short list to obey. They are able to kill peasants without reason or provocation and are the enforcers of the general law and order of the country, however, they answer to the Shinsengumi in matters relating to the Akuma, or if a samurai has disobeyed an order or committed a crime. They are proud warriors who are honour-bound to serve their Daimyo, however, there are samurai who exist without masters and these are called 'ronin' and are generally regarded as disgraceful. 


Shogun - The Shogun is the military leader of Japan. Though the Shogun is appointed by the Emperor, they are the de facto ruler of Japan. The government of the Shogun is known as the 'bakufu'. The Shinsengumi are not strictly employed by the Shogun, but by the public, yet even the Shinsengumi are bound to obey the word of the Shogun.





Name: Satoshi
Age: 27

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