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Here will be a list of my characters as and when I make them. Wooosha!


Name: Shuzo Keiruno
Age: 14
Personality: Strong, optimistic and courageous. Shuzo can occasionally appear arrogant but this is merely confidence in his capabilities. Shuzo is quick to trust others as allies, however, has a habit of being tough on people through desire to strengthen them. His tactics lie purely within combat and his bravery can often send him unnecessarily into battle. 
Background: Shuzo's clan specialise in element-influenced Taijutsu. Whilst his clan members have various elemental affinities, they specialise in perfecting martial arts to work cohesively alongside their elemental ninjutsu. Shuzo was previously part of a 3-man Genin Squad and Jounin Leader. During a C-rank mission the situation took an unsuspecting turn which revealed that the mission was far more dangerous than expected, requiring the expertise of Special Jounin ninja. Shuzo's squad was ambushed by a team of ninja with far greater skill which lead to the death of his two Genin comrades as well as his Jounin Leader. Shuzo suffered critical injury and had managed to hide and survive for 2 days without being killed. He was eventually rescued when Konoha's ANBU ninja were sent to alleviate the situation. Now Shuzo is due to be assigned to a new squad and must learn to overcome his crippling guilt and fear of loss. 
Abilities: Shuzo is a Taijutsu specialist with above average physical attributes for his age. His prowess surpasses that of more experienced ninja. Shuzo uses Earth Element Ninjutsu as s supportive tactic to his Taijutsu, allowing him to take advantage of his sorroundings to aid him in combat as well as hinder his opponent. His Taijutsu is a reflection of his Earth Ninjutsu, and as such his blows hit incredibly hard and he strikes with purpose. 
Primary Strength: Bravery. Shuzo will never back down and pushes through his fears with little effort.
Supporting Trait: Disciplined and focused. 
Fatal Flaw: Shuzo is relentless and does not fall to fatigue or weakness. He carries everything he can on his shoulders and is reluctant to ask for help, even when he needs it desperately. 
Shadow Trait: Shuzo is constantly overcompensating for his guilt over the death of his team. He subconsciously yearns for support but constantly pushes it away. In truth he is not responsible for the deaths of his comrades, and must come to accept their fate in order to move on with his current team. 
Roleplayed In: Konoha: Leaf Chronicles

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Name: John Avery

Race: Genusian

Age: 47

Appearance: A lean man standing at 5'9''. John has the looks of a man once handsome in his younger days. He has a strong, defined jaw and short, light brown hair styled in a very typical crew cut with the hair on top styled in a side parting. His face is lightly tanned, rugged with stubble and scars from razor burn. He has soft wrinkles under his eyes. He has a few old, faded tattoos on his arms hiding under the fine hair across his arms and chest. His eyes are a dull grayish shade of blue. 

Personality: John is a taciturn man who is usually quite serious and to the point. He speaks with experience and authority although he does not appear to think much of himself. Showing mild signs of regret and self loathing, John rarely speaks of his past but normally does so bitterly. Despite being often quite quiet he is far from lazy and has a blue collar attitude toward working hard and doing a job you are given. John holds more stock in action than words and doesn't take too fondly to thinking men such as scientists and academics. For the most part he just wants to be left alone to do the job he came to do. He struggles with the death of his wife many years ago and the estrangement with his daughter that it caused. 

History: John was born on Lonseid, one of the closest planets to Genus. He lived a fairly ordinary childhood attending school with the other children in the small town of Charity that he lived in. When John was 18 he enlisted in the military. He served in a territorial patrol on Lonseid for several years. At the age of 19 he met Victoria, a beautiful young woman who was the daughter of his commanding officer. John married Victoria 3 years later and continued serving in the military, travelling and living on several military bases with Victoria. At the age of 23, shortly after his marriage to Victoria, she fell pregnant. Under pressure to provide for his future child John decided to enlist in the Genusian Space Faring Marine Unit. He left Victoria on Lonseid while he travelled the Helix system, taking part in dangerous and grueling operations that took a tole on his mind. He returned for the birth of his daughter, Carolyn, but Victoria could already see that the horrors of combat were changing the man she loved. For many years John served the military, each time returning to Lonseid to find his daughter a little older and more distant. At the age of 42 he arrived home to find that his wife had died in a fire caused by an electrical fault in his home. His daughter, Carolyn, was fortunately away from home at University during this time. After the funeral Carolyn finished her studies and chose to promptly leave Lonseid, taking a highly paid research position for a company situated in Arturo. Joh never saw his daughter again. Alone and no longer fit to serve in the military, he turned to alcohol and gambling. As his debts mounted John signed up for the easiest work he could find, research test subject work. 12 Months ago John received a call. His DNA and physical examinations were a match for an experimental research study. Despite minor concerns for his mental stability, he was offered the opportunity to pilot an experimental piece of equipment out in the reaches of space. It would require him living on a space craft for an extended period of time. With little else to live for he leapt at the chance. Within a month he was aboard the Apollo Venture, working under a Dr. Ralyn Asarath. After only a few months he completed his first expedition, venturing into the horror that was the Hollow Void. Although all he had experienced was mind shattering loneliness and a desire to end his own life, apparently he had done something right. The scientists were pleased. They wanted to send him in again. At first he protested, but he was promised that he would not be alone this time. He was told that new advancements to the suit would protect him. He agreed to try once more. It has been 9 months since John Avery first leapt into the Hollow Void. Today he makes his 14th attempt into the cold, empty abyss, in order to find answers to world we live in. Today John Avery will be given answers. 

Roleplayed In: The Hollow Void - The Odyssey of John Avery

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Name: Yangchen (Often just called Chen)

Age: 19

Appearance: tall and lean. Chen has green eyes and shaggy light brown hair that stops at his shoulders with a pair of prominent bangs framing his face. His arms, wrists and ankles are wrapped in bandages. He wears toed sandals and short trousers that stop just past his knees. He often wears a red, sleeveless jacket that reaches down to his thighs. 

Personality: Chen is a very relaxed and focused person. He is wise beyond his years and rarely fusses too much over trivial matters. He is youthfully mischievous at times but only in good fun. He is a truly kind natured and gentle person who has achieved a calm sense of belonging through his lifestyle as a nomad. 

History: Chen was born into a group of nomads who traveled across the world, although mostly throughout the Earth Kingdom. He is one of the rare few of his tribe who was born with the ability to manipulate the element of air. Chen was raised by his grandfather, Liu Fon, who taught him the ways of the ancient air nomads, and of his ancestry as an Air Bender. According to Liu Fon, all Air Benders are descendants of a gifted Avatar from many hundreds of years ago, and the blood of that avatar flows within the body of every air bender alive today. 2 years ago Chen's grandfather died defending the caravans when his tribe were attacked. Chen has traveled alone for the past few years. He has managed to find work for a group of rebels who fight against the empire that took his grandfather's life. Whilst Chen has no lust for vengeance, he desires to right the wrongs he feels the Empire has caused.

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Name: Djara Kuvae

Age: 28

Race: Rattaki

Appearance: Djara stands at 5'9'' with a lean, muscular build. He is completely hairless with chalk white skin and piercing white eyes. His face is decorated with with tattoos, notably a black stripe across his eye-line and three black, crescent shaped markings across his upper forehead. His abuse of the dark side has lead to blackened fingernails and a subtle display of dark veins emanating out from his eyes.

Allegiance: Sith Empire

Personality: Djara is strong and confident in his ability. He embraces the Sith ideology that power comes from emotion, and his rage and fury are the strongest emotions he has. Djara maintains the belief that he is not a cruel man, but simply practical and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. He is intelligent and often philosophical, enjoying discussing the morality of both the Sith and Jedi codes.

Bio: Djara was born on the harsh, and often unforgiving world of Rattatak in the Outer Rim. From a young age Djara was taught the art of war, becoming a skilled warrior by the age of 7.

He spent his youth fighting in the gladiatorial arenas of Rattatak, showing incredible skill and boundless potential. Despite this Djara was lost in a life he considered to have no purpose, driven only by his hatred and will to survive.

At the age of 16 Djara was discovered in the arena by Darth Lascerus, a Sith Pureblood and member of the Dark Council, holding the esteemed title of Dark Lord of the Sith. Lascerus offered Djara a chance for a new life serving as a member of the Sith Empire. Djara accepted the offer willingly, seeing an opportunity to find purpose in his life.

Seeing strong force sensitivity within the young man, Darth Lascerus sent Djara to the sith homeworld of Korriban where he became an acolyte under the tutelage of Lord Karrion Vohr. During his training Djara showed incredible skill but also a lack of respect for the Sith Code.

Djara's final trial as an acolyte was to enter an ancient tomb with his fellow acolytes and reach its deepest chamber to commune with the spirit of an ancient Sith Lord. During this challenge Djara killed the creatures that stood in his path, but also slaughtered each of his fellow acolytes in order to take out any competition.

Upon reaching the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord he was unable to commune with the spirit. Emerging from the tomb he was branded a failure by Lord Vohr. During a trial to decide his fate, Darth Lascerus emerged to defend his prodigy. In order to realise his potential Darth Lascerus offered Djara one more chance. Lascerus ordered the acolyte to strike down Lord Vohr to prove his superiority to the Dark Council. Djara relished the opportunity and clashed with his mentor, and they became locked in a fierce battle. During the fight Djara choked Lord Vohr using the force before removing Vohr's lightsaber and using it to decapitate it's former owner. Taking the lightsaber as his own, Djara took his rightful place at Darth Lascerus' side, becoming his apprentice.

Over the years Djara became Lascerus' hand of destruction, carrying out his will across the galaxy, slaughtering hundreds in the name of the Sith. His perfect kill streak was stained, however, when Djara found himself locked in battle with a Jedi Master. He was no match for the Jedi who bested him without as much as breaking a sweat. Djara awaited his death but was surprised when the Jedi Master opted to spare him, leaving him with the message that his power could be used for good.

This situation left Djara conflicted and deeply disturbed. He questioned all that he knew, all that his life was. In secret he studied the ways of the Jedi, intrigued by their desire for peace.  However the day came when his actions were discovered by Darth Lascerus.

Instead of punishing him Lascerus showed Djara that the Sith were also capable of patience and understanding.  He explained that the Jedi were hypocritical and naive. In their effort to stamp out darkness they hid their emotions, shying away not only from anger and hate, but also pride and, perhaps the most powerful emotion, love.

Djara found comfort in his Master's words.  After all it was Lascerus who saved him. It was Lascerus who had given him purpose. He trustee his Master and saw the Jedi for what they were. Fools.

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Name: Curtis Archer

Age: 24

Appearance: http://www.hdwallpap.../Sean-Faris.jpg

Race: Werewolf

Personality: generally quite relaxed but focused. Determined, confident, well mannered. Due to his wolf instincts he can also be very short tempered and often daring and cocky. While not a bad person, he's far from faultless and is prone to judge people quite quickly and sometimes harshly. Due to his wolf-mannerisms he can seem like two different people depending on how prevalent they are at the time. 

Bio: Curtis lives with his rather large family just outside of town at a series of cabin houses among the woods of Darkpine Valley. Curtis is a werewolf and the son of the Alpha of the pack. He has spent his life surrounded by an incredibly close family and has had to keep his life as a wolf secret from everyone he knew from school. At the age of 16 he finally matured and experienced his first transformation on a full moon. The experience terrified him, as it does most children in the pack. Over the years he grew accustomed to changing on the full moon, and he felt increasingly safer over the years as his family transformed together, to protect each other. Curtis is currently considering his life after college. He really wants to leave Darkpine and see the rest of the world. He knows that this is a difficult situation for him though. A werewolf is in great danger travelling alone. Without an Alpha to control him during a full moon, the feral, vicious nature of his inner wolf would result in a lot of trouble, and likely the death of those who did not deserve it. 



Enhanced Senses - Werewolves have enhanced sight, smell and hearing even in human form


Enhanced Physical - Werewolves are physically stronger and faster than humans, even in their human form. Werewolves also heal faster than humans.


Transformation - Werewolves only truly take their wolf form when the moon is full. During this time they become feral and vicious. Only an Alpha can control a feral wolf, and only an Alpha can maintain their own senses during a transformation. Alpha's can transform at any time. 


Imprinting - Werewolves imprint on those they become affectionate towards. This gives the werewolf an ability to sense when that person is in danger to varying degrees. 


Weaknesses - Werewolves are effectively human during a lunar eclipse. The day after a full moon werewolves are often weak and can get quite ill. They recover within 24 hours normally. 

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Name: Unknown

Alias: Echo

Age: 19

Place of Birth: Unknown



Personality: Echo is best described as enigmatic. He is a complex individual with an incredibly introverted mind. Despite this he gives off an extroverted attitude at times. This is simply a mask. Echo is young, sarcastic, charming and has a spark that causes people to find inspiration from his words. He is exceptionally intelligent for his age. While his intentions, on the surface, seem pure, he is a manipulative person. He chooses to withhold information and convinces others to conduct his work as and when he sees fit. Underneath his complex exterior he is quite a depressed person, possibly struggling with un-diagnosed psychological issues. He can often seem blunt in his honesty, and is not afraid to upset people with his opinions. 


Bio: Echo is young and lives alone. He does not appear to have a job and often locks himself up in his small apartment for days or weeks at a time. Socially he can be quite an awkward person, but he is exceptionally smart, especially with computers. His IQ is at a genius level, and his understanding of technology has allowed him to become one of the world's most accomplished hackers. He has created ripples of notoriety in certain underground societies on the internet, talking of forming a group in order to take down the government. He strives to bring freedom back to society, but beyond that his motives are unclear. He survives through a funds generated by a complex system he has put in place which periodically removes small amounts of money from bank account in high value sectors where the holders do not notice the small drop in wealth. While this does not generate him an inordinate amount of money, it does allow him to pay his rent, by his food and equipment and fund his operation to a basic extent. 


Most notable is Echo's understanding of government security systems where he has developed a series of complex overrides allowing him to manipulate certain areas of the city, be it changing the data projected through digital billboards, unlocking and locking security doors, tapping communications devices such as phones and cameras. Online, Echo is one of the most dangerous and formidable hackers in existence. In person, however, he is but a scrawny young man, with very little skills to offer other than his insight, knowledge and leadership. 

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