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Hey guys.  This is just an idea that I had that might be worth sharing.  Some of you might have seen this one in an earlier thread I made.  Just following HH's advice and making a separate thread for each of said ideas.


The world at large has been, for the most part, completely unaware of the magical world due to it being kept secret from the public eye.  For the most part, anything that could have revealed the magical world was dealt with harshly, thus silencing the "threat of exposure."  The governments of the world hold a hugely tight monopoly of magic, practically deciding who can use magic and how, but always in secret.  Then one day, one of the greatest defenders of the "Silence" has openly revealed to the world the existence of magic, even promising asylum for those who wish to come into the light and not hide anymore.  This is the story of but a handful of people who are connected to the magical world in some way or form, and how they deal with this new and very radical approach as a revolution takes place.


Think "The Secret World" except the secret as been blown and people either trying to accept it or deny it.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!  I'll try to set up more information and edit this page as I go along, so input and critique is very much appreciated.

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