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Private RP between myself and Raine_Bell. Angel/demon-based fiction. Rated 'X' for violence, gore, dark themes, language and most anything else is a possibility, so you have been warned, it might exist in there somewhere. I'll put a quick synopsis of the backstory here, along with a glossary and i'll add my character profile soon. 






The forces of heaven and hell are at war. Earth has always been their battleground. Their war was one of secrecy and subterfuge, a constant struggle of power fuelled by the souls of the living, equally balanced, it seemed as though it would never end. However, it was not to last, for one day the angels found that God had vanished, left without a word to them. Heaven was torn apart. Chaos, panic and fear gripped the host of heaven. Civil war erupted. Centuries of picking away at the defences of the gates of hell left them weakened, and in their moment of weakness, Lucifer struck.


Demons, escaping from hell, began to infest the Earth. What had been like a drip from a tap, became a strong and steady flow. When at last the angels had ceased their in-fighting, they found they were faced with a terrible plague upon the Earth. So it has been, for hundreds of years up to the present day. Angels, without the guidance from their creator, struggle on to hold back the tide of darkness even as it threatens to consume them.








Soul: A human's soul is a powerful thing. Both heaven and hell covet these above all else. They will do anything they can to lead a persons soul to their respective realm. Because ultimately, the side that controls these souls, controls the war. It is why the angels and demons fight.


Angel: The beings that guard heaven, as well as the well-being of all humanity. Their power is incredible, they are able to banish a demon back to hell through touch, but can kill them outright using a weapon forged in heaven called a 'Godhand'. Angels are only able to remain on Earth if they take a willing host. This person has to be pure of heart and a true believer in God, if they consent, then the angel is able to remain on Earth in control of this body. It requires no nourishment or sleep as a regular person would, they are true soldiers of heaven and are a terrifying force, but in number, they are hopelessly outmatched by demons. Angels are forbidden from directly interfering with humankind, they are able to subtly suggest or assist, but the decision must ultimately lie with the person in question. Though, this is not to say that rules have always remained strictly followed. 


Demon: Foul creatures, formed by the pain and misery of a soul in eternal torment. Over time, hell's torture wears away at a person until a choice is given, continue to receive the torture or choose to unleash it on others instead. It is in these acts that a person becomes a demon. Some are able to endure the torture, but most eventually break, whether it takes moments or millennia. In this, they are most different from angels, and the reasons angels despise demons so much. Unlike angels, who have never been human, demons were once God's creation, and this mutilation of the soul is repellent to all heavenly bodies. Demons do not abide by many of the laws that angels must, they can take a host by force for one, and can form contracts with other humans in exchange for their soul. Until they take a host, they are just a black cloud of fog, which though cannot be harmed, can be banished back to hell.


Fallen Angel: Angels that have broken the laws of heaven are cast down, whether to Earth or Hell is due to the severity of their punishment. As is well known, Lucifer was the first, for betraying God and creating the first demon, Lilith. But there have been plenty more since then, for even the angels are not as perfect as depicted in the human bible. Some are as capable of deceit and destruction as a demon. Fallen angels have been severed from their connection to heaven, as a result, much of their power is diminished and they are unable to banish demons, but they retain their Godhand. Despite this reduction in power, Lucifer has always been far stronger than any of the angels that followed after him, even in this diminished state.


Nephilim: They are the offspring of either a human/angel, a human/demon or even (though rare) a demon and an angel. Though they may be innocent themselves, just by being in existence they break the laws of heaven and are considered abominations. Were an angel ever to find one, they would strike it down with as much urgency as they would a demon. 


Godhand: The weapon used by all angels to permanently kill (rather than banish to hell) a demon. It can come in many forms, but in it's use not only will it kill the demon, it will also kill the human. This is an unfortunate reality, for when a demon has taken its host, any fatal damage it has already received during the course of its possession will kill the host when the demon leaves the body regardless. They are forged in heaven, and so are rare to be found outside the hands of an angel, but such things do have a way of going missing or being claimed from the bodies of dead angels.


Hellfire: Much like the Godhand, a Hellfire weapon can come in many forms, forged in hell by Lucifer himself. Unlike the Godhand which is able to kill demons, a Hellfire weapon is made to slay angels. It is as grotesque as the demons who use them, however, they are far rarer than the Godhand weapons.


Archon: The title given to each of the seven forces that dictate all power and events in the universe. They are: Good (God), Evil (Lucifer), Time, Death, Fate, War and Nature. Their power is absolute and unending. They shape all things in infinite ways that humans cannot comprehend. Though they share the title of Archon, their work is solitary.

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My character:

Name: Gabriel
Age: Unknown
Appearance: His appearance is always that of his given body, rather than his own, however, in the process of merging the host's hair colour and eyes always change to that of an angel's (which is always white hair and bright amber eyes).
Personality: Patient, calm and serene is something that comes to many angels, but it has always been difficult for Gabriel. While he is able to display these traits, for him, it is closer to a mask. He is more often than not, hot-headed and impatient when pushed. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and unlike most angels he has a profound connection to humanity which is only equalled by his loathing of demon-kind. He can be unforgiving and merciless, yet caring and protecting. 
History: Unknown (to be shared/unveiled during the story).
Abilities: Gabriel carries a Godhand weapon forged into the shape of a large dagger that he can conceal on his person with ease. In addition to his demon-slaying weapon, he shares the same touch-based demon-banishing abilities as well as incredible strength and healing powers, like all angels.




Raine's character:


Name: Dallas

Age: Doesn't remember. Appears to be 25 years of age
Date of birth: Doesn't remember
Hair: Brown with electric blue highlights. Long to the point of reaching her mid back
Eyes: Dark brown
Physical attributes: Slender build with toned areas and hourglass figure. Height is about 5’7†or 170 cm, weight at around 140lb because of muscle. Complexion is a slight caramel color. She has one dimple on only, placed on her right cheek. Ears double pierced, left ear has a third piercing. Belly button pierced and has a tattoo on her right foot. Tattoo is what appears to be two feathers intertwined, one being black the other being white. Can be found normally wearing shorts or a skirt and a neutral V-neck top along with a pair of worn cowboy boots.
Past: Honestly does not remember. Earliest memory is waking up in a hospital bed with a few girls surrounding her. Other than that her history starts as an exotic dancer along with the other young women who she met at the hospital.
Present: Currently an exotic dancer at a strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada. Works full time to stably support herself but she actually lives in a small apartment on the California/Nevada border line taking the hour long drive on a daily basis. Although she prefers a more quiet life when she’s not working or spending time with her co-workers off hours she tends to get out fairly often. While she’s not in town she volunteers teaching young children dance at the recreation center 
Personality: Fairly outgoing, almost bubbly. Easygoing. Usually seen with a smile on her face or laughing. Enjoys reading, hiking and of course dancing
Abilities (Unaware of): 
– ability to control another person’s mind with her thoughts.
– people are unable to say no to her when she strikes up a deal or asks for a favor.
– People have a tendency to flock to her for no apparent reason.

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