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Private RP between myself and Blackfrost.
Rated NC-17 for violence, language, dark themes and possibility of other things.

Just playing it safe and for a little freedom.




212ASC - Two hundred and twelve years after sozin's comet. The current Avatar, Korra, passes on. The peoples of the four elemental nations wept for their loss and prayed for the coming of the new Avatar. But as time passed, no Avatar was found. As the years rolled by, the people began to lose hope. In-fighting, famine and crime began to spread across the four nations. 


232ASC - Twenty years have passed since Avatar Korra's death. The four nations are at war, and it seems nothing will stop them. But from the ashes of war rose one man, who consolidated the forces of the fire and earth nations under a single banner. His name was Sato Kataan, and within the space of three years he unified his forces and swept the water nation, and the newly re-formed air nation aside. The war was over, and for a time, peace returned.


236ASC - One year from the end of the war, Sato Kataan seized power over the four nations, using the loyalty of the armies he had amassed during the war. He proclaimed himself the first 'High Lord' and demanded subjugation of the four nations. He consolidated his power in Republic City, which he renamed to Imperial City. Then built a great palace where once stood a democratic council. The reign of the Empire began.


518ASC - For three hundred and six years the Empire has ruled with little resistance. There have been five High Lords in that time, direct descendants of Sato. The current High Lord, Yoshi Kataan, has ruled for nearly 15 years. But, in the past 30 years, likely a result of the Empire's control of the four nations, the continued lawlessness outside of Imperial City, and the increase of famine, there has risen a determined group that call themselves the 'Free Elements'. They claim to want a return to the old ways, when the four nations were seperate entities and though there was war at times, it was peaceful in the time of the Avatar, there was no famine, and most of all, they had true freedom.





My character profile:



Name: Fang Xiao
Age: 16
Bending: Earthbender/Avatar

Appearance: Slim but athletically built, average height for his age. Tanned skin and long, smooth jet black hair that flows down to his chest, when not tied back. He is a handsome young man overall, but his face is marked by the whiteness of his eyes, the physical signs of being born blind.
Personality: Fang is a headstrong person, he can be impatient and he has a short and powerful temper, but he is a warm person who values those he can trust. Though he is extremely capable of his abilities as an Earthbender, he doubts his strength in many other aspects and will sometimes use disinterest to mask fear or uncertainty.
History: Fang was born in Imperial City, brought up inside the walls and protected by the Empire's guard. He had a fairly normal life but it was hard at times. An innkeeper's wife found him as a baby and they raised him as their own. He quickly adapted to his lack of sight as he found he could use earthbending to augment it through touch, sound and vibration, but his adopted parents always told him to hide his ability to stop the Empire from taking an interest in their affairs. When he was five, they discovered he was able to feebly create and control the other elements, and realised that their adopted son was the Avatar. Unsure of what to do, or how the Empire would react, they reinforced that he was not to practice or use the other elements, under any circumstances. And so Fang grew up, becoming a master of earthbending but having to hide his nature all along. In spite of his parent's warnings, he has tried to dabble with the other elements without much success, but has kept this hidden from others, at least, as far as he knows...

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Name: Yangchen (Often just called Chen)

Age: 19

Appearance: tall and lean. Chen has green eyes and shaggy light brown hair that stops at his shoulders with a pair of prominent bangs framing his face. His arms, wrists and ankles are wrapped in bandages. He wears toed sandals and short trousers that stop just past his knees. He often wears a red, sleeveless jacket that reaches down to his thighs. 

Personality: Chen is a very relaxed and focused person. He is wise beyond his years and rarely fusses too much over trivial matters. He is youthfully mischievous at times but only in good fun. He is a truly kind natured and gentle person who has achieved a calm sense of belonging through his lifestyle as a nomad. 

History: Chen was born into a group of nomads who traveled across the world, although mostly throughout the Earth Kingdom. He is one of the rare few of his tribe who was born with the ability to manipulate the element of air. Chen was raised by his grandfather, Liu Fon, who taught him the ways of the ancient air nomads, and of his ancestry as an Air Bender. According to Liu Fon, all Air Benders are descendants of a gifted Avatar from many hundreds of years ago, and the blood of that avatar flows within the body of every air bender alive today. 2 years ago Chen's grandfather died defending the caravans when his tribe were attacked. Chen has traveled alone for the past few years. He has managed to find work for a group of rebels who fight against the empire that took his grandfather's life. Whilst Chen has no lust for vengeance, he desires to right the wrongs he feels the Empire has caused. 

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