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Ildrana is home to all manners of intelligent, sub-intelligent, and fantastical creatures and species. Among them are humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, ogres, trolls, minotaurs, centaurs, Anra (Beings with human bodies but a pair of beautiful wings like a bird), Denra (beings with human bodies with wings like a bat), pixies, fairies, nymphs, treants, merfolk, and dragons. Each group of people live relatively at peace with one another, but a few unresolved conflicts still remain. Among the treaties, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Anra, Pixies, and Treants all share a fairly amicable alliance among one another, despite the tensions between the Dwarves and the Orcs over control of mountains and mines. Minotaurs, and Centaurs have been battling one another for centuries with no stopping them in sight. Much the same can be said for Anra and Denra, both of whom wage hard fought battles to stalemates in the skies over their homes. Fairies, Nymphs, and Merfolk all remain neutral however as they all seem to only exist in lore.


Ildrana’s human society can be very much a place to find one's dream achievable, in it's primary tenets the more a man stood as a pillar of his community, the higher his regard, and most often were the villages second richest citizen under the city council or a regional lord. Women, however, are treated as equals in polite society, very rarely questioned as to their strengths as many believe that the first Champion of Ildrana was indeed a female. Humans mostly value wealth over all else, their smiths are fairly skilled, but few rank much higher than young dwarves out of the crib. Although the premier architects for Ildrana when beauty is concerned would be the Elves, human castles tend to be the most widely regarded as the highest standing with the sturdiest of construction. Humans are somewhat prejudiced against Elves due to their seemingly uninterested outlook on every issue facing Ildrana.

Dwarven society in Ildrana is rigorously structured, every person is born into a Caste, each Caste holds power over itself to govern as it pleases, but the King holds the last say over laws. The Caste’s orders from least authority to most authority are as follows:

 Casteless (reserved for criminals and outsiders),

Dirt Caste (reserved for the poor and the unskilled; no real authority, but regarded higher than Casteless),

Stone Caste (reserved for miners and explorers, given authority to claim land in name of king and to hire lower Castes to work for them),

Merchant Caste (reserved for Merchants, given authorities of lower Caste as well as authority to open shop and make business deals with outsiders)

Smith Caste (reserved for artisans, smiths, and apprentices of smiths, given authorities of lower caste as well as authority to withdraw materials from the royal deposit)

Warrior Caste (reserved for those skilled in battle, does not receive authorities of lower castes, lives in barrack housing with others of Caste, not allowed to marry, not allowed to have children, but are given the best food and equipment.)

Fire Caste: (reserved for members of the parliament, given authority of all lower Castes, to elect a ruler, and to pass laws for the betterment of Dwarven society)

Royal Caste (reserved for the royal family, supreme authority over all matters, can be voted out by parliament)

Ancient Caste (unused currently once reserved for those thought to be the descendants of the Ancients)


While these Castes are absolute in their definition, one may earn the right to be moved up from one Caste to another through merit, but this is only through either winning competitions or by some means that benefits the entire Kingdom, but there are several exceptions to these rules. Anyone except a Casteless may enter the Warrior Caste (the rank at which one attains within the Warrior class often determines what the rest of your life will be), but a Warrior Caste can never move to another Caste, becoming a Warrior Caste means you are branded as a noble soul, and therefore you are stripped of anything your former life was. A Dirt Caste may become any Caste it wishes, so long as they earn it. As of yet, no Dirt Caste has ever been voted into the throne throughout all of the History of the Dwarven Kingdom. Each Caste (excluding Dirt Castes and Warrior Castes) has grown a pride that instills superiority to every other Caste. Men are touted as the premier muscle of the Dwarven realm, Women often meant to keep the house clean while the husband works. Very few Dwarven women have been given much remark among the history of the Dwarven Kingdoms under the mountains, but those that are mentioned are spoken of as if they were beings of impossible reality (many are stories of great Dwarven women who lead armies to fight back Orcish invaders). The relationship between Dwarves and outsiders is a tolerable one, but where Orcs are considered enemies to the Dwarven race and through this hatred no person of Orcish decent has ever been able to set foot within the halls of the Dwarves’ underground Kingdom on friendly terms.


Elves are among the more intelligent species of Ildrana, since the Battle of the Sun and Moon, very few elves actually leave the cities in the trees, in fact, some have not heard from the elves since the war ended and the only plausible facts about the Elves are riddled with rumors of magic, accusations of Moon Worship, and even a story of the Treants eating them for making homes out of their leaves.


Orcs are one of the most aggressive of the intelligent species, their society structured into tribes and clans that dwell high in the mountains (and sometimes in them when the Dwarves are not truly paying attention), and are primarily a warrior people. Every member of the tribe is strong enough to kill an Ogre by himself, while some might say this is boastful remarks, but it holds a good deal of truth. Each child within the tribe is trained at birth to fight, as a rite of passage, an Ogre (sometimes entire Ogre mounds are captured) is captured, its wounds are healed, and the children are ordered to kill the beast. Those who survive are given their first breastplate, weapon, and a new name that he will have tattooed onto his or her chest. Genders among the Orcs are not distinguished, females are expected to work just as hard as males, and often there is no real notice of weakness in the fairer sex as all Orc women are put through the same trial against an Ogre as the males. The Orcs are often considered wayward warriors, often they sell themselves into mercenary, bodyguard, or even Champion roles if they are so inclined for it.


The creatures simply known as the Winged Folk, mainly Anra, Denra, Pixies, Fairies, and Dragons are entirely mysterious creatures of seclusion. Those that are friendly rarely wish to include themselves in the affairs of other nor others in their affairs. Dragons of course are the only exception. These are believed to be still sleeping under the rock, and according to the few inscriptions of Draconic (which reads very similar to Anra and Denra writing) talks of a time when an Elder Dragon will wake up the others and bring about an end to the world. Naturally, a few cults have included this fact in their religious teachings and literature.


Treants and Nymphs are two creatures that live together and share their home with each other, although extremely friendly, both races tend to be quiet about their daily lives, and even if one were to find a talkative Nymph or Treant the conversation would be extremely short considering Nymphs would strike one blind from their beauty and Treants only speak in groans of their wood and rustles of their leaves (rumors say that the Elves can speak to these ancient beings, but these are as of yet unfounded).




On religion. There are three primary religions in Ildrana: Solari, worshippers of the Sun Goddess Sola; who brings about light, reason, justice, good, law, and peace, Lunari, worshipers of the Moon Goddess Luna; who brings about the night, tranquility, understanding, dreams, and magic, and the Cult of the Old Ones, a small group of worshipers who worship older gods such as Midrhan who was believed to have created Ildrana’s stars when he wept into the darkness, each tear becoming a star. Religion is often a rather touted aspect of one’s life, very few are what would be considered “Pick-and-choose practitionersâ€, and those that are will all too often be shunned. Solari and Lunari have been at war over who brings truth into the world, Light brings Day, Monsters never attack during the day, and therefore the Lunari believe that even though these monsters are evil, they are the true things in the world that Sola hides. Scripture from both religions are mostly identical, teaching of how Sola and Luna were sisters who were once friends till one betrayed the other (who betrays who is of course dependent on the religion’s scripture you are reading), and then they both went to war over one another. 

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Name:  Auait

Age: Unsure
Gender: Female
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black

Tail Color: Dark purple from naval/sex downward becomes lilac with a white tail speckled in beach sand colored flecks.




300 years ago an illness broke out amongst the salt water edges. Beaches known to collect the company and trade of merfolk soon became infected with an illness native to the salt dwelling fish folk. Land dwellers contracting the simplistic fish folk cold developed rough symptoms that eventually lead to many deaths. Because of the blame being placed upon the visiting merfolk. They had only been among the land dwellers for about 100 years before such a sudden outbreak occurred. Some speculated it was not the kind and interesting people that had since vanished from the waters edges.


Their knowledge and abilities were a valued interest to the throne, back then. Now it has all been retracted and its information is become scarce and as lore-like as the merfolk themselves.

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Does this have a plotline, or is it just chill, or what...

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