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Discussion for the private RP between myself and Erogenous Enigma. Rated 'NC-17' for violence, dark themes, etc.




There is good reason for humanity's fear of the dark, for what goes bump in the night, makes our skin crawl and a chill run up our spine. We are afraid because as far back as we can remember, we have been hunted. The shadows have eyes and fangs and claws and a terrible, insatiable hunger. There was a time when we were only prey for these monsters. That time is no more. While most of humanity labours in it's delusion that we are safe in our homes, a select few know the truth. They know that the darkness is waiting, just out of sight, and that someone has to hold the line, else the human race is doomed. But how long can you hunt the monsters of the night, before you become one yourself?







Heaven - The realm where humans who have lived pure lives go when they die, only 'pure' human souls are permitted entry. Angels and Archangels reside here, but God left many thousands of years ago. In his absence, the three archangels assumed control of heaven.

Hell - The realm of fire and darkness. Hell was once an empty realm, but when Lucifer - the fourth Archangel - was cast down by God, he chose to turn it into a place of torture and despair, a cruel and sad reflection of what he became.

Angel - Beings created by God to serve and protect mankind. They come in many forms, but all are beings of great power. They are capable of teleporting across time and space and of communicating with one another across immeasurable distance. They are extremely strong, fast and regenerate physical damage remarkably quickly. Angels can exorcise demons from the host body, or do enough damage to the host body that it becomes unusable, but they cannot permanently kill a demon. Angels cannot exist on earth without a human body, but unlike a demon, they must have a willing host. Angels can take many incorporeal forms, but most often appear to humans as beings of light and heat. Once they have taken a host, they will appear relatively normal, however the host's eyes turn an unnaturally bright shade of blue and other angels, demons and certain humans can tell what they truly are, just by looking.

Archangel - The first angels to be created by God. They are similar to other angels, but their power is far superior. They rule heaven in God's stead, and all angels answer to them. They are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. 

Demon - Demons are tortured human souls turned into monsters that serve Lucifer. Demons cannot exist on Earth without a human host, but they are able to take one by force. Once inside a human they are far stronger than the body they inhabit, but no faster. Most low level demons have no innate powers, besides the physical, but there are some exceptions. Though demons who have taken a host will appear normal to most humans, their faces are monstrous to other demons, angels and a select few humans who have the 'sight'.

Arch Demon - Unlike regular demons who were human in life, Arch Demons were beings created by Lucifer when he was cast down to Hell. Created as an affront to God's Archangels. They are treacherous beings of unquestionable power. 

Artifact - An object that holds an unusual history or link to monsters, angels, demons or other unusual races. They are not necessarily all magical in nature, but many do have unusual abilities or properties. Many are designed to destroy a particular species harmful to humans.

Hunter - The term given to people who hunt monsters. There are no ruling bodies with the Hunters, only individuals who have taken it upon themselves to fight back against the darkness. Some are absolute in their approach to 'monsters', killing anything that isn't strictly human, while others choose only to slay those who harm humans or other beings.


(We'll add to the lore as we continue the story)





Name: Raziel
Age: Unknown
Personality: Confident, loyal, sombre and decisive. Raziel considers himself a loyal servant and soldier of God. He believes his loyalty lies with Heaven, rather than humanity. He can be emotionally detached and yet also have a childlike naivety and curiosity about humans and the world in general, but he can also be wrathful and like many angels, he often deals in absolutes.
History: Raziel is an angel, but little is known about him, in part due to his own loss of memory. He knows that he was a keeper of secrets, and that he hasn't been on Earth for several thousand years, but aside from that, much of his memory is missing. When he arrives on Earth, he knows he has been cut off from Heaven, and believes he has committed a terrible sin. Unable to return, he rationalises that he should continue God's work on Earth, and destroy any demons or monsters that prey on humanity. His first port of call is to a certain museum that he has retained knowledge of, the location of a powerful artifact.

Abilities: He has many of the same abilities that most angels have, including superhuman strength, speed and healing. However, he is unable to communicate over long distances with other angels and has also lost the ability to teleport. He is still able to exorcise demons from their host bodies through touch.

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Name:  Victoria Rosenthal

Age:  27

Appearance:  Curly brunette hair, dark eyes, modest figure, nothing overly impressive about this girl, she doesn't stand out in a crowd, she's just another face in the hoards of humans. Reference

Personality:  Victoria is an extremely curious person and eager to learn. Coming from a small town she hasn't truly had her 'metal' tested. Most of her daily life is laid back and boring. She's cheery and helpful, but so is pretty much everyone in the town where everyone knows everyone. 

History:  Victoria is an only child, her parents were already in their thirties when they had her and now in their late fifties they're retired and live a quiet life on the outskirts of the tiny little town Victoria had been raised in. Her parents were the proud owners of the one and only museum for the next several hundred miles, but nothing across the entire state was quite like this museum. Her parents had specialized in gathering very unique artifacts that held questionable lore from around the world, things from shrunken heads to 'cursed' weaponry. Now with her parents retired Victoria has taken on the task of caring for the many delicate pieces and acting as tour guide for any curious souls. Though there isn't much business to be had in the tiny little town, they do occasionally come across 'special' client either looking to buy or sell. The most business Victoria usually gets is the yearly field trip from the local Middle School. Victoria currently lives in a small two bedroom apartment that sits atop the museum, the same apartment she grew up in.

Growing up
 most children yawned at her family's museum while she found the many artifacts intriguing and was always eager to sit on her father's knee and listen to the stories he would weave about them, whether they were true or not she didn't know or care. When she graduated form high school she went right into college, though with the local college being almost fifty miles away and offering very little she ended up taking courses online to sate her curiosities. She specialized in anything from mythology to history. Victoria sometimes loses herself talking endlessly about the artifacts held in the museum to her tour groups.

Abilities:  Victoria has no special abilities or powers, she's just a human.

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