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Newb Poetry

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I write sometimes. I'm going to post the works that I make.


This one is called "Cobbled Lies the Crooked Path"


Cobbled lies the crooked path

The one on which I tread


And whilst I trecked this fickle road

I found my past selves dead


With each turn I’d understand

And with each one I’d ask


All smiles for the victories

But defeat brought out my mask


I’d hide behind the eyes that shine

And clean myself with tears


Til finally that dark day came

And everything made clear


The crooked path had overgrown

I could not find my way


Retreat was not option

And so I chose to stay


I followed forward blindly

Not knowing where to turn


Twas in those darkest moments

That I was prone to learn


The errors of the past

Are past and nothing more


Present actions change the future

The past is set in stone


I had figured out the cobbled secret

And thus made up my mind


I’d escape that crooked hell

With all the power of man kind


No outside force could help me

Yet no inside force could keep


I would not be prisoner

Or a story for which to weep


I found a gap within those trees

And wrote a path a new


Left a sign for more to follow

The least that I could do


I hope that those who read my sign

Will comprehend the depth


"To walk upon these cobbled stones

Is to damn yourself to death.â€

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I suck at poetry and know very little about it. That being said I liked that poem. I wish I could do poems but I don't think I have the vocabulary or creative depth to write anything more than a naughty limmerick! Good job, i'm eager to read more!

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