PG-13 Pantsu Exchange [PRIVATE]

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If you came here for the pantsu, I urge you to seek in another's wardrobe instead.

This is a 1x1 private roleplay; feel special, Draon.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



|| Themes ||
Modern, romance, gender bender, drama.
|| Warning ||
May include violence. Thread is predicted to shyly flutter its wings around ecchi before taking a swoop down to sexual situations.
Nothing explicit or graphical. Still, read at your own risk.
|| Plot ||
Rinko Tanaka used to babysit for the Misogai household, who resided in the same neighbourhood. They had a cute daughter that Rinko enjoyed playing with. But that was five years ago. After summer that year itself, Rinko Tanaka moved away to further her studies overseas. Now, she's returned to attend the local university a short distance away from her hometown.
The same family welcomes her with open arms, providing temporary lounge after the girl found out that her parents had moved even further from the city - into another neighbourhood - which stranded her the binary option of either staying in the hostel or with family friends.
For some reason, after one meal together, the daughter of the Misogai residence has obviously been displaying an on-and-off friendliness towards Rinko. And now she may just find out why the hard way.
|| Rules ||
Decent grammar. No text talking. Proper punctuation. Adequate spelling check.
Death to one-liners.
Meta-gaming is frowned upon.
And all other basic roleplaying etiquette.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The raven looked up with a hand to shield sunlight from her dark eyes and gave a terse smile. "This place looks a little different from what I remembered .. grander than before, if anything."
With her leather luggage case on one side, she steadily made her way to the porch, careful not to stumble to her death on the stairs. She remembered tripping over the steps before in this place .. White rubber soles slid against the tiled pavement, the path so clean not even the faintest sound of pebbles scratching on ivory-coloured ceramic heard.
Her blue-collared, white, sleeveless polo was about to get drenched with sweat; the sun seemed intent on baking Earth into a dried cookie today. It was a good thing she went with a ponytail to tie her medium-lengthed hair up. She shuddered at the thought of those tresses clinging onto her sweaty neck. This afternoon did not allow her the luxury of looking like a mess - she had to present herself to a very important family today!
She looked back over her shoulder and saw the guard that gave her the pass to enter the compound. He smiled at her cheerfully with a wave, adjusting his hat like a good-natured policeman. Rinko mirrored the courtesy. She raised a hand to knock on the door.
But was cut short by said door - still cherry wood, they hadn't change the door - flinging open to reveal a plump woman with messy, dyed red hair, barely the same height as Rinko herself, donned in a hot pink ..
.. that looks like lingerie. The girl thought, alarmed.
"Rinko-chyaaan~" The woman sing-song'd with open arms, and before Rinko could process who she was to her, engulfed the confused girl in an embrace. An embrace too smothering for comfort.
She wasn't sure if it was a greet in English, or just a stammered 'yes'. Either way, the older woman was excited to see her bestfriend's daughter again - she had been such a sweetheart back then before she flew off all the way to New York! There was no way she'd forget.
"Julia misses you~" Rinko heard amidst the penetrating perfume and meaty body rubbing all over her. She wheezed. This person ..!
"Misogai-san, it's .. nice to see you too." With a grip on the woman's fleshy arms, she pulled herself away from the hug and grinned as politely as she could without looking absolutely petrified, breathing through clenched teeth. The affectionate people she met in New York were no match for Julia!
Julia chuckled, her rosy cheeks pushing her eyes up into sunset curves. She near-hoisted the girl off the porch and dragged her in eagerly. "Let's get you settled in your room - it's right next to Ereka-chan's!" A maid they passed by bowed and went to close the door. She wasn't the only servant Rinko saw.
Somehow, the name rang a bell in Rinko's head, and she tried to catch up with a 10 kilogram-worth of baggage in her hands. A male servant - the butler? - with a slightly familiar face offered to take the burden off her, but she shook her head and signalled a 'no' before marching her way up the stairs. It was a hard feat between trying not to fall, walking up step by step all the while listening to Julia's chatter as she hauled the heavy thing.
"Oh, Ereka-chyaaan~ Look who's finally here!"
(End of current post.)


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