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Fingerpaintings of the Insane

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â€So, do we have a deal?â€


Arcadia â€Rogue†Klandestin – Ark

The Tangible]

She is of average height , with taut skin pigmented by labor and sun; ritualistic scars that signify something deeper under ugly, maroon edges. Usually leather-bound with boots and an array of armaments, wearing her hair dreaded and decorated. Although her fingers are tapered and long, rough underside endures callouses years old, begging the question of the worldly lady’s profession. There is a piercing quality to chartreuse colored eyes – a certain intuitive incursion that does not search, but knows.


The Temporal]

Ark’s smithing is foremost a passion; but functions as a mundane façade for more clandestine operations.  To label her an assassin would be entirely too specific – she is a trader of knowledge, sometimes using unsavory means to an end when that certain stream of knowledge is no longer needed. An opportunist by all means; she will take advantage of or exploit weaknesses and discrepancies in cut-throat situations. That is the carnal – otherwise, y’know, she really seems like any other business dealer: land, armaments, precious goods, and other lucrative avenues. A prudent woman with a sweet but decisive attitude toward her customers, known to be very reliable and resourceful in getting what she wants.

The Tale]




The Technique]
Degenerative Damage





â€If knowledge is power, clandestine knowledge is power squared; it can be withheld, exchanged, and leveraged.â€

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