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Ice's Hall of Characters

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Ah, look. It seems you've stumbled upon my beautiful Hall, here. This is where I hold those that are mine(assuming I like them enough to put them here). Go on. Take a look. Any character I use will be here for your easy-finding. Just use the map to get you where you want to go. But be careful around all the construction. The map just shows where these characters will be placed in this hall- it does not mean they have been put on display yet. It takes time for perfection!




Map of the Hall

Storm Recair/Sharder Bloodrin(completed)

Shia Merdona

Zachariah Oiche

Kiara Nagoshi

Cody ?????

Chris ?????

Lily Evelyn

Haruka Ishikawa

Millia Greenswood

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Here is my most prized character. Oddly, he is my second character ever created. Being my favorite, he will stand in the spotlight and be the first to go.


Storm Recair


Name: He goes by Storm Recair but his birth name is Sharder Bloodrin


Age: 22


Gender: Male


Species: Demon


Appearance: He actually has 2 forms, though I may occasionally play him as only having one.


'Human' Form

He has silver shaggy hair, reaching slightly past his ears. His has short fangs, crimson eyes, and a fair complexion. He is usually dressed in a regular white T-shirt or button-up, dark pants, boots, and his hidden knives(though he is not limited to these weapons). This is his most common form.


'Demon' Form

This is the form he can change into, though he does not always change completely into this form; there are stages. In this form, his nails turn into long black claws, his fangs lengthen, his pupils are lost in favor of purely crimson eyes, his skin turns blackened with lighter marks on it, and his hair becomes bristled. In this stage, his 'human' mind is lost and only his demon mind controls him. The need for blood or killing becomes top-priority here.


Personality: He is a character who seems cold and calculating. He is portrayed as being strong, both physically and mentally, without much care about what happens to anyone. He is strongly against people trying to make friends with him and his ass-holish personality helps keep them at bay. However, there are some that slip past this wall and make it to be called his friends. These people are the ones who learn his real struggles and his truly weak mentality.


Powers: This demon is capable of quite a lot in the battlefield when you give him a knife or a sword. He has a couple demonic powers that are note-worthy too, though. One of these is his control over fire. He can create it, control it, and kill it. He can also lose control of it. He can make it hot or simply make it an illusion. He can make it form shapes mixed with his control of barriers or he can let it dance freely. His 3rd power is his speed. To a human, it is teleportation because their eyes cannot see him move.


Background: There is a reason why he does not use the name his parents gave to him. When he was very young, he had quite a happy life. A loving mother, a wise father, and a sister whom Storm could happily help care for. There's no telling how many times he defended her. But, as his tale will show, tragedy seems to have a thing for him. A demon who had focused on nothing but their strength had found a need to run from the law. Mass murders is a crime any village or kingdom wanted dealt with. This demon ran, of course, but did not stop their newly found passion. Each village they came to they made sure to destroy before they left. Storm's was no different. Storm's parents made sure to protect him and his sister, Kiya Bloodrin, until they could stand no more. To show the immense power of this stray demon, Storm's parents were the King and Queen of their kingdom. You do not only gain this title through inheritance but you must also be strong enough to keep the crown. So when they both went down, it was a sign to bordering kingdoms that this stray was not something to be taken lightly. However, unlike past villages attacked, this demon seemed to have something more on his mind than making sure there were no survivors. He had gotten Storm's parents along with his sister, all before the poor boy's eyes as he lay trapped under a beam from a house. It was thanks to his mother that Storm remained undetected, as she made sure to motion for him to stay quiet as the demon stalked to finish her. It was not just Storm who survived, though. There were many survivors of this kingdom, who found and rescued the young King. To rule was not on his priority list, however, and he made sure to vanish as soon as he could. Being in his teen years, he was easily taken by strangers and forced into an abusive prostitution home for a couple of years. This is what finally broke his mentality and self-esteem which refused to heal even after his bones and wounds had. This is also where he created his fake name. He would never have anyone be privileged enough to call him what his mother had again and he made sure to leave this place in ashes.

He now travels in search of the demon who destroyed his home. The bounty still existed for the stray, which told Storm he was still around. Having found nothing but trouble, torture, and fights for his life between his family's last meal and now, he made sure to never let his guard down and so his mind became quite a lonely thing.


Roleplays: Here is a nice example of a roleplay he is included in: Hell Street

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Millia Greenswood


Name: Millia Greenswood


Age: 23


Gender: Female


Species: Demoness


Appearance: She can usually be found with flowers through her golden hair, which was known for being so symbolic of the shining sun. Her green flowing dress matched almost perfectly to the various grasses around her natural home. Her brown eyes resemble the rich soil her favorite flowers grow from and her fair skin never gets burned from the sun above her.


Personality: She is a witty creature and prefers using her mind over her fists. Still, she is strong and knows you have to fight for what you think is right and it is this spirit of hers that makes so many respect her.


Powers: Her powers revolve around earthly things. She can manipulate the plants about her, including giving and taking life from them. This power is a fragile thing, though. The plants, these living things, they must like and approve of her to let her control them. This means she must usually keep her vile emotions in check, giving her her calmer personality.


History: Life is hard on demons of all sorts and always has been. Still, she didn't have too rough of a life. A lot of moving and a lot of need for being careful but so long as she and the rest of her clan kept their wits about them then things were alright. They moved when humans got too close or when the land refused to produce the food they needed. They had had some intruding clans and human groups but they were usually able to hold their own with little bloodshed thanks to their plant-alliances.



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