The Ash Prophecy

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Private RP between myself, Erogenous Enigma, and Kyo. Rated 'NC-17' for dark themes, gore, violence and all manner of nastiness.




Our world was once beautiful. Our cities touched the sky and we wanted for nothing. Advances in the two most prominent fields of research, technology and magic, gave our people comfortable, happy lives. We grew content, but stagnant. With stagnation came unrest. Hatred that had bubbled beneath the surface of our society for thousands of years came rushing to the surface. Those select few touched by magic could live in great luxury, while the rest of society grew jealous and resentful.


In the space of a few short years, our serene, every day lives were obliterated by pain and conflict. The war against magic, which would later simply be known as 'The Fall', lasted for nearly a decade. As resources slowly dwindled to critical levels and the casualties of war escalated on both sides, the most powerful mage of the era gave the government an ultimatum - Every person, mage or otherwise, would have the right to live and prosper as they saw fit. Or nobody would.


But the government was winning the war against mages and the leader of the world's armies refused his offer, convinced that victory was at hand. They could not have been more wrong. The mage sacrificed himself to cast a spell. A spell so powerful that it spread over the planet like a grasping hand, touching everything in it's wake. Millions died in the initial blast, wiping out an entire city in the blink of an eye. Billions died within hours, choking on the magical miasma. The spell affected everything, from plant to animal to person. 

When the dust finally settled, nine-tenths of the population had been wiped out. Most of the cities had fallen, crumbling ruins that served only as reminders of what we once aspired to. Strange plants grew from freshly planted seeds, their growth so aggressive that they spread over our planet in little more than a decade. Animal life too had changed, as almost all known species died out or gave rise to new, more aggressive species. In time, people stopped calling them animals, and they became 'monsters'.


Humankind, though already terribly wounded by this magic, was not spared it's secondary effects. People began to fall ill with a terrible disease. We called it the 'phage', and no cure was ever found. There was not crippling pain like other diseases, no physical wounds appeared about the body. Only a slow descent into madness as their bodies and their minds became numb to sensation. The signs were small at first, maybe they felt no wind upon their face, or no heat from their drink. Perhaps a song fell on deaf ears, or a kiss on dull lips, until at last there was nothing left of them that made them human. From there, only two possibilities remained. Death or mutation. Some fates are worse than death.


35 years have passed since the Fall. Civilisation is in ruins. Resources are scarce. People live in fear every day of their lives, in a world in which the strong prey upon the weak, and closing your eyes to sleep, might mean never waking up again. The government continues its war against mages even in this post-apocalypse, but small pockets of resistance exist, opposed to their so-called 'ideals' and though many have forgotten, or never known the world before, a glimmer of hope remains for their future. A rumour, or perhaps more accurately, a fairy tale.





Name: Garrett
Age: 44

Limbs Reference:

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Name: Ruby

Age: 16
Appearance: Soo Adorbs

Personality:​  She's a curious quiet sort who is more interested in observing than getting involved. With a soft heart and a gentle demeanor she survives in this world by being little more than a fly on the wall. Save for her brother who knows her to be brave and adventurous, she comes off as being shy and nervous.
History:  Ruby is still quite young with little life experience beyond the rough and tumble it requires to survive in this dark world. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father she barely remembers, only that his death was brought on by the phage. Her brother, Cass, has looked after her since the passing of their father, they were both just kids at the time but they knew basic life skills from building a fire, to simple hunting tactics, even how to bargain with travelers and occasionally villages. Ruby doesn't much care for going into cities though, after watching a mage being butchered by one of the mage hunters she holds a pretty legitimate fear of them and will generally talk her brother out of going into cities. Because of this fear they have made their 'home' at the tops of several ancient trees outside of any major holds. Though they spent most of their time travelling, this tree house is a safe haven for Ruby.

Abilities:  Ruby is one of the 'venefica' - a handful of mages that have the ability to draw out the magical powers in others. It's rumored that there is one that can actually remove the magic as well. Ruby's magical abilities lie in the transition of the sun and moon, while under direct sun or moon light seems to heighten her powers she is still capable of performing them even in windowless buildings. She does not understand the significance of the sun and moon just that during the day she is able to create shields of raw power and at night she is able to perform feats of healing. As of yet she hasn't really figured out how to control her odd powers, they flare up based on instinct and adrenaline it seems.

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