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Pieces of Nik's Soul

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Name: Henry Wilks

Age: 24

Occupation: Secretary of State (or equivalent position, essentially he’s the diplomacy and foreign affairs guy for the messed up make-shift man country)

Sex: male

Personality: Attractive, young, arrogant and intelligent Henry is the face of the Men’s Resistance Movement. Henry is extremely charismatic and is much more focused on power rather than actual conviction. Henry enjoys moving through the shadows, saying what people want to hear to earn their allegiance through charm. Because of his success and overall intelligence, Henry is convinced no one can out do or out smart him. Ambitious to the bone, Henry will stop at nothing to get what he wants… Or so it seems.


Of course this guy has a nice little soft side, buried somewhere deep, where attachments are still possible and good and evil still have meaning.






Henry was born in the coastal city of Bristol, England. His parents split when he was young and he was primarily raised by his father, a successful entrepreneur who enjoyed the “quiet†of Bristol between his trips to London. For most of Henry’s life, his father was absent as he was usually on business in London. As a child, Henry would complain that he would rather be with his mother and, finally, one day his father let him know the real reason for his mother’s absence; she had left to join the feminist movement in America. They never spoke of her again.


Henry seemed to have a natural charm that drew people to him.  As person after person disappointed him, however, he became less worried about making friends and more worried about how to use them. From an early age Henry showed above par intelligence, however his father was never impressed with even his best efforts. As he reached secondary school, Henry used his charm and smarts to see how much he could get away with without his father noticing and without his grades dropping. Henry challenged himself, dipping into the school drug networks while also being on student council and jumping into university at the age of 16. As he gained in popularity he realized another gift he had was manipulating, making people do exactly what he wanted them to.


Henry was a very solitary child, but only one person seemed to break through his solitude; a young neighborhood girl named Lucy. Lucy and Henry were near inseparable during primary and secondary school. Lucy could see past the charm and see the darkness in him… and embraced it. She was his right hand person during “business†deals, the treasurer of student council and his closest confidant. Henry told her everything, about his father and mother and his dreams as she did him. Toward the end of secondary school, as Henry was completing his bachelor’s degree simultaneously, Lucy was murdered and, just like that, she was gone. Her own father was the killer, though Henry never knew why. Somehow he forced himself to finish his degree and then, without a word to anyone and with the drug money he had made, he fled to the United States for the sole purpose of building an empire. After the political and social catastrophe from some years earlier, few spoke of or visited the United States. Henry, however, saw a distinct opportunity to make himself powerful and fill what Lucy had left behind.


Feigning a conviction about female “monsters†and using his own mother’s abandonment as leverage, Henry quickly climbed through the political ladders despite his lack of a proper education (i.e. a masters degree). Through fraud, money laundering, and other side dealings, he gained wealth to run his campaigns and continued to say and do exactly what the public wanted him to. His confidence, ambition and warm charm led him to the most powerful seat in the government: not the president’s office, but the office of the Secretary of State.

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