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I'd rather be living back at home than suffering this shit for money. 


It seemed like Silas always heard people say everything went blank when they were on stage. They went into some zen zone in their head where there was no audience, not even any bandmates - just them. Just the void and living sound. 


It never felt that way to him. Maybe because his band sucked. He really hated to admit it to himself - he loved his bandmates, or most of them - but they were wannabes, and he knew it. He had faith in his own skills, obviously; he'd been playing since he was eight, when his mom saved up for a month or more to get him his first guitar. Nearly every day since then he'd practiced. 


But fucking Leah got her drums three months ago. Date Ethan for a few months and apparently he'll just let you join his band. Ugh. Despite what everyone else said, Silas didn't give a sloppy fuck about her being a girl. What was in someone's pants didn't have shit to do with their skill as a musician. It was just that she didn't have any skill to speak of. 


At least there was Jacob: his roommate, and best friend. With the two of them on guitar, they could make any band a little less terrible. So that was what they strove to do: to make it just a little less awful.


The two of them shared looks when their last song was over. There were a few stray claps around the bar, but mostly the din faded into the heavy, depressing quiet of the drunk and lonely. At this point, Silas had a mind to become one of them himself. Jacob approached him after they packed everything into the van. 


"Ready to go?" he asked. Silas shrugged him off. 


"I think I'm gonna stay and have a few. You go on, I'll stay with Wes or something." Wes was a fuck-buddy who lived nearby. Sorta nearby, anyway. He didn't care right now. He just wanted to sit and drink a beer and be alone. Jacob must have seen it on his face, because he backed off quickly. 


"Yeah, okay. Give me a call if you need a ride. Later, man." 


With that, the defeated young man slipped into a bar stool and ordered a damn drink. Thankfully the bartender was merciful enough not to card him, the way he looked. He didn't even care how out-of-place this rundown place made him look in his tight jeans and ripped up black tank-top and chic jewelry. He just wanted to forget the past three hours thoroughly

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An upwelling of human rot, that was all this shitty bar was. Luca only went in because he was tired of walking and it was decently close to his current apartment. Not the best area of town, really, but it was well-disguised by a façade of new businesses and freshly built condos along the main avenues. Hell, they had even planted trees down the middle of the street. The true ugliness and crime lay only a right turn away, however, as any native of this neighborhood knew. Luca had previously lived in a more well-to-do neighborhood thousands of miles across the world, but when it was time to move on, he went the less extravagant route.


Comfort and anonymity: a precarious balance for a vampire. With high comfort came high visibility, and vice versa; Luca had had too many close calls in his previous masquerade. Now was the time to lay low among the less noble of humans.


And humans are bad enough to begin with, Luca thought to himself with a grimace as he entered the bar.


The few lights available were focused on a small stage at the far end of the cramped venue. Frankly awful music—if it could be called that—overpowered what might have been a somewhat cozy, down-home atmosphere. Patrons yelled at each other over the noise. God, even one of the band members looked like he would rather be elsewhere. One of Luca's eyes twitched as he moved past the occupied barstools, closer to the stage with every step, and finally found an open seat right beside the stage.


No wonder, because who wanted to sit so close to that cacophonous medley?


After getting a drink he twisted around in his chair to watch the sad show. It was a good excuse to look around the bar for anyone suitable to really sip on. The scotch was a necessary accessory to fit in among the crowd, but it wasn't what Luca was here to drink. His eyes were almost hazel-light this close to the stage lights, and so his steady gaze was quite noticeable to anyone paying attention. Indeed, some girls were returning his glances, but none of them were up to his standard.


Not that most women were, but Luca was simply glad he made it this far into the modern era. Girls in general had become far more beautiful than they had been when he was young. Smooth skin, shiny hair, and healthy bodies. Mouths with teeth that weren't in various stages of decay or just gone altogether. Whatever imperfections women had now, they could makeup or surgery away. That was all the more reason for Luca to be picky, though; he only wanted the best of the best. Some sweet-faced thing who would come home with him for a little fun before she became his dinner. Ah, he never tired of that mortal twist of fear when they realized what was happening. Too amusing. Only other vampires understood.


He had chosen the wrong bar tonight, it seemed. No hot girls. The one on stage was all right, but the sheer unpleasantness of her playing was enough to put Luca off entirely. No one who played like that could possibly have blood worth consuming. A waste of sperm and egg, that one. As Luca twisted back around to grouchily finish off his drink, the band finally ceased their noise. Scattered applause and a few whoops of maybe-praise from the other patrons. Looking at the crowd, it was more plausible that their applause was solely because the shitty music had stopped.


Minutes later, a familiar face slumped into the empty seat next to Luca. One of the guitarists—the one who had looked ashamed of his own horrible excuse of a band, even—accompanied by none of his talentless friends. Well, he was no cute girl, but he was intriguing. The way frustration just wafted off him like the finest cologne... Luca hid a smirk behind his own drink. Impulsively, he decided he'd found his dinner. Not his type—wrong equipment—but he thought he might be fun to play with even if they weren't going to go to bed together.


Luca got up slightly and leaned over the bar, sliding bills over to the bartender before the young man could do so.


"I'll get this," he said, then peered over the guitarist's way. "You look like you could use a little... charity. After a display like that." He smiled and brushed the hair out of his face, putting on the charm even though he veritably cringed on the inside. He couldn't come off like a scary homo... well, unless this one was. He sort of gave off that vibe, actually. As much as Luca didn't go in for that kind of thing, he knew he could at least exploit it for a good meal.

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"I'll get this." 


Just as Silas was fishing out a bill to pay for his shot, a smooth voice made him turn his head... and keep it there. He'd been so absorbed in his own misery that he hadn't even noticed the man he'd sat next to. At first glance he gave off a really.. sort of creepy vibe, a guy so pretty all alone in a shit bar like this, but the longer Silas looked the more that feeling faded - or the less he cared. 


That didn't keep him from groaning at the man's quip about the show, though. He could only manage a miserable nod with a bitter little chuckle, biting back a spike of frustration as he rubbed a hand over his face. He didn't have the energy to defend himself - besides, the guy was right. 


"Yeah. That must have been just as fun from down here." 


He reached out for his free glass of whiskey (fuck beer, he'd decided - it'd take him all night to get properly drunk off that), taking another moment to study the man after taking a drink. His dark eyes were calm and assured, and every move he made was smooth as gliding, like nothing could take him off-guard. He wasn't sure he'd ever met a man who came off so naturally confident. Why wouldn't he, though, looking like that?


Silas fiddled internally with his "gaydar", wondering if he wouldn't have to call Wes at this hour after all. But for the life of him, he couldn't get a read off this guy. He didn't look to be checking Silas out, necessarily, but something had caught his interest. 


"Thanks," he finally uttered, remembering his manners a little late. His leg still tapped in agitation, but he forced a grateful twitch of his mouth. "Sorry you had to hear that. We're, uh... we're in a transitional period, I guess." He shook his head and finished the rest of the shot easily, glancing back over soon. "Name's Silas." 

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So Luca wasn't gay, but he had been in this world long enough to know when someone was. The way this despair-addled guitarist nearly double took when he realized who was covering the drink charge for him, and the sudden, if fleeting, light in his green eyes. Of course, to anyone else, that could have just been the moment that his eyes focused properly on whatever "nice" person was buying him a drink. But to Luca, it was only natural. He was beautiful and majestic like a lion. Not even the shitty bar lights could obscure his radiance, literally: his long and tousled hair was haloed by the stage lights, giving him the noble bearing of an angelic savior to this human's foul mood.


Or something like that.


"Transitional period," Luca repeated, one eyebrow raised. He sure didn't bother to make that sound less condescending, even if his goal was to take this Silas character home tonight. He merely smiled, though the smile was more impish than anything. "I'm Luca."


He paused for a moment to finish off his drink, downing it elegantly with a bob of his throat. The motion only brought attention to the curve of his neck down to his strong collarbone, and down further to his strong chest peeking out from his slinky v-neck. Just to make sure Silas was interested, he turned his body completely towards him, his brown eyes primed to gauge Silas's reaction. He leaned one elbow on the bar top, and his legs were suggestively parted in Silas's direction. Despite the receptive pose, there was too much natural fire in Luca for him to look submissive in any way. Rather, everything about him at the moment suggested he was ready to have his way with Silas.


If he was into that.


"I hope you're transitioning to a new band, because you're a bit above their league," Luca said, putting a hell of a lot of effort into a genuine compliment. It wasn't something he did often, but Silas wasn't too terrible a guitarist, admittedly. "Pretty faces like yours have an easy time finding places in the world." Ouch, another compliment. He could've groaned at his own ruse, but Silas had model features. If he were a girl, he might actually be worth Luca's time for other, more intimate endeavors.


While Silas processed Luca's words, Luca summoned up another drink for Silas. More liquor, more empty but charming compliments... humans were jello for that kind of thing.

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'Luca'... He didn't hear that one every day. Silas couldn't help the way his eyes fell naturally back over to him. His posture relaxed and invited more every second, pleasing even a picky eater like Silas. His gaze was easily led; it fell just the way Luca wanted it to, dipping under the V at his collar and flashing over the way his thighs parted in his direction. He couldn't help it - it was too delicious. And something sharp in his eyes promised he wasn't the gentle sort... 


Silas closed his mouth when he realized his lips had parted somewhere along the line, blinking back up swiftly when Luca started talking again. 


Well, wasn't this one smooth? Just when Silas had been questioning his tastes, too. The flattery helped pull a smile back onto his face - he knew both those things, of course, but it was always nice to hear it from someone else. Especially handsome strangers. He turned slowly to face Luca more when he bought him another drink, a little cautious, but so far liking this guy more by the second. 


"Nice of you to notice." His tone was playful, loving the compliments but obviously self-assured already, shaded green eyes still taking him in with an interested glint. He paused to take a slow sip of his fresh drink, exhaling gradually as the warmth filled his chest and loosened the tension in his body. "I'm not the only one with a pretty face, though," he went on, eyes lingering daringly on Luca's lips for a moment. "I gotta say, I really wasn't expecting to meet anyone.. interesting tonight. Not in this little hole-in-the-wall. You really don't look like you belong here." 

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Full lips parted, wet tongue waiting. Pupils dilated even as those hazy green irises darted the length of Luca's body. The warmth of his natural scent growing stronger by the second. There was no mistaking the fullest bloom of unadulterated arousal. Luca fought a visible twitch beneath his eye, determined not to let any hint of his true intentions show through his charming front. But the thought of another man interested in him like that never failed to make Luca want to shudder.


Then again, any admiration was welcome, no?


"Nice of you to notice."


Luca's eyes narrowed at the sudden surge of confidence in Silas. He had looked like an easy target just a second before, filled with boring, oh-so-human angst at his miserable existence. Now that was wiped away with an unexpected smile. But the more Silas spoke, the more he stroked Luca's ego, and that was more than acceptable. Luca's cheeks actually went a little warm with the praise. Maybe he should've been chasing after more queer guys for dinner.


"You really don't look like you belong here."


"I don't," Luca responded quickly. Couldn't let anyone assume he frequented places like this. "But neither do you, really. I actually don't live that far from here. Right across the bridge, in the newer area."


Hint, hint. If Silas was going to be so open, then Luca felt he could comfortably drop hints right into Silas's lap. And if Silas was from this neighborhood, he'd know damn well that only a guy with decent money would be living in that area, so Luca had to be well-situated in life. Attractive young man with a real career and more money than he could spend on himself? Always appealing. Especially for younger partners and sex friends who probably weren't so stable in life....


Well, maybe not for this one. Anyone who willingly stuck around in such a shitty band probably was one of those rebellious sorts who restlessly swayed here and there in life. All the discomfort of a depressingly low urban life for the sake of being... what? Genuine? Non-mainstream?


But Luca didn't know Silas well enough yet to gauge any of that. He just kept up his feigned interest, returning the looks to Silas's full mouth. That really was something else, though. Seemed unnatural for a guy to have lips so luscious.


"It's not a long walk from here," Luca added at last.

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"I actually don't live that far from here. Right across the bridge, in the newer area." 


Direct, wasn't he? There was a pretty clear implication in the way Luca said it. Silas was more than happy to skip the bullshit - he wasn't in the mood for it tonight. He had a feeling Luca knew exactly the kind of mood he was in. Silas didn't make a habit of sleeping with strangers, exactly, but what was a stranger except someone you hadn't gotten to know yet? Either way, he hoped to know this stranger a little better by the end of the night. Parts of him, at least. 


There was a heavy pause while they silently agreed they were on the same page, probably looking to the rest of the patrons like they were about to kiss right there, staring down their lashes at each other like they were. He almost thought Luca was going to leave it at that, but finally he spoke again. 


"It's not a long walk from here."


And there was his invitation. 


Silas couldn't help the grin that stretched across his face. It was almost lazy, the way Luca just came over looking pretty and expecting Silas to be dazzled and follow him straight home, but, somehow, the guileless honesty was very attractive to him. Why dance around it when they both knew what they wanted? 


Idly and without looking away, Silas reached for the glass he'd just emptied, sliding it between them on the bar and dragging the tip of his finger along the smooth edge. 


"Get me one more of these and you can give me the tour." 


A little bossy, but who cared? They were getting to the point, right? And after the night he'd had, he definitely needed it. Luca didn't seem to mind, anyway; he waved the bartender over wordlessly to get another shot. Silas picked the glass up and knocked it back as he rose to his feet, standing close to those parted legs as he swallowed the cup of the burning liquid down in one go, his head buzzing so very pleasantly by the time he looked back down at his generous new friend. 


"Perfect." With that, they paid their tab and left the bar. Luca led them left from there toward the bridge, just like he'd said. Silas kept pace casually, thumbs hooked in his pockets as he enjoyed the night air and the light-headed sensation of gliding that walking gave him now. 


"Hmm. 'Cross the bridge, huh... You must have a pretty nice place. They don't come cheap around here." 

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The awkward (for Luca, anyway) eyefucking paid off at last. What an easy night this was turning out to be. Luca marveled at his own luck and gladly bought Silas another drink, bossy bitch or not. Alcohol was a wonderful invention for a vampire. Loosen them up to a little persuasion—not that Luca even had to try hard yet—and it made it so much easier to forget rather noteworthy things like a bite on the neck. Luca's eyes drifted towards Silas's throat. He burned with anticipation already.


Silas stood up then, uncomfortably close for Luca's taste. Regardless, he cracked a smirk and looked up at Silas. Perfect? Indeed, though Luca's and Silas's ideas about the outcome of this perfect evening were most decidedly different.


They were out of the hazy bar in no time, out into the clean night, still bright with the bars and clubs. The green glow of traffic lights shifted to yellow and red across Luca's and Silas's features as they walked. They didn't say much, but they didn't really need to. There was a comfortable enjoyment in quietly walking down the avenue. Silas, happy because he thought he was going to get laid tonight. Luca, happy because he was going to enjoy a feast tonight after weeks of going without.


They came to the bridge, which was unusually quiet. It crossed a freeway, so it was usually a bright and noisy walk, but barely any cars passed beneath their feet now. Luca took time to gaze down into the darkness, occasionally broken up by a pair of headlights. He thought about how to approach Silas once the time came. How far would he take this ruse? How far could he even stand to play gay with Silas?


"Hmm. 'Cross the bridge, huh... You must have a pretty nice place. They don't come cheap around here."


Luca's eyes snapped back to Silas. Momentary surprise quickly melted into a look of pure pride, his brown eyes alight at the opportunity to show off. He rushed forth to catch up with Silas, since he'd slowed down in his plotting reverie. The wind blew at his hair, blessing him with a tousled and bed-ready look. Despite the night cooling down with every minute, he tugged back the long sleeves of his shirt to reveal strong forearms, brown with the healthy and natural tan he possessed. Becoming a vampire had only lightened his skin a touch; some of those guys looked like the typical pale goths on TV, so Luca thought himself lucky to still look so sunkissed and alive.


"I guess it's all right," Luca said, his lips touched with an enigmatic smile.


When they arrived, it was more than just all right. If this was downgrading for Luca, then one had to wonder what his previous lifestyle was like. Freshly built luxury apartments, low-rise but classy and built in Mediterranean style. Luca waved a card at the reader next to one of the entry gates and let Silas inside first. The tan-brick walls did a good job muting out the noise of the avenue and the freeway, because it was suddenly quite tranquil. Crickets chirped within the darkness of neatly-trimmed box hedges lining the garden walk. Luca led the way through the complex, finally ending at his front door. There was no shared lobby, which he preferred. Security detail at the front counter usually got a bit suspicious of woozy and bleeding people walking out of the complex.


"Come in. Make yourself comfortable." Because I can't have you screaming or anything silly like that.


The interior of the apartment was spacious, with a warm palette throughout. It looked like Luca, that was for sure—all sunburnt sienas, Tuscan oranges, and passionate reds. Dark brown leather was prominent in the living room, masculine and inviting. All of it looked like a model home, only far more lived in. A GQ sat open on the coffee table, as if Luca had gone out tonight on a sudden whim while flipping through. A drained glass of wine sat next to it, and over the arm of the sofa, a carelessly thrown cardigan. Perhaps he'd forgotten it before leaving.


Even though the door was now closed—and locked—behind them, Luca didn't ease up on his tactics just yet. In fact, he only steeled himself to lure Silas deeper into his web. His hand lifted and he gently swirled his fingertips against the ends of Silas's thick hair. He moved in, pressing his body in behind Silas. He supposed this wasn't the first time he'd had to seduce another man for his purposes, but he didn't do it very often, that was for sure. He leaned in, inhaling Silas's warm scent deeply. Not bad, for a guy. With a nose as sensitive as Luca's, he preferred the way women smelled. Less in the way of oh-so-human odors and unpleasant aromas. Men, on the other hand, were just disgusting beasts underneath their all-in-one drugstore shampoo and Christmas-gifted colognes (if they even wore any). Thankfully, Silas wasn't in that abhorrent category.


His fingers moved down from Silas's hair to the side of his neck. The pulse beneath his fingertips was too tempting, but he held back for now. It took a lot of will to not just bite in when his mouth was so close, but instead he moved his lips to Silas's ear.


"I hope you fuck better than your band plays," Luca said with a dry smile.

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The place was beautiful. Even from the outside he could tell the apartments were nice, but when he entered the doorway and saw the comfortable, warmly-colored paradise, and the air inside washed over his face, Silas couldn't help taking a deep breath through his nose to appreciate it. The smell was delightful. He hadn't gotten close enough to Luca to get a whiff of him, but this whole place was obviously what he smelled like, and he honestly couldn't wait to roll around in it. It was like it went straight to his head just like the liquor, heady and pleasantly thick. 


"Wow," he murmured. The place was damn near picture-ready, down to the GQ on the table. "Kudos." He almost asked what Luca did for a living, but that seemed like a boring subject, frankly. He was probably some kind of hotshot businessman or lawyer or something, blah blah blah. He was too buzzed to care. 


Thankfully, Luca didn't seem to want to make small-talk either. Silas's spine straightened as the taller man moved in behind him, skin tingling pleasantly at the first real contact. He took a short breath and relaxed against him with a pleasant hum in his throat... just in time for his big romance line. 


"I hope you fuck better than your band plays." 


If Silas hadn't already been so eager to jump in bed with this guy, that might have pissed him off, but as it was he only scoffed in thin disbelief. 


"Asshole." He turned to face Luca, smiling a little despite the insult, not about to let one smartass comment get under his skin at a time like this. He sidled a little closer, hands slipping under his silky shirt to feel slowly over Luca's abdomen and up his chest, fingers dipping into every subtle curve along the way. His skin was so smooth and cool... 


"You're lucky you're so sexy... Or you'd never find out." That spoke for itself, he thought. Leaning up as his hands circled around to scratch softly over Luca's shoulderblades, Silas pressed his full, soft lips against Luca's, kissing him sensually. He breathed in slowly through his nose again as he did, still enjoying the masculine smell of him, giving another soft hum when he breathed out. 


This was going to be a good night after all, he thought. 

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And here it was. Luca kept his cool remarkably well, despite the fact that another man was now feeling him up. It wasn't too different from the way a woman's hands felt. Just slightly bigger, a little rougher, especially given that Silas played guitar. As those hands crept beneath his shirt, Luca sucked in a breath, tightening the defined muscles of his abdomen even further. He allowed it for now, a necessary discomfort.


He also took Silas's unexpected compliment with a wide grin. From "asshole" one second to "sexy" the next? Well, Luca supposed the two weren't mutually exclusive; he didn't mind being both.


Now was the moment for Luca's acting skills to shine: Silas leaned up, arms draped around Luca, and delivered a kiss. As much as Luca wanted to break the contact, he only reciprocated fully. Kissing was without a doubt the easiest way to build up to a bite, and Luca would take advantage of the fact. Silas was a startlingly good kisser; something to do with that enviable pout of his, perhaps? That, amusingly enough, only pissed Luca off. He couldn't let this inebriated, mediocre musician outdo him in an area he himself had had centuries to perfect.


His hands moved to Silas's waist, using his grip to guide him to the nearby wall. He pushed Silas against it—perhaps a bit too roughly—and trapped him there with his entire body. Breathing out with a sensual rasp, he took hold of Silas's face and neck with one hand, allowing him more control for a deeper kiss. He was thankful those lips were full and soft like a woman's, because otherwise this might be far more unpleasant than it was. He forced Silas's lips open with his own, granting entry to his hungry tongue.


With his other hand still at Silas's waist, he tugged his hips forward to meet his, arching his back away from the wall. He made out with his entire body, smothering Silas in an atmosphere of cloying sensuality. Luca sensed Silas could handle more, that he probably wanted more, than just empty, flirtatious kisses. So he embraced him strongly, his hands far from gentle, almost bruising on the delicate flesh of his neck. He used that particular grip to manipulate Silas into tilting his head more. Luca dipped his tongue in deeper, determined to steal Silas's breath away.


Just because he was a guy didn't mean Luca would give him a subpar experience, after all. He always delivered.


He pulled away with a cocky and breathless smile, so satisfied at his own excellence that he didn't even care that his talent was spent on a man. He pursed his wet lips momentarily, and his eyes filled with a noticeably hungry fire. His grip on Silas's waist tightened and he led him towards the couch, shoving him down onto the firm leather. Like a lion he prowled over, standing over his prey. Maybe it came off as sexy dominance to Silas; that was fine. But in truth, all Luca wanted now was what he'd gone through all this nonsense for in the first place.


One knee up onto the leather, followed by his body. With an expression less playful than before, he crawled in over Silas. He planted one strong hand next to Silas, as if he needed to prevent him escaping. As if the weight of his body wasn't enough. His chestnut hair fell past his face, shading some of the eagerness in his eyes. He pushed Silas's face to one side and leaned in with another kiss, this time to his jawline. He let a deep hum free, so caught up in the pleasant fact that he was finally going to feed. His kisses were no less insistent than they had been to Silas's mouth; he sucked red welts into Silas's flesh as he moved down that neck, almost porcelain pale in contrast to his own dark skin.


He didn't let up. The drawn out sucks only turned into nipping bites, and Silas would find that Luca had rather sharp teeth compared to most. Luca shivered, so teased with anticipation that he hardly cared about the fact that he was growing an uncomfortable hard-on against Silas's thigh. He just convinced himself it was all because of this so-called hunt. That was all it was. Definitely. No homo.


...Oh, fuck it.


He opened his mouth, baring a set of impressive canines that Silas wouldn't see with his head turned away. They pierced the flesh easily, and out poured a generous well of hot blood. The taste hit his tongue and he clamped his lips down over the bite just to hold back from audibly gasping. His eyes went wide, pupils constricting to pinpoints. What a beautiful taste Silas had. Decadent and reckless, sweet with an edge. Luca had taken all the right chances tonight, and this was his payment for risking it all on Silas. Perhaps not the best blood he'd ever had, but certainly the best in many years.


Luca pulled away just a bit to catch his breath, blood staining his smiling lips. Surely Silas knew now what had just happened, so there was no point hiding it. Blood welled out of the neat puncture wounds, but Luca didn't intend on letting too much of it go to waste. He just had to revel in his good luck.


"Exquisite," he breathed out reverently, before swooping in to drink more.

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"Mmmmm... - oof."


Silas's teeth almost rattled the way Luca shoved him against the wall, making the breath whoosh out of him, but he barely had time to try and fill his lungs before Luca was on him again. It was like he'd given some unspoken challenge; Luca was fierce with him now, uncompromisingly dominant. Like Silas had a mind to try and take over now. Sure, he liked to top, but he'd known before they even left the bar that this guy didn't just like to top; he was on top, period. 


That was cool with Silas. Any guy who looked like that and pulled it off with confidence could keep on doing it however they liked, as far as he was concerned. He could take anything. 


He had to admit he'd never been kissed so... thoroughly before, though. Luca knew just how to grab and squeeze and hold him, pulling Silas's hips from the wall to mash them against Luca's but keeping him trapped against the cold surface, all while forcing his tongue deep in Silas's mouth, making him shiver against him delightedly. His grip was strong, near painful, even... but no one ever said pain and pleasure weren't friends. 


His breathing was shallow by the time Luca pulled away to give him that fiery, satisfied look, his own eyes hazed and daring as his chest rose and fell quickly. After a kiss like that, Silas was less than surprised at how tight his pants were feeling. He was already working on unbuttoning them as Luca led him and pushed him down onto the couch, staring up at the man's tall figure as he slowly unzipped his jeans, his lips blossoming into a sinful grin.


But Silas didn't have time to do more than unzip himself before Luca was crawling atop him, and the larger man was no longer smiling. Luca turned his head and held it there, baring Silas's soft neck, and he had the fleeting feeling of being trapped like a powerless animal, pinned by some large and graceful cat that meant to break his neck and eat him whole - but not before batting him around for a while. Luca's dark mane of hair tickled his exposed skin as he leaned down to kiss and suck at Silas's throat. He hummed softly, letting his head tilt back. It wasn't long until he could tell Luca was obviously leaving future bruises on him, but it felt so good he was far from caring. When he started nipping at the tender little spots, however, his mouth opened to let out a nearly girlish moan of surprise at how sharp it felt, making his cheeks burn with excitement as he squirmed lightly. 


"Nnnn..." His hands reflexively planted on Luca's ass, forcing their hips to grind together, unable to help another small noise at the friction. He was about to make some pleading or bossy comment, something to hurry him up, he was growing desperate here, but that was when Luca really bit him.


The noise he made then was more earnestly pained, his body tensing with surprise. He'd never felt anything like it before - his teeth really were sharp; if he didn't know any better he'd say they'd pierced right through his damn skin, easily as a freshly sharpened knife. He liked love bites as much as the next guy, but fuck -- 


Everything came into abrupt focus, however, when Luca sat up smiling at him... with blood all over his mouth. Had he really broken the skin that badly? And those eyes --


"Exquisite," he whispered. 


And then he was... drinking it. Literally sucking the blood from his throat. Silas sat in light-headed shock for a moment, his eyes as round as quarters. 


"What - wh- what the fuck?" His heart was racing so badly he thought it might burst from his chest, making him lose blood all the more quickly. He began to squirm, this time definitely in earnest, hands pushing hard at Luca's shoulders. Had he really stumbled onto some Hannibal Lecter wannabe psycho that wanted to kill and eat him, or something?! That only happened in shitty novels! His life was already a shitty novel, god damn it! 


"St-stop it, get off me!" Silas couldn't stop the panic from escalating, but instead of the fright giving him an adrenaline boost, he just felt dizzier every second, his pushing limbs as useless as if he were in a dream. There was even still some sick sensual feeling, the way those lips felt on his neck, sucking, draining him and making him weak and trembly... But was he weak, or was this guy just heavy


"Oh... my fucking God..." he whimpered when nothing seemed to work, voice coming out higher and more frightened than before. He tried pushing harder, but he may as well have been made of jelly. How could he have been so stupid? "What are you doing, you - ps-psycho...?! Stop!" 

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All the squirming served to do was fire Luca up. Weak, stupid cattle to be lorded over—humans were all the same in the end. To think he'd been one of them once upon a time. Luca preferred to forget the fact and pretend that he'd been born into this godlike state. No goat herding in the hills, no inconvenient bodily urges, no struggling for food and warmth during winters. None of that mattered anymore. None of that had mattered for centuries.


Silas was just a scared child compared to the radiant god above him, drinking in the unwilling blood sacrifice. Now that Silas was freaking out, his heart was beating faster, pumping out more and more of that fresh blood. It was feverish as it pulsed out of his open vein, pouring into Luca's waiting mouth. He could hardly stop to breathe, so euphoric from the feeding. Silas's protests did nothing to stop Luca from taking more, filling his tired body with passionate energy. He felt new again, alive.


Too bad he had no idea what to do about his pressing problem below the waist. He sure as hell wasn't going that far with Silas. All he wanted was his blood.


Eventually, he'd have to stop. He realized the fact when Silas's squirming weakened and his frantic protests slurred into quiet murmurs. If he kept drinking now, Silas would die. Had this been back in the day, Luca would have just drained him entirely. Dead bodies were less easy to dispose of and explain away these days. Reluctantly, Luca pulled back. He cleaned the red wound with his tongue until only stubborn droplets welled up. It was all right, though; the bleeding would stop soon enough.


Luca sat up, still straddling Silas's hips. He looked like he'd simply had too much to drink, though his skin was noticeably paler than before. Luca smiled faintly at his triumphant feast, sucking the last remnants of blood from his own satisfied lips. He kept close to Silas, however, just in case he found a burst of energy to start screaming or something equally stupid. Just because Luca preferred not to murder his meals didn't mean he wasn't willing to if he had to. Only when he was sure Silas was too much of a bag of jello to do anything idiotic did he get up off him, effectively freeing Silas to do as he pleased.


The vampire sat as casually as possible—hard, while... well, hard—and smoothed down his hair and clothes. He had to make sure no blood got on his shirt, since it was expensive and fairly new. Not so lucky this time. As he noticed a smudge of blood near his collar, he clicked his tongue in annoyance, as if this were all Silas's fault that his good clothes were ruined now. Maybe it was disgusting how he could sit there and act so nonchalant, but he'd done this so many times that he wasn't sure how else there was to act.

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Silas was starting to hyperventilate. He knew it wouldn't help him, but the longer he sat there the weaker and more terrified he felt. He tried to calm down and think, but so little made sense right now. He should try to scream, he thought - they were in an apartment building, for Christ's sake, someone should hear him. But that was wishful thinking, he discovered - the moment he took a huge breath and tried to yell for help, Luca's hand slapped over the lower half of Silas's face, effectively muting him. 




Everything only got blurrier from there. It felt like an endless, silent panic attack, his head spinning even more disturbingly when he could only breathe through his nose. He was just so confused. Who could even sit there and drink that much blood at a time? Blood tasted like shit. This guy had to be some kind of fanatic. He couldn't even try to consider the alternative. What was this freak going to do to him? Could he keep drinking until Silas was dead? Or would he stop soon so he could chop him up and fry him with onions - or just let him bleed out in the tub? The fantasies of how this could turn out were endless and horrifying. 


Eventually the hungry sucking noises were barely audible anymore, but by then Silas could hardly tell if that was because Luca was actually stopping, or he was just that close to being unconscious. It turned out to be both. Silas took a deep breath the moment that heavy hand was off his mouth, breathing much more slowly now but so grateful for the air, startled but very glazed eyes flicking around the room as Luca climbed off of him. 


The psycho was clicking his tongue at his stupid shirt. Was that really all he was concerned about? So very slowly, Silas sat up, not wanting to draw Luca's attention but desperate to put any kind of distance between them now that he wasn't pinned down. But sitting up was difficult. Once the nauseating blur of motion settled into an upright version of the room around him, he chanced another look at Luca and grimaced vaguely. Dude still had a fucking hard-on. In his semi-conscious daze, he could only wonder why Luca didn't just fuck him before doing all the weird shit. He was almost a little insulted, really. 


He leaned forward off the edge of the couch and tried putting some weight on his feet, but it was too soon for that. He wheeled off-balance almost instantly, falling embarrassingly to his knees. 


How the hell am I supposed to get out of here like this? 


He turned and gave Luca the dirtiest, most hateful look he could muster. Collapsed on the floor or not, he could give a mean glare. Unfortunately, that was about all he could do. 

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Luca finally pulled his attention away from his stained shirt and onto Silas, who had weakly fumbled around until he was on the floor. He knew what this looked like to Silas. The stupid idiot probably thought Luca was going to stab him now, or maybe cut his throat to finish him off, then cut him up and store him in his kitchen like a proper upper-class murder psycho. That was how it happened in movies, after all. Luckily for Silas, though, Luca had no intentions of storing such trash in his own home, especially not rotting meat. Disgusting. Decomp just wasn't part of his décor.


"Looks like I took too much," Luca commented, pushing up off the couch. "Oops." Oops.


He looked down at Silas, eyebrows turned up at his plight. Was it because he felt sorry for him, or was he just amused at this pitiable worm maggoting around on his expensive rug? Silas's dirty look wasn't going to make Luca feel for him any more, though.


The vampire advanced on him, grabbing him by the upper arm and lifting him up to his feet with disturbing ease. Silas wasn't large in any sense of the word, but he wasn't exactly a skin and bones boy, either. It would take a lot to lift him, especially when he was such dead weight. Yet Luca tugged him upright with just one hand. He was still a wet mop, however, so Luca used his own body as support for Silas. Whatever, they'd just been a lot closer than this; he could deal.


"Come on. Get out. We're done here."


He shoved Silas towards the door and then out, giving him a push out onto the sidewalk like a bird mom pushing its child out of the nest. Silas wobbled unsteadily before just slumping to the ground. Luca sighed loudly. What a pain in the neck. Well, surely he could drunkenly crawl his way to whatever dirty friend's house was around, or maybe his own, if he even managed to remember where he was after a few minutes. Blood loss did strange things, and wasn't the same in everyone. If Silas was finding it rough to walk, then Luca knew from experience he'd taken too much. Enough that Silas potentially had to seek treatment. Well... not Luca's problem anymore.


"Thanks for dinner," Luca managed to say with a short breath of a laugh. Then he closed the door.




It was more than half an hour later when the door opened again.


Luca had cleaned up and changed into a fresh shirt, and now he had chores to attend to. Unfortunately, vampires accumulated garbage just the same as any human if they lived in one place long enough, so he had to take out the trash. It seemed that there was one piece of trash that he hadn't disposed of properly, however.


"Oh, for Christ's sake."


Luca dropped the garbage bag and stomped outside, dragging Silas inside again. He had bled out a bit more, but it looked like the bleeding had stopped since then. Regardless, Luca didn't want it on his floor or furniture, so he quickly fetched a piece of gauze and some tape to cover the wound. What the hell was Silas still doing out there? Wasn't it human instinct to run away and be free after a traumatizing event like that? God, if any of his neighbors had seen.... Not that any of those old wankers were up this late, but he could never be too careful.


He pulled Silas into a sitting position and, kneeling beside him, placed two hands on his cheeks. Now it was Silas that was fairly cool to the touch, and Luca almost comfortingly warm. He looked deep into Silas's eyes, gauging how there he was. Not very, but he also didn't seem like he was in any danger of dying, either. Just didn't react well to shock, perhaps. Some were weaker than others.


Another click of annoyance, and Luca grabbed the cardigan off the side of the couch and put it on Silas. He'd ruined one shirt with this asshole's blood, so he didn't mind using the old cardigan to keep more blood from getting onto everything else. Rather than even attempting to get Silas to walk—he already knew that wasn't going to happen in his state if he hadn't even run away like a rational person—he simply picked him up, slinging him back over his shoulder. This was so irritating, but now he just wanted to be rid of Silas any way possible.


He kicked the door open that led to the one-car garage at the back of his apartment. A place this expensive could afford attached garages, and that was blissful for a secretive vampire. Luca shoved Silas into the backseat of the black BMW M6, probably not the most comfortable place to be slumped over on your side, but Silas's comfort wasn't a priority for Luca. Getting him the hell away from his apartment was. He got into the front seat and started the car, backing out of the garage immediately after it opened, and zooming off down the shared driveway for his apartment building. The gate couldn't open fast enough; the car sped with a shriek out of the complex and onto the main avenue.


Barely any cars at this sleeping hour, so it was an easy drive. Luca thought to ask Silas where he wanted to be dropped off, but then he decided he just didn't give a fuck.


Five minutes down the avenue was a 24-hour urgent care clinic that straddled the line between reputable and shady, with the letters of its name on the sign only half-lit. Luca hurriedly pulled Silas out of his car—he didn't want to clean blood out of the leather—and led him to the door of the clinic. Once again, he took hold of Silas's face and stared into his eyes.


"Get that taken care of," he said in a low voice. Something was off about the timbre of it, however. Richer, almost sweeter, like dark chocolate. "And none of this ever happened." His fingers swept the damp hair away from Silas's eyes, and then he finally let go of him. Goodbye, cardigan.


Shaking his head in disbelief at the sheer effort it had taken just to get Silas out of his hair, he finally got back into his car, and just like a phantom, he was gone.

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It was getting difficult to stay upright. Silas almost nodded off right there in the middle of glaring at his attacker - thus, he was startled when suddenly Luca was on him again, pulling him painfully and instantly to his feet - not that he could really stand. Immediately Silas assumed this was the part where he died. 


"Nnnnno," he slurred, even as Luca carted him off with ease. "No-"


"Get out. We're done here." 


What? His head reeled with even more confusion as the dark-haired monster dragged him to the front door, opened it, and just... dumped him. Right on the welcome mat. Not that there was one, he noticed blearily from the hard concrete. Then the door was shut, and he was alone... Free. 

The relief was even more profound than his confusion. His heavy eyes closed effortlessly as Silas leaned back against the door and breathed the sweet, open air. It took every scrap of energy in him, but after a few long seconds he forced himself to move, leaning away from the door of that hellish apartment and making it onto his hands and knees. 


Apparently he didn't make it very far. When he next opened his eyes he was barely ten feet from the door, leaned against the pole of a streetlamp. Everything after that seemed to happen in blurry snapshots. Luca came back and dragged him inside again, making his heart squeeze with terror, but then he was doing insane things like patching Silas's neck and putting a sweater on him - he was shivering, he noticed... There was another heave of motion and something that felt like a punch to the stomach, and then he was tossed in the backseat of a car. 


Seemingly seconds later, Luca was hauling him out. He struggled to stay upright while the horrible, utter mystery of a man grabbed Silas's face and looked deep into his eyes. 


"Get that taken care of." Of course. Why wouldn't he? That only made sense. He nodded dumbly. "And none of this ever happened." None of what, he thought? Either way, it was such a relief. He slumped visibly. Now that he wasn't terrified for his life, it was so much easier to give in to unconsciousness. So he did. 



When Silas woke, it was light outside, and his mother was red-eyed in a chair next to his bed. A hospital bed, he realized after a moment. There was an IV in his arm, he had a splitting headache, and his neck was sore and bandaged, for some reason. He lifted a hand to block some of the glaring sunlight from his eyes and blinked in confusion. 


"Fuck happened?" he mumbled. That about sent his mother into hysterics. 


"You tell me!" she squealed. He groaned at the high pitch. "They called me at four o' clock this morning saying you were almost bled out and collapsed outside the clinic! Silas, what did you get into? Are you in some kind of trouble?" 


"Ugh, Mom, please." He made a pacifying gesture in an effort to shut her up, trying to rub the pain from his head. "I seriously.. have no idea what the fuck you're talking about." 


That was pretty much the extent of their conversation, only it was on repeat for the rest of the morning. Silas, you can be honest with me, just let me help! Silas, just tell me, was it a... gay thing? Oh, you don't remember a thing, that's convenient - you don't have a head injury, you know! Is this about drugs? One after another after another. By the time he'd finally been discharged with a prescription and they were driving away, he was ready to implode. He did lose his shit, a little, but at least it finally shut her up. The rest of the ride was silent, but he still spent it trying to remember - what the hell had happened? The nurse said he was wearing this ugly brown sweater when he was brought in, but he had absolutely no recollection of where it came from. 


Jacob was almost as frustrating as Silas's mother. At first he was just as concerned, asking a bunch of too-sincere I-just-want-you-to-be-safe kinds of bullshit questions, but once Silas lost his temper on him a few times, too, Jacob had no choice but to let it go. Then came the nonchalant gay vampire/Twilight jokes, which, really, he should have seen coming. 


Even though it was obviously - obviously - bullshit, some part of him wondered in the next few weeks, late at night, if there was any chance he really had met a vampire. The holes in his neck were... almost movie-esque in their placement - and he'd lost so much blood when he'd been admitted. They took a while to heal completely, but whenever he touched them, there was... a really strange sensation. It was almost like how bad hickeys were a 'pleasant' kind of sore. It didn't help that it'd seemed to be surrounded by real hickeys when he first woke up. Hell, maybe his mom was right - maybe it had been a gay thing. He felt ridiculous, but he'd even tried smelling the ugly sweater he'd acquired, more than once. It made him feel similarly strange. It smelled kind of... awesome, really, like some hot guy, and for a moment he thought he could remember the guy who'd worn it, and being somewhere with him, but the memory slipped away before he could even touch it. 


Not knowing was really fraying Silas's nerves. It was hard to just shrug off an incident like that, waking up in a clinic almost bled out and with no memory of the event. He found himself picking fights with even Jacob, usually the only person he could stand to be around, for no good reason. Probably because he was getting so little sleep. Even when he did sleep he'd started having these stupid fucking vampire dreams, thanks to Jacob's jokes, only they kind of got him thinking about some really weird shit. 


It didn't matter. He tried to tell himself that, anyway. But eventually circumstance found Silas in the same dingy bar he'd been in that very night - playing another shitty gig. This time, when they were loading their things into the van, he couldn't stop glancing down the street. When he looked to the left of the bar, something about the buildings and a glimpse of the bridge in the distance gave him a sense of... déja vu. He couldn't help but think back to that night.


Had he left here with someone? That hadn't occurred to him before. Silas gave some hasty excuse to Jacob and the others and took off walking. He didn't know exactly where he was going, but everything continued to be vaguely familiar, even though he was fairly certain he'd never walked this way before, so he kept sniffing around. He knew for sure that was the bar they'd played in that night... Whatever had gone down, it had to have started somewhere in this area. 

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The gate squeaked and shut, with a single beep to signal that it was locked. Luca smoothed his hair away from his face and left the complex for a nighttime walk, perhaps in search of prey. It depended on whether he found anything worth his time. He wasn't really up for a repeat of last month's bizarre gay fiasco.


He paused on the sidewalk long enough to light up a cigarette—why not, when you were a vampire?—then continued on his way down the avenue towards the bridge. The night was colder than average for this time of year. Though he could easily stand cooler temperatures, he had on a scarf and lightweight jacket so as not to raise any eyebrows. The smoke drifted from his mouth and into the dark sky, joining the incoming clouds that signaled a foggy night ahead. That would make it a bit harder to people watch outside, but there were always bars, he supposed.


One of the lamps on the bridge flickered uneasily, close to going out altogether. Below the bridge, mist slowly rolled in over the freeway, giving car headlights an eerie glow. Luca shoved his hands in his jacket pockets and let his cigarette perch between his lips. Just about halfway over the bridge, a familiar scent drifted his way. Faintly, at first, much like a scented memory. But then it got stronger, more real.


Luca halted, eyes narrowing as he squinted past the tendrils of fog. There were figures on the sidewalk, some walking in the same direction, but one coming his way. With every step he came closer, his figure all too familiar.


You've got to be fucking kidding me. It was Silas. How Luca even remembered his name was a mystery to him.


The end of the cigarette lit up like hellfire. Luca wondered whether he should walk away or just act casual as Silas walked past. He'd used glamour on him that night, but it admittedly wasn't his strong suit. It was hard to admit that he wasn't good at something, but there it was. Silas had been in bad shape, however, so Luca's confidence boosted and he decided to play it casual. He stopped walking, plucking the cigarette from his lips and going to stand closer to the bridge railing.


He glanced sidelong at Silas, gauging those green eyes for any sign his glamour had failed. As he did so, he noted that the color had returned in full to Silas's face. He looked to be in good shape again, no permanent damage. Somewhere in the back of Luca's mind, he thought maybe he could have another taste....

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Unfortunately, Silas mostly ended up walking in circles. It was so frustrating - the more he lingered in the area, the more certain he was that he was onto something. At one point he passed a fancy-looking apartment complex that looked kind of familiar, but even if he'd wanted to snoop around, he didn't know the code to the gate. What was he gonna do, anyway? Bust into people's places until he found something familiar? He wasn't that keen on getting arrested tonight. 


He decided to do just one last sweep of the area. It was unusually chilly tonight, and though he had on a little black sweater, it was thin and air went right through it - much more for looks than for warmth. Walking was keeping him warm enough, but his cheeks were pink with the chill, and he was growing tired of walking around aimlessly anyway. 


As he crossed back over the bridge, Silas vaguely noticed a man-shaped figure coming toward him from the other side. He might not have looked twice, focused as he was on his dilemma, but there was a sort of quiet expectation when you were going to pass someone in such close quarters, waiting for the moment when you were appropriately close enough to meet eyes and maybe nod, or purposefully avoid them. In this case it almost looked like the man buckled, turning to loiter and look down at the headlights below instead of facing that small moment. That was what caught his attention. 


He gradually slowed to a stop several feet away, head tilting slightly as he got close enough to really see the guy. It wasn't... exactly that he was familiar - he was quite sure he'd remember meeting someone so camera-ready - but he still looked suspicious to Silas. Maybe it was the fact that he was still glancing subtly at him from his spot by the railing, and when their eyes did meet, he fought a shiver like someone had dropped ice down his back. What that feeling was, he couldn't say. It felt a little like fear, among... other things. 


"Uh..." Silas shoved his chilled fingers in the pockets of his faded, light skinny jeans, standing at a respectable distance. "Hey, you uh - you mind if I bum one of those?" he asked, gesturing at his cigarette. He didn't smoke, but it was much easier to break the ice with that and see how he responded before jumping straight to have-we-met-somewhere. Usually Silas wasn't the type to pussy-foot around so much, but this situation had him a little on-edge. He would wait for a response, then ask, casually. 

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Silas could use any excuse he wanted, but Luca knew he wasn't really bothering him for just a cigarette. Even as he pulled out a sleek, stainless steel cigarette case and flipped it open, he glared at Silas. He knew. Luca saw the recognition in his eyes, even if it was a little fuzzy. He could sense the electric flicker of nervousness in Silas's body, smell the subtlest hint of fear. It was almost erotic, really, when someone reacted that way. Weakness in the face of true power. Luca got off on that muted sort of submission in others, however unconscious it may have been.


"I do mind, actually," Luca said, snapping the case shut again just before Silas could reach out for it. "You could at least greet me properly first."


He turned to face Silas and tilted his head, looking at him more closely. It seemed the glamour had mostly failed, but only to a point that Silas was a bit confused on some details. He saw the puzzle pieces all around him; it was just a matter of mentally piecing them together. It wasn't so much that Silas all-out recognized Luca, then. It was more that his body instinctively knew it, and Silas's brain was late catching up.




His voice was almost hypnotic as the name fell off his lips. Good thing he remembered it, otherwise this would have been ten times more awkward. It was difficult to be intimidating when you were calling someone Hey, Uh, You.


"It's not a long walk from here," he said, repeating his words from that night to help Silas along. "Just across the bridge."


Had Silas walked on past him, Luca perhaps would have let him go and went on his way. But now that he had gotten himself into this, Luca decided he might as well abuse Silas's rotten luck and have another drink.

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At first it seemed like the guy was at least going to oblige him with a cigarette, even though he looked kind of pissed off about it, but just when Silas was about to reach for one, the man apparently changed his mind. He snapped the case shut and turned to glare at him more directly, saying he could have at least 'greeted him properly' first. 




Silas stared, his eyes locked with the other man's, taken off guard by the sudden directness and the tone of his voice. So he was right. 


"It's not a long walk from here. Just across the bridge." 


The way he said that... Silas had definitely heard him say that before. Was he trying to jog his memory? Just like the smell of the cardigan, it reminded him of something deep in his head, something that struck simultaneous fear and excitement into him. It made his pulse skip, finally finding the wearer he'd been trying to imagine - he somehow was exactly what made sense. The long, dark hair, the beautiful tan skin, those provocative eyes. It just fit. He had to be right. 


"Oh, so.. it is you," he bluffed, a flicker of a smile twitching his lips. "That I met that night. I wasn't sure." He tilted his head a little more, still studying his face. He didn't want to come right out and say he didn't really remember anything from that night, including his name, but really, the longer Silas looked at his face, the more little things he remembered. The warm colors in his place... The way his tongue felt. That was a distracting thought. 


Luca, he remembered in a burst of clarity. His name was Luca. 


"Good to see you again... Luca." He wondered if he could fish for more information. "Things got a little wild that night, huh." He sure hoped they had. But Silas knew he was still missing something important. "I didn't think I'd run into you again." 

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It was amazing to watch the colors of memory flutter into Silas once again. His eyes almost seemed greener, more pretty, with every flash of recollection. Luca wasn't even upset that his glamour had failed so terribly when Silas said his name. No, instead of failure, he just felt a swell of ego—of course Silas would remember Luca's name. Who could forget him? He wasn't that easily discarded.


Luca couldn't help but grin at Silas's remarks about that night. So vague. Not to mention the fact that Silas was being far too friendly. It was clear that the glamour had worked more effectively when it came to what was truly incriminating: the feeding. If he remembered that, then he wouldn't be standing next to Luca like they had just enjoyed a drunken fling that had gotten too rough and out of hand.


Well, just as last time, he would use Silas's sex drive to his advantage. He smiled deviously, his sharp teeth dangerously close to revealing his true nature to Silas.


"Wild? Yeah. Bad? Not necessarily."


That was a bit of a white lie. From Silas's end, it sure as hell must have been awful. Luca could have done without the tonguing, the awkward boner, and the annoying drive to the clinic, but hey! he got a delicious meal out of it. That made it not wholly terrible.


Luca backed off a couple of steps and quickly glanced over his shoulder. When he looked back at Silas, he was grinning again, his cheeks near-burning with his hungered fever.


"You up for more?"

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All right, so it had gotten wild. At least he could confirm one thing about that night. The way Luca was looking at him made Silas desperately wish he knew how wild, though. It would have been really convenient if he'd made some sort of elaborating comment, but he didn't. Just that it wasn't "necessarily bad".


Okay..?! What did that even mean? 


Silas wrestled silently with his gut feelings as Luca took a look over his shoulder. What was he supposed to say now? He had no idea how that night had even ended. Maybe they'd parted on bad terms, and that was why Luca was glaring at him when Silas walked over, and ignoring him in the first place. There was no way of knowing. When Luca looked back over, though, he had another of those looks on his face that made Silas just want to shudder all the way down to his toes. Flushed cheeks, even for someone with such rich dark skin, sharp and beckoning eyes, even sharper canines in that wide, wicked smile... 




"You up for more?"


Just looking at those teeth made his neck tingle - he made sure not to stare at them, though. He knew it was his turn to speak, but every stupid vampire joke Jacob had made the past few weeks was echoing in Silas's head. He had no idea what the rational decision was here. On one hand, if he was in a theatre watching this shit on the big screen, he'd be screaming at the stupid protagonist to run the fuck away, because really. The signs were there. But on the other hand, everyone fuckin' knew that there was no such thing as vampires. Why should he skip a second hot evening with this dude just because he'd let his imagination run wild about a bad night he had a month ago? 


"You know... yeah," he said finally. His expression had resolved - not that he'd been trying to broadcast all his weird thoughts, but he had a tendency of thinking with his face, or so he'd been told. He wet his lips and grinned back at Luca. "I think I am." 


The walk wasn't long. Silas wasn't exactly surprised when they rolled up outside the apartment complex he'd been looking at earlier, waiting while Luca punched in the code - but this time he watched to see what it was. Just in case. He wasn't entirely regretting his decision yet, but walking up the path to the door he had an odd sense of foreboding. The space outside Luca's apartment gave him the heebie-jeebies. Somehow he thought he could remember being on his hands and knees, right there... Maybe he had just gotten really drunk? 


The feeling was only amplified when he followed Luca inside. He was right on the edge of remembering... something... But it hid from him stubbornly. He glanced around the nice-looking place while his heart fluttered anxiously in his chest. Hopefully a good fuck would make him calm down, at least. Suddenly he was antsy as hell. 


"You must have gotten me pretty drunk - I forgot it was so nice in here." Silas stepped into the living room, admiring the size of the flat-screen just to set his eyes on something. "To be honest, some of the other stuff is pretty fuzzy, too. Like... how wild did things get, exactly?" His tone was curious and suggestive at the end, very much sounding like he just wanted to hear Luca talk dirty, but he was still fishing. He needed more reminders - surely he could remember this big mysterious event on the edge of his consciousness if he just had a few more hints. 

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What a simple kill Silas was.


Had this been in Luca's earliest years as a nightdweller, Silas would have been done for before he hit eighteen. It was almost a little cute, in a pathetic way, how trusting he was. No amount of blood loss or glamour could excuse that level of reckless stupidity. Human instinct was a very real thing, ingrained in the mortal consciousness to keep the species alive from its fragile origins. Silas was clearly a child of modernity, a snow-white lamb that dumbly went along where it was ushered.


And Luca intended on staining that wool red with blood.


They made it back to his place just as the fog became too thick to even see the next building over. Luca unwrapped the scarf from around his neck and threw it on the side of the couch—seemed that was his favorite spot to toss his clothes once he got in the door. He watched the thoughts flicker across Silas's features, anticipating the moment when he'd finally remember exactly what had happened. But even as Luca reached past him to lock the door, Silas was clueless as before.


"How wild did things get, exactly?"


Luca smiled faintly but said nothing yet, instead leading Silas down a dark hallway. The only light was in the kitchen, dimly lighting up the countertops from beneath the overhead cabinets. Once they'd passed into the hallway, it became uncomfortably dark. Luca, of course, had no trouble seeing in the dark, especially in his own apartment. They stopped at the end of the hall, where there was a door, but Luca took a turn. Running in the opposite direction of the hallway was a staircase.


"Guess you'll find out," Luca finally said, gesturing for Silas to go up first. Just to soothe his fears a bit, he flipped on a light. Nothing creepy at the top, no chain-filled rape dungeon waiting. Only a warm impressionist painting of Florence. About as threatening as a dentist office waiting room.


Luca followed Silas up the stairs, his steps far heavier, almost foreboding. Once they got to the top, Luca took the extra effort once more and placed his hands around Silas's waist. He gripped him there just firmly enough to entice him forth, just in case he was getting too anxious. Luca could sense he was nervous and had been since he'd entered the apartment. Luca only let go to push his bedroom door open.


The bedroom wasn't much different in color than the rest of the apartment, all masculine browns and blood reds. But it had a decidedly more Arabic flair to the design, which was most evident from the far wall's immodest screen wall, just barely hiding the bathroom beyond it. The bed was quite spacious and inviting, but then, Luca would never settle for anything smaller than a king size. The headboard was covered in soft leather, as if Luca needed the padding for the safety of his numerous dates. The central light fixture had more of that Arabic flavor to it, and when Luca turned it on, it cast an almost ridiculously romantic amber glow onto the room.


He shut the door with a soft click and pulled away from Silas to stand close to the foot of the bed. He gave Silas a long and curious look, almost unable to keep from laughing because he'd taken him here of all places. He didn't want to risk keeping him in the living room this time, however. Who knew what Silas would do when he remembered what had happened the first time? Up here they had more privacy, and Luca had more options for silencing his prey.


"Come here," he said simply, wondering if Silas was really so dumb he'd walk straight into his hungry arms a second time.

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Of course, instead of dirty talk, all Luca gave him was the verbal equivalent of a shrug and a wink. Figured. 


Silas was pretty sure he was trying to be intimidating. Unfortunately, that didn't reassure him much. Maybe it was supposed to turn him on, but he felt more like he was being cornered as Luca came up the stairs behind him, his feet feeling heavier and heavier with resistance the higher they climbed, even as the looming presence at his back made him want to skip ahead. 


The boy was utterly at war with himself. He tried not to show it in his posture, but his shoulders were tense and straight, his fingers twitching absently. He felt like a lunatic, sitting there arguing with himself in a situation like this - one that should have been very, very simple. He should just tell the paranoid, sleep-deprived, maniacal piece of him to shut the hell up, he thought, and get this show on the road. 


But he couldn't. Not with his head swimming like this. 


"Come here," Luca beckoned. 


Silas had been cornered a few times before. He knew the feeling. If - if - he really was in danger right now, he reasoned with himself, there would be absolutely no point in trying to run. Again, if Luca really was this movie monster that Silas's imagination was making him out to be, that was probably the reason he'd brought him upstairs - more time to catch him if he tried to take off. That took 'flight' out of his hypothetical options. 


So it had to be 'fight'. 


Apparently that train of thought calmed his nervous paranoia. He could proceed now, having thought out the what-ifs. His shoulders relaxed visibly and his eyelids weighed down with confidence as Silas did as he was bid, walking to Luca with slow purpose. He stopped when he was inches away, his face daringly close for someone who was entertaining morbid fantasies of being in the room with a blood-sucking monster. Without pause, his hand found the front of Luca's pants, unbuttoning them with one hard tug. He summoned all his confidence into a faint smirk. 


It was hard to be intimidating with someone's hand on your dick, he'd found.


Silas leaned up to flick the tip of his tongue between Luca's lips teasingly as his hand slithered over his underwear, groping a generous handful with a low purr before joining their lips in full. 




Leave it to Silas to try and fuck his way out of a situation. 

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And there he went. Luca's brows knitted slightly and the corners of his lips turned up. This dumb little lamb of his came forth, seemingly shrugging off that cloud of anxiety that had clung to him like the fog outside. Silas was close. Too close for Luca's comfort, but he found amusement in the silent challenge his proximity offered. His razor-edged teeth glinted in the golden light from above. Silas could shimmy up all over Luca as much as he wanted; Luca wasn't here for that.


That firm thought was hard to keep when there was a hand groping your cock, though.


He inhaled sharply, startled by the sudden violation. Silas licked at his lips, and Luca could only stand there in mild confusion. This kid really was desperate for some, wasn't he? Did he not get laid in the past month between the last feeding and now? Luca couldn't understand what possessed Silas to overcome any natural fears just for a hope at sex.


Then again, wasn't that just the stupid man thing to do? Sex above all.


Luca broke the kiss rather violently, shoving Silas half an arm-width away. How irritating. Luca didn't know what it was about this asshole that drew him in. Maybe it was his shining eyes, or the healthy flush in his cheeks at the moment. Or most likely, those plump lips, parted enticingly. His mouth was a rose-colored seat of expression, perhaps even more so than his eyes. They gave every thought away even when the rest of his smooth face played it cool. And right now, that mouth was telling Luca that Silas wasn't going to run away from this.


A fighter? Just the type Luca liked to stomp into the dirt.


His hand shot out like a cobra strike, clamping onto Silas's neck. His fingers curled around the back of it and he drew Silas in again, using his less than gentle grip to force Silas to lean back. Over their breaths he could hear Silas's pulse, strong and hot. Luca licked his lips before diving in, laying down a violent kiss to Silas's neck. Now he could feel that pulse with his lips, sending shocks of electric anticipation down his arms. He hadn't even been that hungry before now. This was all gluttonous greed.


He bit in before Silas could do anything else spontaneous and foolish. There, Luca wanted to say. Is your memory jogged now?


His arms wrapped around Silas at his waist and he held him close as he drank. Silas's blood was delightfully feverish, weeping neatly from the freshly reopened bite marks. He was sure now to have a scar that would never fade. Luca's mark, forever bitten into his flesh. Luca's entire body shuddered with pleasure at that thought, and that, combined with the gorgeous taste of Silas's blood...


...Damn it. Not again.


It was a good thing Silas hadn't decided to grope him now, because now there was definitely something there to feel up. Luca pulled his sucking lips away from Silas's throat. He hadn't taken much, drinking more slowly because he wasn't starved like he'd been the first time. He stared at Silas, his eyes clear and his lips once more betraying his emotions. Silas was completely lucid.


Maybe a little dizzy when Luca slammed into the firm bed, but that was expected. Luca swooped in over him, a more forceful repeat of the previous time. Slowly, he licked at the bitemark, painting the exquisite red onto his tongue. When he exhaled next, it sounded distinctly tinted with sexual pleasure. He attacked Silas with just his mouth, letting the wound bleed as he nipped at Silas's jawline up to his ear. The crimson bedcovers were prepared to take the damage as precious blood dribbled down, wasted completely while Luca had his fun.


"You're frustrating as hell," Luca growled against Silas's cheek.


His insistent hands swept down over the thin black sweater between them. He wasn't sure what possessed him to do it—exactly why Silas was frustrating him—but he ripped the sweater upwards and off of Silas. The violence of the motion ended up taking the shirt beneath with it, leaving Silas naked from the waist up. Luca sucked in a little more blood, and that was all it took for him to look at Silas's body a bit more positively than he should have. There were no lovely breasts, no corset curves. But what Silas had wasn't all bad. Luca's eyes trailed down his figure as if he were tracing an invisible line between every enticing beauty mark that dotted his smooth skin.


Luca's confusion showed on his face. Confusion, slowly melting into anger. Why? Why was this flat-chested boy trash turning him on? Was it just his blood doing strange things to Luca's system? It didn't taste off or drugged in any way, so Luca only became more incensed by his own reactions.

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Silas thought there seemed to be a surprising lack of reciprocation, but his suspicions were confirmed when he was suddenly shoved away, effectively getting his hand out of Luca's pants. The hell was that about? He met Luca's eyes evenly, trying to read them. He was acting like some kind of closeted homophobe, like he hadn't invited Silas here in the first place and just fucked him a few weeks ago. Not that Silas could remember that part, exactly. The attraction in Luca's eyes was pretty clear, however, especially in the way he stared at Silas's lips, but he was definitely pissed off, too. Without warning, Luca's hand flew out to grab Silas by the neck, making him gasp as he was dragged forward again. His head was forced back by the firm grip, allowing Luca to lean down and lock his lips firmly against Silas's throat with a hungry sound, just over his recently-healed wounds. 


That was when he knew. 


Silas's breath grew quicker and deeper with the horrified realization as the images flew past him one by one. Luca, on top of him on the couch, turning Silas's head and biting into his flesh - his bloody mouth smiling down at him, whispering how 'exquisite' he tasted... Silas remembered all of it.


He knew the bite was coming, but the pain still took him off-guard, forcing a groan from low in his throat. Oh God. His hands squeezed at Luca's shoulders, absolutely at a loss for what to do. Because now that the dam had broken and all the memories had come flooding back, Silas had become aware that, actually, they hadn't fucked. In fact, not only had they not fucked - Luca had still had a boner by the time he was done drinking and he still hadn't fucked him, before or after. 'Fight' had never been an option for Silas, he realized - not the way he was trying to do it. And yet, here he was, wrapped almost like a lover in Luca's arms as he fed. When his long, firm body shivered against him, Silas couldn't help but shudder too, but he wasn't sure it was entirely out of fear anymore, especially when he thought he could feel - 


Luca pulled back to stare at him, but hardly a moment passed before Silas's perspective was flipped backwards, grunting as his back hit the large bed behind him. Silas struggled to keep up with the situation as Luca trapped him with his body and licked at his bleeding neck. An embarrassing whimper escaped him as Luca nipped up along his jaw, sending another shiver all the way through him as hot breath tickled his ear. 


"You're frustrating as hell," Luca told him darkly. 


Suddenly his hands were on him, ripping Silas's top off before he even knew what was going on, his arms raising automatically to keep them from coming off along with his flimsy clothing. He lay half-bare under Luca with wide, bright eyes, every soft and subtle curve of his torso on display as it all rose and fell with his heavy breaths, his cheeks burning frantically with heat. He had begun to shake, nearly every part of him trembling like a leaf in the wind, but fuck, he didn't think he'd ever been so hard in his entire life - something Luca could easily see if he were to look down far enough. Silas was terrified, but he felt unmistakably alive in that moment with the adrenaline coursing through him, trapped beneath this beautiful, horrible beast - a beast that apparently was coming to like him. The hungry and confused way Luca was staring at him was the only thing that gave Silas any confidence in this situation. Apparently Luca fancied himself a straight man, but he sure wasn't acting like one. Maybe he could go back to Plan B after all? Luca hadn't killed him the first time, Silas reminded himself desperately. Why would he this time? 


Slowly, he raised an unsteady hand to the tender holes in his neck where Luca's unattended drink was dripping freely. He drew a streak of the pure, dark red liquid down his chest, passing over his nipple and stopping over his ribs, lifting his fingers afterward as if to make sure he was really bleeding. And, oh, he was. He wasn't feeling very lightheaded yet, but he knew Luca wasn't even close to done with him. He could only hope he wouldn't be left in the same state tonight as he was last time. 


With no small amount of hesitation, Silas lifted his hips. His aching hard-on brushed against something just as unmistakably solid, making him nibble at his lower lip in anticipation as an excited huff of breath escaped from his nose. He knew he was playing with fire, trying to goad a closeted "straight" guy by rubbing boners with him, but he hoped most of Luca's attention would remain on his face, which, on purpose or not, was definitely saying "fuck me". 


Maybe even "please". 


Silas didn't dare say any of it out loud, though, for fear of scaring off Luca's inner straighty. He knew just how touchy they could be. He wet his lips, having dried them out with all his frightened, shallow breathing, hoping to God all his assumptions were right. 

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