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I better get one of these started up I suppose!


Name: Talonar Esperi


Race: Elf


Age: Apparent age: 27. Actual age: Around 240.


Gender: Male


Appearance: Talonar has sleek, elbow-length silvery-white hair and vivid green eyes. Like most elves, he is quite slender, however he seems very slightly larger around the waistband than most of his kin. Not fat, but a sign of never falling hungry for too long in his life. He has a sharp, narrow nose and an unblemished smile, which is a rare sight from him. He usually wears his hair in a simple ponytail at the back, not feeling the same urges of vanity as many others of his race. He dresses in a selection of neat mage robes, which are typically strapped around his waist with a belt of black leather, a large jewel covering the main buckle. He hated the flappy, overly elaborate robes of other magic folk, his robes clinging closer to him, somewhat like a suit.


Powers: Talonar spent most of his life up to this point in deep study. Growing up in the magical capital of the elves and tutored by the best money could by, he had developed some experience in elemental manipulation. He can generate and manipulate shards of ice, spheres of fire, chains of lightning and spikes of earth, without personal harm. Use of his powers in this magnitude, however, still drains him enough for him to need to rest for a short while, so he limits full on use until he is endangered or tested. With the wisdom of the elves behind him, he also has a fluent understanding of some of the local languages, local meaning that of the wild and of elementals. He had little patience for the company of other races and saw them below him, not bothering to try to learn their tongues.


History: Talonar was born into a wealthy family. His father was a scholar and saw no reason at all why anything would stop his son from following in his footsteps. His mother, reluctant that he was not spending very much time with other people and making friends, still allowed this, only wanting greatness for her son. He spent many years in libraries and archives, reading up on anything remotely close to regarding the arcane. He had the knowledge and the sharp (and painful) tutelage of practice of his powers under his belt by his fiftieth year, choosing to continue improving his knowledge and becoming the curator of the biggest libraries of the city. Money was no object under his parents, after all. He saw other people as means to his ends, rather than colleagues or peers. Spoilt, definitely. Eventually he began to travel, having grown weary of his own town's knowledge and people. He continues to journey around the world in pursuit of new knowledge to improve the mastery of his powers.

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