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The wind blew her hair softly, keeping her cool under the warm sunlight as she continued picking the various herbs around her. She loved this job. Sitting in the grass, taking the gifts from the earth. Separating the different leaves and stems, it was a motion she went through easily anymore, something she'd learned to do from her mother since she was very young. Not that being outside wasn't something she loved more than anything. It was where she felt most at-


She turned, her golden hair falling over her shoulders. "Hello?" Her voice mimicked the sound of song, her brown eyes searching around her for the noise she'd just heard. Her brow furrowed in curiosity as she heard another noise but no response. "Is someone there?" She called, looking for any furry creatures trying to stalk up on her. Some crunched leaves, some snapping twigs. Her voice turned into a defensive hiss followed by a growl in an attempt to scare off whatever had found her interesting enough to approach. Whatever it was seemed even more interested now and it started coming for her quickly, along with what sounded like some friends. Millia leaped to her feet and crouched, spilling her collected herbs out of her dress. Her growl came, very threatening as her eyes stayed on the weaving bushes. A little closer and she could see-


A cold shock ran through her spine and her vision went black.




Creaking wheels. Mumbling voices. These sounds are what she woke to, along with the rough rope she felt at her wrists and ankles. With a groan, she got herself into a sitting position, opening her eyes to find the others with her. Everyone was tied, males and females, of all different species of demon. After studying some of these others, their bodies, their strengths, their appearances, she searched for her voice. "What is going on here?" As she expected, one of the males nearer to the end of the wagon they rode in, spoke up. His strong body gave hint to his strong confidence, therefore showing he'd be most likely to answer her.


"What do you think is going on, sweetcheeks? We've been captured."


"And what is to happen next?" She asked calmly, though she sighed inwardly as she felt she shouldn't have had to ask.


He laughed as if she had cracked a joke. "Are you that hidden from the world? We are going to be sold and you are going to do whatever your owner wants from you."


Her eyes narrowed. "I am owned by no one."


"You will be. And you better get used to it."


"And how do you know so much about what's going on, then? No one can keep me where I do not wish to be."


He only laughed as the cart came to a stop. Men, human men, came around and began ordering everyone out of the wagon. Their heavily-armed bodies gave good enough reason to obey though one younger male demon showed exactly what could be done should you run. As soon as his feet hit the dirt ground, his ropes, pre-cut, fell to the ground and he darted off. His demonic speeds seemed to be helpful... but it only took the 30 arrows from the archers perched about to take him down.


Remaining calm, Millia finally looked at where they had arrived. They were in a village of some sort, archers hidden in the roofs of many homes. Other than that, nothing else seemed hugely spectacular of this village.


The shout and hard grip on her upper arm cut her observing short as the tied demons lined up and began following the lead human towards the gallows ahead. Gallows? Are we to be hanged, then? She watched with her guard up as they approached the large platform and were told to line up and face forward. She did and some humans came forward. They had pieces of paper and looked at each demon in turn, occasionally touching some of the male's arms or inside someone's mouth before scribbling some things down. Millia's attention strayed from these humans as others began gathering below the gallows, counting money and looking at the demons lined up. It is true, then. We are to be sold. Still, I cannot be kept where I am not wanted. The first night, I will simply leave. No fuss. 


"The auction will begin in 5 minutes!" A human spoke, his voice raised as the humans inspecting the demons began finishing up. They got together and combined their notes then handed a single sheet of paper to the one who had spoken. The speaker looked it over then looked down at his crowded clan to make sure the gathering was full. "The auction will begin!" The demons before her were jerked up front to be bid on and met with force when they didn't cooperate. Millia paid little attention to the bidding or the things said about those for sale. She was more focused on the greedy eyes of those who were bidding. What did they use demons as slaves for? Were they too lazy to live lives themselves?


Her thoughts were forced away as another rough human hand grabbed her upper arm and jerked her forward. "This here is a beautiful female demon, seeming to be from the earthy-groups. Bidding starts at 150 gold pieces!"



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Talonar so hated the hustle and bustle of the crowds. He should have known better than to venture into this village on what seemed like an eventful day. A public execution? No, there were too many condemned for a mass hanging, he thought to himself. Yet they were crowding by the gallows, loud voices erupting from the mass of people.


Loud voices... Loud smells too, he muttered under his breath, covering his nose with a silken red handkerchief. He could almost smell the poverty, emanating from the waves of people at the very back, too low in the social strata to afford a better view. He had to get a better spot, he had to get closer to the front, if only, he thought,  to save the fibres in his handkerchief from rotting.


Talonar had caused quite a commotion as he wriggled and forced his way through the rabble. Many had made unpleasant gestures his way, or muttered obscene threats as he disappeared forward still through to the front. This seemed to be where all the nobles and rich folk stood, he thought. He could tell from how they dressed and the absence of the stench of commoners he so despised. They were still other people, however and remained in his way. It was then that he practiced, with gritted teeth, the manners that his mother had taught him so long ago, to slither his way through to the front row of the crowd. It was rare that he mingled, but it seemed he still had some grace in his ways when he put his mind to it.


"Now then, whatever is all this fuss ab-" he thought aloud, pausing mid-sentence as he saw what really was going on. His mouth lay slightly agape for the minute or two that it took to register what was going on. Demons, magical creatures, being pawned off to the highest bidders as if they were meat! If no one bid, if no one saw the demons on show fit to purchase, as no doubt a slave, they were presumably to be executed and deemed a worthless capture. Now, it was true in Talonar's eyes, they were not elves and so were still beneath him, but he held anything magical in a higher regard than creatures that could barely utter arcanespeak, let alone use it. Only just, though.


 "This here is a beautiful female demon, seeming to be from the earthy-groups. Bidding starts at 150 gold pieces!"  The auctioneer began. In his filthy hands stood a clearly petrified demon woman. A rare breed at that, being of the earthy-groups. Although, he could've sensed that without the scruffy human's help. Quite unique, he thought, sensing no stronger similar power in the entirety of the cartloads of demons gathered today. His years of research sparked his intrigue. He could barely believe was he was about to do; it was against every personal moral he held before.


His hand raised.


Time to give these"rich" humans something to chew on, he thought, with a sneer. "Six hundred!" he called. The potential was too great. He'd be damned if anyone in this crowd had a shade over six hundred and fifty gold in their entire coffers, let alone their measly purses. It was clear he had sparked some attention, many of the nobles making very uncomfortable, quite defeated noises behind their waxed moustaches. Anyone other than the front row would have no chance at all, he imagined. He kept his hand raised until the auctioneer acknowledged his bid to be legitimate, which seemed to be taking him some considerable time and effort.


His eyes, however, were burning holes right into those of the demon's. Ambition and eagerness that he had thought long since faded away had risen to the surface again, confusing and exciting him at the same time.

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Millia kept her mind from the bustling happening around her, on stage and below, and so gave no notice to the man making his way to the front. She sighed, wishing her hands weren't bound just to be able to wrap them around herself. She didn't like knowing all these people were looking at her, knowing some may have more wandering eyes. It's no matter. Their eyes can do you no harm, after all, Millia.


"Six hundred!" Millia's eyes darted to the man now standing up front with his hand raised and his voice echoing in the openness. Six hundred? The bidding started at 150! I know I didn't ignore that much! Her eyes narrowed on the elf. Why on earth is he bidding so high so soon? What could he possibly want me that badly for? I mean, can he even pay that? By studying his clothes and his posture, she could tell he surely could though she'd never understand why someone would carry so much money on them at one time. Hadn't he just been passing by? She couldn't keep track of all the people below.


The auctioneer finally acknowledged his bid, obviously as shocked as Millia was. "Uh... alright. Six hundred! Anyone have six twenty five? Six ten?" The auctioneer's eyes passed over the crowd of shaking heads, putting away the thricely counted purses. "Sold! Next!"


Millia was shoved to the side of the stage as another demon took her place up front. She was jerked roughly down the stairs and was made to wait there with the guard at her side as they waited for Talonar, her new owner to get her. She hid her smirk as she waited, though. I will wait until tonight to disappear, yes. But if he so much as looks at me in a disapproving way, I will kill him on the spot.


The guard fidgeting caught her attention and she looked down at his hands to see what he was messing with. It looked like a collar of some sort with a blue rune in the center of it. "What is that?" She asked, not knowing that type of rock from anywhere she'd traveled before.


The guard looked at her and laughed. "This, little demon, is what will make you a pet. When you wear this, your master is in charge. Even if you are stronger than them in any way, this collar will put you to your knees in pain if you go against them. I'd love to make you try it but I'm not your master. The one who puts it on you is and that would be mister 600." The guard snarled then. "Who the hell carries that much money on them."


Millia sighed inwardly. She wanted to know the same thing. How on earth could a single rune control me? Especially when it is simply a rock and rock is from earth. If anything, I will be able to control it. She listened calmly to the droning of the auction continuing behind them on the stage.

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Talonar shot quick glances to the left and right of him, sneering as he saw the snooty well-to-doers put away their wallets, looking disappointed. It was quite helpful sometimes, being rich, he thought. Making his way over to the side of the stage he saw the girl being brought off, away from the rabbleSlave or no slave, she was really getting shoved around for something apparently worth six hundred of their money, he pondered. Perhaps she has an attitude on her. Humans... He sighed, mustering up his willpower to remain civil with the lowly grunt. Just a simple exchange of money and demon and he'd be out of the town.


"Who the hell carries that much money on them?"  Talonar heard the human mutter as he neared the two. He felt his willpower falter already.


"I do, for one. Also, you would do well as to not handle demons so roughly... Not all of them are as easy to control as a female being taken by surprise.. Plus, the less you touch of her with your grubby human hands, the better. Who knows where they've been, honestly..." he commented, looking down his nose at the guard. He reached inside his robes for his purse, counting the necessary pieces out of platinum coins up to the agreed price. Still, it was a hefty bag that the elf had filled for the man. "Your payment, sir." he said, nodding at the bag. "And what is that I see? Oh, how quaint! An anti-defiance charm! You humans really can't control your pets, can you?" he chuckled, inspecting the collar as it was handed it to him. It was merely small-talk as he inspected the collar. It had some power as the human thought, but it was still very crude. From the look of the demon's face, she didn't know of its origins either. Crude, clearly.


Talonar wondered whether or not this thing would even do what it was supposed to. It looked cheap, save for the rune at the front. He assumed it was a case of attaching any old straps to form a necklace to keep the rune there. Another thing that will need testing, he thought to himself. I do hate wasting money even now...Can't be having my money run herself away or anything in the middle of the night... Would be troublesome indeed.


"Well then, I'd best be going- Oh! How could I forget!" he exclaimed melodramatically, before approaching the demon girl and looping the collar over her neck, clasping it at the back and stepping away, the collar now seemingly giving off a faint, rather surprisingly pleasant glow against her soft skin. "The niceties must be observed, of course. We will be leaving now, miss..?" he said, trailing off to get her name from her. He was giving her the same piercing gaze as he had done when she was on the stage. It was not a look of disgust, or pity. It was intrigue, of analysis, almost.



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Millia looked at him, her brown eyes narrowed in utter distrust as soon as the collar clasped about her. She felt the power from it suddenly enter her body. So, this is what is to prevent me from going against him? Even now, it does not feel like much. I guess we'll find out tonight. Her eyes met his, not giving away the thoughts that were going through her mind. Being calm was something she was very accustomed to and hiding her emotions was hardly a hassle for her. "My name? It is Millia. Millia Greenswood. And yours would be?" She anticipated the various answers to be expected. Judging by his motions, he seemed more of the scientific type, always wanting to learn. She was, no doubt, a new item for him to experiment on and would not want to create any form of attachment to her. Though his kindness did not fit along with that speculation, so she did not label him as so as of yet. But if he gives me such a curt answer as 'master' or 'owner' to call him by... he will be quite disappointed. Knowing she was still under watch by the various guards around the ground, though, she made no offensive or defensive moves.

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Talonar saw a very familiar look cross the demon girl's features, one he had made himself on many an occasion when dealing with "inferior" races. It was understandable though, she had just been snatched away from her own life and forced into servitude... Why would she like or trust anyone of these people involved, even him? He was taken slightly aback at this. "...Is this how I look at everybody? Good heavens, no wonder they hate me as much as I do them.." he mused.


She looked at him, giving her name, or at least what she seemed to wish to be called. "I could choose not to give a name to a demon on the end of a collar, but I did not pay for you to be a slave or a pet to me. I wish to learn about your ways. You have something different than the others about you, I can sense it. I'm sure by now you've sensed that that collar is a weak, human-made trinket, designed for the young, the elderly or the infirm. It's little more than a decoration to the likes of an earth channeller like yourself, I'm sure." he explained, making his motives (or most of them) known. There was a short pause as they continued to venture out of the town and towards the large city in the near distance, before he continued.


"As such, you are more of a test subject. You are no equal and you would do well to learn that. Your life will be spent in a wealthy estate, you shall have your own room, you shall be clothed appropriately, not as some ridiculous maid. This is all provided that you obey. Defy me, and you shall soon see a different side." he warned her, his eyes flickering across her young-looking features before zoning in on her eyes at the warning. "There is one ultimate rule of this agreement of regular food and sleep - You will never leave the mansion without me accompanying you." he continued, heavy stress on his voice in the last part as he continued on ahead, nearing the walls of the city of the Elves.

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Millia followed along quietly, listening to the man's threats and promises without much comment, waiting for him to feel he had said enough and finish. He wants to own me. And experiment on me. At least he has more goals than to have someone cook and clean for him. Still. He is quite mistaken to believe I will be the one he will be performing such tests on. But it is still pointless to create a problem right now. Night is my ally. She simply nodded at his requests, not giving him the privilege of hearing any sort of approving response from her.


She continued her walk in silence until Talonar's city home began to rise in front of them. She finally had something to give her mind and attention to rather than the dusty trail they had taken to get here. There were great walls surrounding the city with large gates placed randomly about it. Well that could prove a problem. Ah well. I'm sure fewer guard them at night. She said in reference to the elven guards standing at each pair of gates. Nothing more than a large door, then. The guards did seem pretty strict on allowing anything but elves entry but she could almost bet that they would be more than willing to let anything not elven out of the city.


As they went up to one of the gates the guards stopped them, as Millia had predicted. What she hadn't expected was for them to simply see the collar she wore and the stance of Talonar and then to say nothing but to allow them both entry. Okay, so they know what I am to him. Apparently this is a widely-known profession. Filthy creatures. Her thoughts remained in calm emotion even though the words in them were hostile. She walked obediently inside of the city beside of Talonar, paying close attention to how heavy the gates were to open and close along with any small holes or anything she could use to climb them, being prepared if she needed to escape without the help of the guards to open the gate doors for her.


Once she made note of everything she felt necessary she began studying the city they were now walking through. She saw nothing but elves and their scowls at her; not a single other type of creature was around. Makes sense. I suppose if anyone else even owns another creature, the other is still indoors. She recalled Talonar's warning not to leave the mansion without him. I thought that was possessiveness but it is also probably to do something with his ego. She kept her head down not out of obedience or a sense of inferiority but rather so she didn't have to see the ugly faces of those looking down on her. I hope your crops rot and your cattle die.


As they began leaving the largely crowded areas and finally found a new path that seemed empty of people, she looked up. Well. That is... big. Her eyes fell on the large mansion standing in front of her as Talonar didn't slow his pace on the way to the door. Like many other buildings in this city, it was a beautiful oaky brown. Pillars stood lined evenly on the large porch that a simple flight of stairs led to. This will be where I will get lost at. She thought to herself as she approached the ever-growing building. The little huts she had lived in... this could have fit 30 of them.

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