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Think of a tiny orange fox smacking away at a laptop keyboard. That's me.

Also sometimes I make characters. And they'll be here! :0!


tumblr_n8a0xq6gV01r7fo35o4_250.gif tumblr_n8a0xq6gV01r7fo35o5_250.gif


(I'll just leave this here until I actually finish a character sheet.)

(I despise character sheets. Eugh.) 

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Elyndriel Gaerwing


In Cold Blood


Elyndriel; a name of Elven origin. It was her mother's choice in name. Though she was a Breton, her mother had more Altmer in her lineage than most. This is observed in Elyndriel's hair, which is light in colour (for a Breton), and her slanted eyes. Often, Elyndriel prefers the name Elle; considering it to be more feminine. Gaerwing; Her father's last name. And rightfully her's, as well. She wears it with pride.

Light, honeyed-brown hair pools down her back and over her shoulders. She often gathers it in a braid. Her facial features carry a slight slant, though she resembles her father most. They say it's in the smile. Elle's eyes are a deep hazel, matching her father's own, though they are elf-like in shape, like her mother's. She enjoys feeling like she carries equal parts of both of her parents.

She owns many dresses and cloaks with which she parades around Solitude. In the colder months, she favors a certain grey, hooded cloak. She also owns a set of lightweight leather armor, though it stands stiff and unused.

Elle practices sword fighting (in the form of fencing), though she isn't adept at it. She believes that she could survive a fight by herself, but one can tell that she's way over her head. Besides that, she knows basic healing magic, and because of her incessant reading- is knowledgeable on certain topics.




  • ​Skyrim OC.
  • Breton, slightly more Elven than most. (From her mother's side.)
  • Lives in Solitude.
  • Dreams to be and adventurer like her father. 






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