A Poem About Friendship (For Kyo)

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This is my special, original birthday poem for Martin (Kyo), *ahem*




(WIP title duh)



Remember the 3am conversation about a zombie rocket launcher?
Or when we laughed till we cried just talkin' bout Archer.
What about the time I tried chatting up that creature?

And you got us lost with the skill of a dyslexic geography teacher.


Remember when you were 'round and my mum brought us treats?

Or we sat for Harry Potter in the cinema tiered seats.

Do you recall those early WoW days, when I saw an elemental?

I was convinced you could see it, and you had to let me down gentle.


I guess what it is that i'm trying to say,

You're my super best friend and bro in a major way.

For sticking by me in all my stupidity and insanity,

PS. I just found out I fuckin' love manatees.


Now my rhyme is over, did it make you feel all happy and warm?

From the strength of our friendship like a meteor storm.
One last thing before I go, you better come online you jew,

So we can roleplay and game together... PEW PEWPEWPEWPEWPEW!!!!









PPS. My mum has literally never brought me a treat, before that day, or ever since.

Clearly, she wanted to buy your love with a pack of 4 chocolate muffins. I love my mum. lol


PPPS. Lookin' forward to seeing you in BF4, I can see you now, you'll be all:



PPPPS: I will try to get your gifts to you asap, look forward to them brah...
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Thanks bro <3

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Aw, that's so cute! I love your bromance!


And I love you two, you're like my fellow British frans<3

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