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Background Story


We had a dozen names for them. Guardians, Shepherds, Teachers or Gods, but the most common title was Creators.


They held great power. Power that could only feasibly be held by an entity deserving of the titles we bestowed upon them, but along with the power they had a certain indifference. Where they were eternal, our existence was but a fleeting unimportant moment to them. They were eternal.


And then they were gone.


It was us that took down the mighty dragon Verschlinger, the Devourer of Worlds and crafted the crown jewels with it’s remains. It was us that created the Amorian civilization that rivalled that of the Creators. It was us that developed means of educating and training our own in order to capitalize on the strengths of our children and giving everyone a bright future.


Where were they when man was but in its infancy and it needed its parent to hold its hand for it to take its first step? Where were they when man faced its first trial and battled the great dragon Verschlinger who could eat islands with a single bite? Where were they when man prospered and rose to the levels that they had been striving for since their inception?

Where were they for the dawn of the Age of Man?


Where were they when we needed them the most as we were threatened by a foe many times our superior?

...Where were they when the Age of Man came to its brutal end?


They had forsaken us. Left us to our own devices as they deemed their glorious selves to great to come to our aid. Without the Creators at our side our struggle was pointless, but their indifference would mean that they would not budge. They would stand atop their mountains, atop their clouds and simply gaze at our struggles with no intent to interfere.


But what if I told you that there is one with the power of the Creators and the compassion to come to our aid?

- Crazy old man




Hello vrienden.


This is a dark fantasy RP (with some resemblance to my previous dark fantasy, Rodinia, with a heavier emphasis on horror elements) set in a world similar to medieval Europe.


For some stuff: Most common race is Humans. Other than Humans there are Elves and Dwarves, but they are rare. Close to extinct. They were the previous races created by the Creators, therefore far older than Humans and far less common.


The story of Amoria revolves around the fall of man. The golden age of man, also simply known as the Age of Man, came to an abrupt end when Amoria was overrun by an enemy it could not defeat. Dragons were no issue after the fall of the Devourer, wild beasts had never been a match for human ingenuity and Elves and Dwarves were far to sparse to form an actual threat.


It was the undead that put an end to the Age of Man. They numbered in the thousands. Revenants, Ghouls, Ghasts, Ghosts, Vampires and many more. In numbers they fell short, but with each Human life they took, their ranks increased by one and slowly but surely the scales tipped in their favour.


Two years after their arrival everything in Amoria was taken over by the Undead. The vast majority of Humans, Elves and Dwarves were slain to serve as food, an unlucky few were taken prisoner to serve as slaves or to be forced to breed in order to grant the Undead with a neverending supply of food and victims to be turned to their ranks, but the smallest group of Humans, Elves and Dwarves were those who had managed to survive the onslaught and had gone into hiding.


There were but a few, most of young men and women who still possessed the vitality needed to defend themselves or flee from danger, and they realized that it would not be long before they too were eliminated. When life seemed hopeless, they clung on to an old legend that they believed would lead to the end of the Undead’s reign.


The Creators had two defining characteristics. Their limitless power and their limitless indifference. They believed that their great power meant that they should not meddle in the everyday lives of the mundane, but there a thousand years ago there was a Creator who believed differently. He fell in love with a Human girl and before long she bore his child. This child, of Creator and Human, would be deemed a threat by the Creators.


Lucius, the Creator who had broken their sacred oath, was sentenced to death along with Elizabeth, the Human girl, but despite their limitless power the Creators were unable to destroy Lucia, their daughter. She was an existence they had no control over, possessing the powers of a Creator, but not their sacred oath or capacity for indifference.


She was dangerous, a factor they could not control or predict and in order to ensure that she would do no damage she was locked in a tower in a realm invisible to the mortal eye. The key to enter this realm was split into four parts and their essences were imbued in the only items that had enough magical power to contain them and safely keep them away from the hands of those who would use it for harm: the crown jewels.


Lucia possesses the powers of a Creator, but not their willingness to turn a blind eye to the suffering of man. She is the hero that the Age of Man needs in order to make its resurgence.


Less than a year has passed since the Undead took over. This is a story of a group of survivors who go on their last desperate quest in order to save their country.


The Six Kingdoms


Alabaster - Used orphans and abandoned children for experiments and turned them into Homunculi.


Portland - ???


Birnes - ???


Tyrol  - ???


Hildgard - ???


Montmor - ???




Creator - Omnipotent being, basically a god. They’ve been known to not meddle in the affairs of Humans, but many believe that the current crisis is one that they could justly intervene in. The following inaction has lead to many believing that the Creators have forsaken them, while others believe that the Creators are dead.
There are 5 Creators: Amar, the Lord of Life, Delaire, the Lord of Skies, Manton, the Lord of Earth, Lucius, the Lord of Light, and Wrynn, the Lord of Darkness.


Undead - The Undead are a plague that appear in many shapes or forms. Ranging from mindless Ghouls, to incorporeal Ghosts, to intelligent and arrogant Vampires, to brutal and merciless Revenants.

While many of the creatures that make up the ranks of the Undead army are mindless, their leaders are not to be underestimated. Rumor has it that there are six Undeads with powers far above those of anyone in their army.


The Six Kings - Thousands of years ago Amoria was threatened by Verschlinger, the Devourer of Worlds. A dragon so grand that many believed it was the end of the world, but six heroes, paragons of humanity, had managed to slay Verschlinger.
These six were lauded as heroes and their bravery had lead to them gathering many followers. Eventually, when these six heroes crafted weapons out of the remains of of Verschlinger these weapons were called the crown jewels and the six heroes were promoted to six kings.

The six kingdoms of Amoria were thus created and they prospered for thousands us years.


Crown Jewels  - The crown jewels are six weapons crafted from the remains of Verschlinger. They hold great magical power as well as the essence of the key to Lucia’s Tower. In order to create the key to Lucia’s Tower, all the Crown Jewels must be gathered together.


Lucia - Daughter of Lucius, the former Lord of Light, and Elizabeth, a Human woman. She possesses powers on par with the Creators, while also possessing her humanity. This made her a threat in the eyes of the Creators and lead to her incarceration in a transdimensional tower.


Magic - Magic exist in this world. In its most basic form it is useable by everyone, but without studying and practice one cannot truly master magic.


Player Characters













This RP won't start before August~

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I'm in! ï¼¼ï¼ˆ  ̄∇ ̄ )ï¼

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I-it's not like I'm joining this r-RP because I join all your RPs

I-it's because the premise is intriguing so don't get the wrong idea, 'kay?


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That's right

Everybody is a tsundere at heart

(No I'm probably not joining this RP even though I really want to)

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Closed! (With one spot left for a certain someone if they decide to join.)


For the sake of ease I am stealing the description of magic from the Sorcerers RP.

The main schools of magic are Evocation, Transmutation, Conjuration and Prestidigitation.
  • Evocation is the ability to summon and control energy. 
  • Transmutation is the ability to alter the properties of an existing object.
  • Conjuration is the ability to summon object out of nowhere.
  • Prestidigitation is the catch-all term for psychic powers.

Most people would only know several spells from within one school of magic, depending on how much they practiced and researched. Only an actual sorcerer/wizard/mage would know spells from multiple schools.

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Name: ‘Ser’ Alastair MacCallum

Age: 27

Personality:  Alastair is extremely skeptical  and slow to trust. Now that society has crumbled it isn’t as important, but he is a starkly opposed anything that he would perceive as social inequity or injustice. 

Appearance: Totally not Jon Snow.


Weapons: Alastair possesses two swords that he carries on his back next to each other.
Eimhir - The Eimhir is a 1.5m long spell-forged steel claymore with a 1.2m long blade and a cross hilt of forward-sloping quillons with quatrefoil terminations. Alastair forged the Eimhir himself, using his skill in Transmutation to spell-forge the blade; allowing him to alter the properties of the blade at will and infusing it with magical properties that keep the edge from going blunt.


Goraidh - The Goraidh is a 1.2m long spell-forged silver bastard sword with a 90cm long blade with a cruciform hilt and a grip useable with either one or two hands. The silver of the Goraidh’s blade makes it an extremely effective weapon against many supernatural and undead creatures, but due to the delicacy of the silver blade it should never be used against opponents who aren’t specifically susceptible to silver. Like the Eimhir it has been forged by Alastair himself while imbued with magical properties that prevent it from going blunt.


Daggers - Alastair possesses two steel daggers, strapped to his hips, that serve a variety of purpose. In combat they are rarely his weapon of choice, due to having two large swords available, but he is skilled enough to use a dagger in his off-hand when wielding his Goraidh in a single hand.

Abilities: Transmutation - Alastair possesses some semblance of skill when it comes to Transmutation. While he can’t perform any spectacular alchemical feats, he is able to alter the properties of his swords to increase their potency and briefly alter his own body to increase his physical prowess due to his existence as a Homunculus. Speaking of which...


Homunculus - Traditionally used to refer to small humans created to alchemy, in Amoria it is used to refer to magically altered human beings. Alastair was altered to allow him to effectively use his Transmutation powers on his own body without harming himself. The enhancements also heightened all of Alastair's senses.


Swordsmanship - Alastair is an exceptional swordsman, capable of using a variety of one- and two-handed swords. The claymore is his favourite weapon and his greatest tool of destruction.


Survivalist - As a soldier Alastair received training that taught him how to survive. Whether in the wild or behind enemy lines, it did not matter; there was always a way to survive and Alastair would always be able to figure out how.


Background: Born in the kingdom of Alabaster; as a child Alastair was abandoned and like many unwanted children the army took him in. While seemingly an act of charity, in reality it was a much darker affair with twisted intentions. These children, along with orphans, were the perfect tools for the experiments of the Alabaster army. It was decided that he would become a magically altered human being known as a Homunculus. This process was painful, risky and could not be reversed, making it taboo among most kingdoms, but Alabaster did it in secret regardless of anyone's opinion.


They magically altered him, taking away a bit of his humanity in order to turn him into a soldier that could make the most use out of his Transmutation power without suffering any significant drawbacks. He was trained to fight man and monster alike true swordsmanship and Transmutation magic and it was not long before Alastair realized that he horrors he had gone through as a child resulted in him being an excellent killing machine.


Alastair became one of the Homunculi among the military rank. Homunculi were regarded as sub-human scum who only served to take the perilous missions that no sane man would dare undertake. They were the fearless suicide units who lived to die as long as that meant completion of their mission. This also meant that they were shunned and ridiculed by the many belligerent soldiers and knights who did not approve of their status as Homunculi. Alastair was given the title Ser, which was only reserved for knights, in order to mock him.


When the Undead began their invasion, Alastair had been a part of many battles against them and made great use of his skill to combat, but only in a few could he count the Human side victorious. Before long he realized that it was a doomed excursion and managed to save himself and a group of other humans.


With little access to food and water, let alone the omnipresent danger of the Undead, it was a miracle that they managed to survive for as long as they did, but now they have found hope. The Legend of Lucia, while likely a mere tale told by children’s bedside, meant that Alastair, along with five others, would travel across Amoria and seek out their last ray of hope.

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Yes, but just so you know; Noia is making something similar to a summoner

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Are we allowed to use Crown Jewels, or part of one?

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after we get them, sure, but for now we shouldn't have any in our possession. (Unless one of us is part of the royal family and stole his father's magical wand before running for his life. Which would be an acceptable character)

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I'll probably make a character who was part of the royal family- but I don't think I'll give her one of the crown jewels just yet, just cause it seems a little OP.

Also, would Evocation include elemental magic and stuff?

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I'm planning to make a disgraced knight in possession of one fragment of a dismantled Crown Jewel.

No, I do not plan to combine with a bunch of other people to form Voltron, though I really should have thought of that earlier.

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Is anyone interested in discussing potential character relations prior to the beginning of the rp? I always find it easier to flow if there is some other connection. Pester me on skype. ^^ 

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Since I'm playing a (former) knight I anticipate friction with Alistair.

I've started a Skype chat, you'll be added it once you accept my contact request.

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Name: Pearl
Age: Mid 20s
Personality: Stereotypical mad scientist, obsessed with her studies/ the dead

Face obscured by plague mask forever

Unkempt long silver hair due to over-thinking and lack of hygiene

Doctor's robe. Tailored to fit snugly against her curves, but allowing the bottom half to drape like a long dinner gown.

Weapons: Seemingly infinite supply of silver surgical tools - she goes through them like they are disposable toothpicks


 Summons creatures she has fully analyzed and gleaned every bit of data from. Sometimes she'd even combine them to form one train wreck of an abomination. Monsters last until they fall dead. Due to her weak physique she's able to either summon 1 fully powered creature, or multiple weak ones. A ghostly purple gem appears somewhere on the monsters she summons - her way of leaving her signature on her creations.










 When enemies fall, she can take control and revive them . Allegiance would be sworn to her this time round of course. They can fight till their dead limbs rot off, or have undertaken too much damage. Revived undead tend to make tons of creepy moaning noises, adding to the ambience. *Unable to control overly high ranking undead troops.


Turn undead

 Banish the hellspawn to whatever hole they came out of. It's a ritual of some sort, conditions have to be met so she can't banish everything nilly willy. She's required to carve a circle large enough to surround said target before the minute-long banishing process can be started. 

Pearl was born into seemingly perfect family. Her twin sister and her has been often nicknamed the Twin Terrors, dropping pranks and usually harmless scares on her parents and caregivers whenever possible. Both daughters were gifted in the arcane, though they have taken their interests down slightly different paths. Opal, her sister, has displayed an affinity for demons and spirites, while Pearl was more rooted to the creatures living in her reality. Her macabre interest in dissecting little critters has given her the knowledge to make bases for many customized beasts and monsters, while her talents in Conjuration has allowed her to breathe life into said creations.
A cruel twist of fate descended on the household a year later, bringing upon the early deaths of Pearl and Opal's parents. Clouded by grief and confusion, Pearl attempted to use her abilities to bring their parents back to life - and she did exactly just that. What resulted was two reanimated corpses - moving, yes - but soulless and largely unresponsive. The maids and butlers at the scene fled, and word of Pearl's misguided deeds eventually spread. Coupled with past gossip about Opal's demon 'friends', the situation quickly snowballed and spiraled out of control. Forced to either run or face possible lynching from the masses, the twins had to take off and go into hiding. 
Now, at present, Pearl continues her experiments and studies in secret alongside Opal, with more determination and drive than ever. With every new member of the undead she slices open and analyzes, it brings her closer and closer to perfecting her art. Flawlessness must be achieved in her works, for she has already witnessed firsthand the painful consequences that came with failure.
-EDIT V.2-


V.1 edit here, just in case I wanna refer to it and stuff

Pearl's objective is to gain control of the new inhabitants of Amoria, one undead pest at a time. As a former child who always had a macabre interest in dissecting little critters, imagine her surprise when she left her house one day and chanced across the most perfect, intact undead corpse.

As her studies and experiments slowly grew in scale, she realized she needed more. Gone were the days where she sat huddled in her basement, waiting for the army to fight yet another wave of undead off her village. The knowledge she craves for is out there, and she /must/ lay her hands on it. Unfortunately, not every one shares her passion for cutting open putrid meatbags. Her subject of study has drawn ire from the survivors, and she has often been confused as a member of the undead army when she's using her skills. With no support to turn to, Pearl has been journeying alone ever since.


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Alright I think this is it, but there may still be edits to come if Noia and I come up with any other quirky tidbids.


Name: Opal


Age: Mid 20’s


Personality:  Opal seems relatively normal with a very out of place flirtatious side to her. She doesn’t seem overly concerned with the end of the world; she’s far more interested in her power and her summons.


Appearance: Sexy Lady


Weapons: (Not really a weapon)A strange book of unknown use, the pages appear to be blank at first glance(I don’t know what I’m doing with it yet, but it’s in the picture, and I want to carry a nifty looking book). She is not adept with any weapon; she does carry a dagger though.



Summons – Demons and Evil Sprites

Xerizile – The demon most commonly seen with her(See link for appearance). He seems to be held together with magic, and uses a massive double headed axe that seems as magical as he is. If he has emotion it’s hard to tell, but he’s docile enough with Opal, whether that’s because her magic forces him to be or he’s actually submissive to her is impossible to tell. He will turn into a ferocious monster on command or whenever Opal’s life is threatened.


Soul Syphon – Opal makes sure her targets stay dead by taking their souls, whether they’re one of the undead or of the living, she will syphon their souls and usually feed them to her demon companions, though she can use them in their most basic form as magic. She is even able to use them like tinder to her magic, enabling her to summon more and bigger demons.


Background: Raised in a seemingly happy house hold with her twin, Pearl, they had a decent upbringing, or so they appeared to anyway. Being the daughters of nobles they would be raised in luxury, with all of their whims met, though they wouldn’t grow into the lovely young ladies their parents dreamed of. Their parents would do a lot of covering up over the years for their daughters disturbing activities. While her sister favored the undead, Opal had a strange connection with dark magic. She happily spent her time soaking up the moonlight and reading questionable material on ‘dark arts’ – whatever that may entitle.


She was barely four when she conjured her first sprite, a formless shadow that loomed around the teetering toddler, catching her when she fell, and wrapping her in its presence like a blanket at night. Though her parents tried to banish the dark entity, they failed, time and time again, no shields, or wards could keep it from their daughter; they didn’t realize at the time that she had been the one to summon it. After a couple of days the sprite vanished, the little girl seeming particularly tired, her parents were just grateful the thing had left their lives. A week or so later she would conjure another though this time her parents would be witness to this act and find themselves speechless with jaws hung open. Their daughter was conjuring these strange shadow creatures and there was nothing they could do about it.


Together the twins would perform horrific pranks on their parents. Opal would direct one of her shadow sprites to rouse their parents, yanking the blankets off of them from a seemingly invisible force and then –gently– pushing them around and leading them down the dark corridors of their estate where they would be met with gruesome little creatures, sometimes missing limbs, eyes, or bits of skin. The twins would sit back giggling as their parents screamed in horror at these disturbing little games.


Though the twins had all but pushed their parents into complete terror of them they would still occasionally try and coerce the girls away from their dark practices.  On those rare evenings Opal would escape with Pearl to study in solitude – they understood the others’ obsession.  


Their parents’ death would come just before the coming of the undead, early enough that all eyes were cast on Pearl. No matter how their parents had tried to disguise their dark activities, most still knew; at one point or another someone had caught a glance of them dancing with their monsters. The twins would swiftly escape their home.


Without their parents around, Opal pressed her powers and summoned Xerizile. Opal is no fighter, but Xerizile is more than capable and so she keeps him around as her personal guardian. Between Pearl’s undead companions and Opal hanging off of Xerizile like there is more between them than just master and servant they haven’t been able to keep other companions, in fact most people see them and immediately turn run away. 

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Name: Jun Liang

Age: 28

Personality: While Jun is deadly serious in battle, this only belies his more cheerful attitude among his comrades. One to live life to the fullest, he is mostly unfazed by even the current situation they face.

Appearance: here

Weapons: Jun carries an enchanted wooden staff capped with silver and reinforced with iron. The staff's length can be adjusted as needed in conjunction with his minor Evocation abilities to turn it into a variety of weapons.


Evocation - Jun has a minor ability to manipulate the energy of the air immediately around him, which manifests in an ability to create fire and ice. He most commonly uses this to supplement his staff to create weapons such as ice spears and fire whips, but it's also handy for preparing supper and staying warm in the winter.

Versatile Fighter - Due to his nomadic and inquisitive nature, Jun has learned how to handle a variety of weapons by joining various mercenary-like groups and learning from them. If possible, he uses the terrain to his advantage and rarely stays in the same place for very long.

Naturalist - Since he is often on the road, Jun is intimately familiar with the bounty of the land and can easily fend for himself through hunting-gathering. He's also quick to notice signs in his surroundings that could herald a nearby threat.

Background: Jun was originally a sickly child, so his father hired a martial arts master to teach the boy how to fight, which came with the additional benefit of improving his physical condition. Jun fell in love with the art and devoted much of his time to developing his skills. When his master had little left to teach him, Jun left to explore the world and learn from others.

With a servant to attend to him, Jun learned how to survive off the land and joined groups of roving mercenaries, picking up skills from his temporary comrades. In one of the early excursions, his servant was killed by enemy forces, leaving him alone. This was to provoke the first manifestation of his Evocation powers, and after setting his tent on fire in his rage, Jun began to learn how to control and use this minor talent.

Eventually, he had the staff bestowed upon him by his master enchanted to allow him to fight in a more versatile manner, employing many of the skills he had picked up over the years. When the Undead invaded, he viewed it as just another adventure. To equip himself more adequately, he melted down some silver to dip his staff into, coating the top with a layer that would prove more effective against these strange new enemies.

Jun and his current band of rogues stumbled across a small group of survivors that included Alastair soon afterwards and have remained with them since.

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Well that took forever

Name: Alicia Lichtenauer
Age: 22
Personality: Taciturn, stoic, seemingly desensitized to violence and horror. Has a seething hatred of the Undead in all their forms, and little patience for those who use similar powers. Alicia is grimly determined to carry out her mission of retrieving the other suits of Crownplate from the Undead, as she feels she has lost all other reasons to live -- the salvation of the world is secondary to her goal of salvaging her Order and kingdom's honor.

Unlike many knights, Alicia has come to grudgingly respect magic and its creations, but cannot abide necromancy at all.





Crownplate of Hildgard - After the last Saint-King of Hildgard, Gustav the Mad, almost drove the kingdom to ruin unopposed, it was decided that the power of his Crown Jewel, a near-impenetrable suit of armor, was too great for any one man to hold without succumbing to temptation. Thus, the Crown Jewel was dismantled, with each individual piece incorporated into a lesser replica of the original Crown Jewel and given to one of the knightly families of Hildgard. The 24 bearers of the Crownplate, as these suits of armor were referred to, became the Order of the Unconquered Sun, the defenders of Hildgard.

However, the kingdom was close to the initial outbreak of the Undead, and was overrun within weeks of the Undead emergence. All but one of the Crownplate was believed to have fallen into the hands of the Undead.

Alicia's suit of armor contains the intact left pauldron of the original Crown Jewel; the rest of the armor, however, has been painted from white to black as a mark of disgrace. The armor gives its wearer increased strength and is far sturdier than regular plate armor, and will repair itself if it were damaged. It is also far more lightweight than its appearance would suggest, making its users appear almost supernaturally agile.

Wulfram - A war hammer with a heavy spell-forged steel head laced with silver. This weapon capitalizes on the great strength of a Crownplate wearer to deliver powerful crushing or piercing blows, and is easier to maintain than a sword.


Master of Arms - As one of the knights of Hildgard, Alicia was trained in the use of various weapons from lances to longbows, and understands how to use the massive strength of her Crownplate to her advantage.

Background: Alicia was from a noble lineage, born into one of the knightly families of Hildgard. The Lichtenauers were a family with a firm martial tradition, and while she was the third child and not expected to join the Order of the Unconquered Sun, she was still trained from young as a knight (the Lichtenauers were an egalitarian lot). However, her elder brother was too sickly to fight and the second son was disowned when she was 14 following a shameful incident with a scullery maid,a keg of beer, a tub of butter and a live goose, leaving her as the inheritor of the Lichtenauers' Crownplate.

She was only a recent initiate of the Order when the Undead attacked -- and when the Order set out to make a stand against the Undead, they were ambushed and annihilated. Alicia survived only by sheer luck, and could only watch helplessly as the Undead obliterated her homeland. She swore revenge, slipping into the wilderness to carry out a one-man crusade against the Undead in hopes of someday retrieving the other suits of Crownplate and restoring her Order's honor.

One day, her luck ran out and she was surrounded by a horde of Undead -- however, thanks to a distraction from Alistair's band of survivors, she managed to escape. Upon learning that their goals aligned, she decided to join them in their quest to retrieve the Crown Jewels.

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